How to Rotate View in Illustrator [4 Tips]

Adobe Illustrator allows its users to create packaging and art that could need to be seen from different angles. The Rotate tool will let you move the view 180 degrees in both directions. So how do you Rotate in Adobe Illustrator?

Functionality with Adobe Illustrator gives the user many options, which could overwhelm the new user. Too many choices can be stressful, and it could be even worse if you are on a deadline. Keep your cool! Read on and learn everything you need about how to Rotate view in Illustrator.

How to Rotate View in Illustrator

Rotating View is a valuable function that will allow you to rotate the artboard on which you work or the art itself. Rotating is essential for creating packaging for store shelves or illustrating a sculpture or model. Knowing how to rotate quickly gives you an uninterrupted workflow, which increases concentration.

1. Rotating the Canvas is Great for Perspective

One of the first things you should try is rotating the artboard. The artboard is the significant white backing, often called a canvas, where all your magic will happen. By rotating just a few degrees, you add some flair to your design and force your design to be noticed.

The steps to rotate the canvas in Adobe Illustrator are as follows:

  1. Hand Tool – The first thing to look for when you want to rotate something is the Hand Tool. It looks like a hand with splayed fingers and could be located in the toolbar. If not, use the old faithful Shift + H.
  2. Click – Once the Hand tool is selected, you can click anywhere on the artboard, and it should swing to an angle. Take your time and give it a few tweaks back and forth before going forward. Remember that you can rotate and restore, so play around and learn some new tricks.

Once you get the hang of rotating the artboard, you can move on to rotating the art. Knowing how to perform simple functions like rotate not only gives you insight into how the program works but gives you tools for your artwork arsenal—allowing you to create at a higher level.

2. Rotating Artwork Equips You to Create Exceptional Pieces

Rotating the artwork inside the canvas creates a skewed effect that works excellently on logos and branding. It also allows the designer to try a section of artwork from different angles to pick which is best for the product and the project.

The steps to rotate the artwork in Illustrator are as follows:

  1. Space-Shift – Another great way to swap from the regular click is to hit the Space+Shift combo. This changes directly to the Hand Tool. Remember that when you rotate objects, the grids will change, and the guides will stay in their position.
  2. Use the Tool – Once the Hand Tool is visible as your cursor, click and rotate the art to any angle you need. Remember that some fonts could disappear the closer you get to 180 degrees on each side.

Rotating artwork is an excellent functionality that allows users to add text and rendered items from impressive angles. This slanted view can make still shots an action feel while adding a street art feel to the rough text and stark colors.

3. Viewing an Object with Rotate is a Simple Procedure

You are designing new boxes for a cosmetics company. On the lid of the box is their company logo. You will have to rotate the logo on the screen so you can work with it. Rotating to the object is a quick way to check your work.

The steps to rotate to an object are as follows:

  1. Click the Area – The area you try to click in should be a text box or art on the same layer. By clicking on the text box, an outline will appear. However, it could be placed in a position that makes it hard for you to read and even harder to correct.
  2. Select View – Once the area you want is selected, go to the top menu and look for the View option. About halfway down the list, you will see the window for the rotate features. Click on Rotate View to Selection. The view will snap around so the hard-to-see text or logo can be easily read.

Rotate to View Selection will only work if you have an area selected. If not, it will be greyed out in the View menu. Ensure that you don’t create any extra words in the text box or bump the logo when trying to select.

4. Resetting the Canvas is a Handy Trick

Once you have the canvas off-kilter and any obscure pieces you need to work on are complete, you can move the artboard back to its original position. Sometimes leaving the canvas askew can create a lovely art effect, and other times, the work must be classic. No matter which you choose, knowing how to get back to the original location is essential.

A few ways to set the canvas back to its original position in Illustrator are:

  1. Reset Rotate View – You can access the Reset Rotate View option through the View menu at the top of the screen. Like Rotate View to Selection, if nothing has been rotated, the item will be greyed out on the screen.
  2. Shift+Command+1 – The keyboard entry for setting the canvas back to the original is quite simple to perform. You must make sure you are clicking on the artboard level. Once you are there, just hit Shift+Command+1. The artboard should go back to the position it was in when the project began.

Resetting can get you out of a jam if you make a mistake. Sometimes the artboard can be clicked, and you could rotate the background by accident. Knowing these quick shortcuts will get you back in the game and on deadline.


Rotate allows you to move the art or workspace around your point of view. It is a handy tool because it will enable users to add bits of flair or eye-catching movement to their graphic arts projects. 

Rotating View in Illustrator gives you many options when creating art or packaging. For example, you can create logos and print in hard-to-reach, perfectly centered places. In addition, knowing a few quick keystrokes and menu locations allows you to level up your designs and bring in larger contracts.