How to Remove a Person in Affinity Photo

Have you ever captured that perfect photo on vacation only to later realize there is an unwanted person in the background? With today’s technology editing programs like Affinity Photo can easily remove a person from a photo. But how is it done?

Generally, there are three different ways to remove a person from an image in Affinity Photo. These methods include using the various tools found in Affinity Photo’s tool panel.

Just because someone was caught in your sunset photo doesn’t mean the picture is ruined. This guide will show you exactly how to remove a person in Affinity Photos with a few easy steps.

Removing A Person in Affinity Photo

The ability to remove a person from a photo can help to transform vacation and family pictures into lasting memories and make creative edits to otherwise bland images. This can be done using various tools in Affinity Photo. Some of these include:

  • Inpainting Brush
  • Clone Brush
  • Layer Mask

The tool and method you use are going to vary depending on the size of the subject, the amount of detail, and the type of background. Some may require more editing than others, so always remember to take your time and don’t get frustrated.

Using The Inpainting Brush Tool

To access this tool, hover your cursor over the Healing Brush Tool which can be found in the toolbar on the side. Then, locate and select the Inpainting Brush Tool.

Next, zoom in on the subject you would like to remove. Try to zoom in just enough to keep the entire person within the viewfinder. You’ll also want to change the size of your brush to make sure that it isn’t too large or too small. The left and right bracket keys on the keyboard and be used to make the brush bigger and smaller.

Once you have the zoom and brush size adjusted, you will begin to paint over your subject by holding the click and moving the mouse over all of the areas you would like to see removed. Make sure not to release the click until the entire person is painted over. The best method to use while painting is to trace the outline of the person first and then move inward.

After the entire subject is painted, release the mouse. You will see a loading bar pop up and the software will begin the inpainting process.

Here is a helpful video for a visual of what this process looks like.

Using the Clone Brush

Using the Clone Brush is ideal for large areas that need to be removed. This will give you more control over the image as you remove the unwanted subject.

Before removing a person using the clone brush, add a new pixel layer to ensure non-destructive editing. Select the clone brush from the tool panel and change the layer option to “Current Layer & Below” in the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Next, hold down Alt or Option on your keyboard, and sample an area near the subject you wish to remove. Then, begin painting over your subject to fill in that area with the sampled selection.

If you are working with a large area, it’s best to continue to sample outside areas near your subject as you go, working from the outside in as you remove the person from the image.

Using Layering Masks

If you would like to remove a person from a photo to add them to another photo, the best option to use is a layer mask.

First, click on the Selection Brush Tool then click and drag the brush over your subject to make a rough selection. Click “Refine” at the top of the screen and drag your brush over any finer detailed areas such as hair that were not previously selected.

You will notice that much of the photo is painted red. Anything in red will be cut from the photo and anything in color will remain.

Once you are happy with your selection, click “New Layer with Mask” under Output in the Refine Selection panel, and hit apply. This will create a new layer with a mask of the selection you just made.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are taking photos at a popular tourist destination or someone photobombed your almost perfect wedding shot, the ability to remove unwanted subjects from an image can transform a picture from trash to treasure. Hopefully, this quick guide gave you the necessary know-how for removing a person in Affinity Photo.