How to Reduce a Video’s Size in Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use software that makes a novice designer look like a pro. Its templates and fonts make it fun to play with, and when you begin to add video, there’s even more fun. So how do you reduce the size of a video in Canva?

Reducing video size can be pivotal for a project to work correctly or for the video to look its best. However, if you can’t figure it out, there could be loads of stress and possibly a loss in profits. So stay calm and read on to learn everything you need to know about how to resize a video in Canva.

Reducing a Video’s Size in Canva

One of the easiest things to do in Canva is to resize the video. They made a fantastic decision to place the button for video at the top with the main buttons. They avoided having to scroll through multiple menus before finding their target by putting it there.

Finding the Resize Button is the First Step

It might not seem like a high hurdle, but the Resize button is on the top toolbar next to File. There are only three options, and Resize is on the right. Once you hit the resize button, you will get a dropdown menu with the following options phase.

The steps to resize a video in Canva are:

  • Custom Size – The first option is to create a custom size for your video. If you know the dimensions, you can create a video that fits the exact size you are looking for. A video cut to size looks better and could be placed in a highly profitable location for the company.
  • Choose a Package – The next choice is to pick one of the premade packages that Canva offers. They offer a load of different pre-made sizes for everything from your Facebook page to a banner ad.
  • Resize Options – Now that you have chosen your package, it is time to resize the video. There are two options, copy & resize and copy. The ‘resize & copy’ allows you to make two videos, one for your files and one for your project.

The video is ready to go in your project and possibly your files. The critical thing to remember is how easily the process was accomplished and to work towards learning which sizing works best for your projects.

Canva’s Options are a Big Reason it is so Popular

The number of things that Canva can do with video is staggering. Not only can you resize and copy videos from the different formats you can add to them with a slew of other editing tools that some competitors might not have.

A few options that Canva gives to edit your videos are:

  • Templates – One of the most incredible things on Canva is the templates. They allow you to choose themes that could be perfect for your situation. For example, if you are shooting a commercial for your real estate business, there’s a template that will fit your needs and then some.
  • Links – Links are another great thing to be added to your videos. These links can be to your social media or places with vital information about your business or event. The links are valuable because they add another layer to your brand and give people the option to buy the items they see during the commercial.
  • Logos – A critical thing for your branding is to have access to your logos. Canva allows you to use the logos designed for your company in their templates and designs. Your logo is an extension of your business, and having the ability to place that logo in your media is extremely important.
  • Fonts – Fonts are another great thing you can add to your presentations with Canva. Adding fonts to videos allows for displaying more information to your clients and potential details for buyers.

Canva is loaded with options to tinker with your projects. The great thing about it is that for a few dollars a month, you get access to an array of tools that don’t take up space on your computer and allow you to edit like a professional. It’s worth the investment.

Canva’s Functionality is its Best Feature

One of the things you don’t think about when you use Canva is how much stuff packs into a single platform. They allow you to do many things, usually reserved for expensive applications. Some of the functionality is enough to launch your brand and provides the stepping stones to work with more extensive programs like Photoshop or InDesign.

Some of the things you can do with Canva are:

  • Branding – Branding is a way to change your business from a stall at the local swap meet to a thriving enterprise that spans several different industries. With Canva, you can create videos, business cards, and a social media presence that will supercharge your client list and explode your bank account.
  • Commercials – For whatever industry you work in, there’s a commercial waiting on the Canva platform. They have several different ways to upload your video and splice it with templates that give it a professional feel at a fraction of the price.
  • Blogs – Another way that influencers get followers is by creating blogs. These blogs could be about their everyday lives or their life on vacation. No matter the subject, Canva has the option to impress potential followers while showing your tech savvy.

Canva can be as valuable as you make it. There are tons of things to make for your company that will boost your sales and increase your client list. Although, with the money you save on other applications, you will also see the rewards on the bottom line.


Canva is a versatile platform that allows users to create media for their platforms and brands that will increase their cash flow and lead to potential household names. In addition, Canva’s video resizing option is fast and allows you to combine the versatility of its platform with the videos you make for your brand or event.

When creating videos that can be used for everything from birthday cards to love letters, it is hard to beat Canva. While it might not do the things that expensive applications can, it does provide an excellent platform to learn how to create media of all types.