How to Save a Canva File as a Word Document

Canva is quickly becoming one of the premium ways to create anything from forms to cropping to adding personal photos and portraits. You can do just about anything that you could possibly want to do. The problem comes when you share your finished work with Word only to discover that it is not an option.

The good news is that you can work around the barriers of the two file formats until you end up with a Word document, but there are a few steps in between that you must complete first. Let’s dive into this issue and see firsthand how it can be done.

Convert Canva To PDF

Converting a Canva document into a PDF file is not as complicated as it may seem. In fact, it is one of the most common ways to save a project you want to share with others. Follow these steps to convert the files correctly.

  1. You will need to log into your user interface on Canva.
  2. Open the template, or project, that you are working on.
  3. Finish editing, adding, and perfecting.
  4. Now click on the Share button
  5. Click on the Download button
  6. Under the options, click on the file type of PDF Standard
  7. Click on the download button

Once you have a PDF file, things are much easier to convert into any type of file you may need. You will need to read on if you have access to the paid version of Adobe. If not, you will want to skip to steps 3 or 4, depending upon how you want to finish the conversion.

Converting PDF To Word In Adobe

Converting to Word from any program may be difficult, but it is one of the most common file conversions. When you have Adobe as one of your main programs, it is simple to convert your file over.

  1. Open the PDF file that you want to convert
  2. In the right-hand panel, you will want to click on Export PDF
  3. Choose Microsoft Word
  4. Choose Word document
  5. Click export
  6. Save as a Word document

That is all that there is to it. Word and Adobe have been designed to work together because they are two of the most popular formats used across the globe. If you do not have Adobe, you can use one of the two following ways to complete your conversion.

Convert PDF Files To Word Through ILovePDF

A simple way to convert your PDF file to Word is through the ILovePDF website. If you type this site into your search bar, it will appear at the top. Click on the link and set up an account. It is free to register and free to use. Once you are set up with your account, you are ready to start converting.

  1. Click on the box that says PDF to Word
  2. Click on the box in the middle of the screen that says select PDF file
  3. Click on Convert to Word

It is that simple. Plus, the benefits of this free program are that you can convert your PDF file to alomost any file type you want. It is one that you should bookmark and save for your future uses, even if you choose to go with the following option to convert your files.

Converting PDF files To Word Through Word

The final way to convert your PDF files through Word is by using the program itself. It is a simple process that should only take you a few minutes.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word program
  2. Open a new Word document
  3. Click on the file in the upper left-hand section of the tools
  4. Go to the PDF file
  5. Click on it to open

The cool thing about Microsoft Word is that the program will automatically convert the PDF file to a Word document so the program can open it on the Microsft user interface. It is truly that simple.

Fix The Problems In Conversions

If you have tried to convert one file type into another before, you were not surprised to see that the Word document in front of you does not look anything like what you had spent so much time designing in Canva. Unfortunately, you may be right.

Not every program will have the same Font styles and types that you can use in Canva. That is why it is always essential to use a standard font in a common size on any project you do in any program. If not, you end up having a Word document that looks different than what you were expecting.

The only way to fix this is to go through your entire project, highlight what you need to change, and choose a font that appears in the drop-down options. You can save this hassle if you use a font that is common to all programs from the start.

You may run into some other small things that you will need to fix, but for the most part, the problem that will hit you almost every time is the font type and size. If there is anything else you find wrong, you can edit it through the Word interface by doing what you already know how to do.

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That is all there is to converting a Canva file to a Word one. It cannot be done directly, but once you have it downloaded and saved as a PDF file, you have numerous options to finish the conversion. You need to remember that Adobe and Microsoft Word are programs that you will need to pay for to be able to use any of the advanced settings. The free program, ILovePDF, is one of the most accessible programs if you do not have a paid version of the others. If you use the programs for other tasks, you can choose to use the one you prefer, but you should keep the free program on a bookmark because it can convert to much more than a Word document.