How To Rotate An Artboard In Illustrator

After using Adobe Photoshop, did you find it difficult to shift to Adobe Illustrator once you discovered you couldn’t rotate the canvas?  Even when you didn’t use Photoshop beforehand, having the ability only to rotate the artboard was a problem. But Illustrator now offers the option to rotate the artboard.

“Rotate View Tool” should be selected from the toolbar. To switch the orientation of the artboard, pick the tool by pressing Shift + H and dragging it across the page. To switch between the angles, use the gadget displayed when you rotate the canvas.

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How To Rotate An Illustrator Artboard

There are two ways to accomplish this, and we’ve discussed both of them here.

For more information on how to rotate an Illustrator artboard, watch this video below:

Using Rotate View Tool

To use the rotate view tool, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a New Document in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Start a new document by selecting the “Create New” option in Adobe Illustrator. The “New Document” box will appear; select the canvas size from there.
  2. The canvas size in this lesson is set to 1920 by 1080 pixels. Give your file a name, choose the “Width,” and repeat for the “Height.” Select “Create” to get started.
  3. Control (CTRL) + N (Windows) or Command + N (MAC) is the keyboard shortcut for launching a new file.
  4. Additionally, you can utilize any existing document. Select the file by clicking the “Open” button.

Step 2: Draw

You can ignore this step if you want to utilize an existing image. 

  1. Draw a subject, a few lines, or even a complete piece of art after creating a New File. The “Paintbrush Tool” (abbreviated “B”) can be used in the tutorial to create the lines. Be imaginative; it doesn’t have to be flawless.

Step 3: Select Rotate View Tool from the Toolbar

  1. The “Edit Toolbar…” option with three dots is located at the end of the Toolbar. The menu, including all the tools, will appear once you press on it. 
  2. Drag the chosen tool to the toolbar, in this example, the “Rotate View Tool.” That’s how easy it is. The amount of tools you can put on your toolbar is unrestricted.

Step 4: Choose the Rotate View Tool

  1. Pick the tool by looking for it in the Toolbar. If it wasn’t put there by you, it was probably put there alongside the “Hand Tool.”
  2. Shift + H is the keyboard shortcut for the “Rotate View Tool.”

Step 5: Rotate the Artboard

  1. Once you’ve chosen your tool, select any location on the canvas and drag it there until you get the outcome you want. 
  2. Repeat the method if you’re not happy with the initial round until you are satisfied. 
  3. The gadget will emerge as you move the canvas, and switching between different perspectives will be simple.

Step 6: Save the Rotated View

  1. You may keep the rotation as a pre-set when you are satisfied with the results. 
  2. A window will appear after selecting “New View” from the drop-down option under “View” in the menu bar. 
  3. Select the view’s name and click “OK.” 
  4. Click “View” and choose the preset view to reapply it.

Step 7: Reset the Rotated View

There is a technique to restore the canvas rotation from the initial rotation if you have reconsidered and prefer it now. 

  1. All rotation modifications will be undone if you select “View” in the menu bar and choose “Reset Rotate View.”
  2. Shift + Control (CTRL) + 1 (Windows) or Shift + Command + N (Mac) is the keyboard shortcut to activate “Reset Rotate View.”

Using the Hand Tool

You can use the hand tool to rotate an artboard by following the steps below.

Step 1: Choose the Hand Tool

Although it may also be utilized to rotate the canvas, this feature is primarily utilized to rotate the canvas. 

  1. Find and pick the “Hand Tool” from the toolbar. 
  2. Utilize the shortcut key by hitting the character “H” on the keyboard to access the tool easily.

Step 2: Rotate the Canvas

  1. Ensure that the tool is chosen. 
  2. The “Hand Tool” will change to the “Rotate View Tool” when you click and press Space and Shift together until you release the keys. 
  3. Drag and move the canvas while holding the keys to get the required angle. 
  4. Repeat the procedure if the initial rotation didn’t meet your needs. 
  5. The gadget will emerge as you drag the canvas, making it easy to switch between different angles.


This tutorial covered two easy methods you can follow to rotate the artboard. It’s something that every professional should know about. We hope the instructions in this article will prove useful when you set out to do your own editing.