How To Save A Gradient In Illustrator

Gradients are variations in a single color’s hues, tints, or tones. You may mix colors or give vector objects depth and light by utilizing gradients in your design. So, how do you save a gradient in Illustrator? 

To save a gradient in Illustrator, you need to add it to the Swatches. First, access the Swatches panel by navigating to Window> Swatches. Choose the gradient and select the New Swatch button. Then, name your gradient and click OK.  

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How To Make A Gradient In Illustrator

Before we go ahead, we first need to learn how to create a gradient in Illustrator. Follow the simple steps listed in this section to find out how.

Step 1: Open Gradient Panel

Access to the Gradient panel is required before you can develop a gradient. 

  • This ought to be available on the right-hand toolbar. Additionally, you may get to this by selecting Window > Gradient.

Step 2: Add Gradient to Object

By design, when you initially click in the Gradient window, a white and black gradient is chosen (if not, the recently used gradient will be applied per standard). 

  • To add a gradient to an object, first choose the object on which you would like to add the gradient by clicking on it. 
  • Next, click anywhere within the Gradient window on the Gradient Box or Gradient Bar.

The gradient will instantly be applied to the object as a result. You may alter the gradient of the chosen item by modifying the gradient’s appearance in the Gradient window.

Step 3: Set the Colors

  • Double-click any color stops beneath the gradient bar to set the gradient’s colors. This will give you more alternatives for selecting a color. 
  • When you select a color, the gradient will instantly receive its application.

Step 4: Choose Ending Color

  • Choose an ending color by selecting the color stop button located to the right of the bar.

Step 5: Change Positions

After the colors have been established, you can change the starting or end point’s position. The gradient’s appearance and smoothness will alter. 

  • Select and drag the color stop left or right until you feel satisfied with the outcome.
  • You may also change the midpoint’s location, which will further alter the gradient’s appearance (represented by the diamond icon). At this point, the gradient shows an equal mixture of the starting and finishing hues. 

Drag the diamond in any direction.

Step 7: Add More Colors

You may extend your gradient by using more colors. 

  • Click to add another color stop underneath the gradient bar for this to happen. 
  • As you did before, pick a color, then use the mouse to click and drag a spot for the color stop.
  • To make more color stops, use the same procedure again.

Step 8: Eliminate Unwanted Color Stops

  • Drag the color stop downwards or click and hold it while dragging it to the left to eliminate a color stop.

Step 9: Change Angle

  • You can change the gradient’s angle by typing a value or selecting one from the Angle Dropbox.

When you choose an object, the angle is immediately applied.

Step 10: Change Opacity

  • Click on a color stop and utilize the Opacity Dropbox located below the Gradient Bar to change the opacity of that color stop. 
  • The Opacity slider in the control panel may be moved, or you may input a value inside the field.
  • When the level is less than 100%, the opacity of a color is shown as a striped pattern.

Step 11: Select Gradient Type

  • You may also select the gradient type by selecting any of the choices at the gradient panel’s top.

How to Save an Illustrator Gradient

Follow the steps listed in this section to save a gradient in Illustrator. 

For more information on how to save a gradient in Illustrator, watch this video below:

Step 1: Access Swatches Panel

  • You must include a new gradient in the swatches in order to keep it. Access the Swatches panel by choosing Window > Swatches.

Step 2: Add Gradient

  • Select the New Swatch button while the gradient is still chosen.

Step 3: Name Swatch

  • In the pop-up box, give the swatch a name and press OK. This will produce a fresh swatch containing the gradient you just made. 
  • The gradient fill box from the Gradient panel may also be clicked and moved to the Swatches panel.

Your new swatches will be added to the list at the bottom.

Step 4: Save

  • Click the library icon in the lower left corner and choose Save Swatches to save the swatch library. Click Save after entering a file name. 

This will store your existing swatch library in Illustrator’s standard folder, but you may choose a different location if you would like to do so.


And there you go! You’ve finished the tutorial with success. We sincerely hope you found the instructions in this tutorial useful and that you learned a lot of new techniques you can apply to your next artwork and ideas.