How To Save a GIF in Photoshop Without Losing Quality

Photoshop is a great way to create and edit GIFs but what do you do when it comes time to save the file? You may be wondering how you can save a GIF in Photoshop without losing the quality of the image you worked so hard to create.

To learn some helpful tips on how to successfully save a GIF using Photoshop without losing the quality continue reading.

The Importance of Image Quality

In today’s world, image quality matters more than ever when it comes to attracting and retaining a viewer’s attention.

High-quality imagery resonates with professionalism and know-how. When a person sees a website with great images that are not grainy, blurry, or misproportioned they are more likely to keep checking because of its appealing appearance.

As an example, if you were to view two different websites that offered similar products or services you are likely to choose the site that has good quality images, animations, and a well-designed page.

You are not going to opt for the one that looks like someone made it in their grandmother’s basement.

The section below will give you tips on how to save your GIF in Photoshop without compromising on the quality.

How to Save a GIF in Photoshop Without Losing Quality

Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can successfully save a GIF in Photoshop while still retaining its quality. 

Use Your Preset Menu   

One way you can save a GIF in Photoshop and still produce a quality image is to head up to the preset menu once you have your Photoshop program open.

Next, you need to ensure you have the 128 dithered setting checked. Then under the color options select the option that says 256 colors.

For online purposes or if your file size is too large you can change the height and width of the image under the image size menu.

Once all of the correct settings have been selected go to the looping options menu. Then, select the “forever” option to allow your GIF to run on a continuous loop without interruptions.

Save For Web Option

Another way you can save your GIF using Photoshop without losing quality is to use the “save for web” option. Once in the menu, select the GIF setting under the format tab, then select the amount of color you wish to use.

You will also have the option to select whether or not you want the image to have dither or no dither added. Opting for an image that is not dithered will offer a higher quality image but take up more storage space.

Once you have selected your desired settings simply click the save button and your image is ready for whatever you have planned.

Use a Program to Compress and Store Files

To effectively reduce file size and increase your sharing and storing options using a program such as WinZip or an equivalent.

WinZip is a program that can be used to compress files to take up less storage space and also offers other benefits to make using, sharing, and saving your files easier.

Using a program such as this will help to ensure your GIF does not lose quality. Similar to Winzip some programs and tools can be accessed online to help reduce file size and keep the image quality top-notch.

Free and paid file compression and storage programs can also be found online by using your favorite search engine and you will find multiple options for reducing file sizes so you can edit in Photoshop without losing the quality.

Sometimes Less Is More

Another way to reduce the size of your GIF so you can save it without losing the quality of your image is to reduce the number of colors you are using. Fewer colors mean less information the file needs to store.

In addition to using fewer colors, the types of shapes you use can make a difference. The more complex the shapes used to create your image the larger the file size and the more compressing you will need to do.

Canvas Size Can Affect Quality of Image

Similar to adjusting the actual height and width of your image, you also have the option to alter the size of the canvas which allows you to retain the quality you need.

Multiple Ways to Save and Retain Image Quality

As you can see it is possible to save your GIF in Photoshop without losing the quality of your image. If you follow the tips in this article you are sure to produce quality eye-catching logos and animated images that will keep viewers entertained and coming back.