How to Save Colors in Affinity Designer

Color comes in handy for design, and sometimes some colors stand out. You have to have them. In Affinity Designer, you can put those colors to good use. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to understand how to save colors in the software. You might wonder – how can you save colors in Affinity Designer?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep colors in Affinity Designer, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the critical steps necessary to save colors, whether you want to capture them from an image, a document, or manually. There’s lots to cover, so let’s get started.

Save Colors From An Image

The first way to save colors is through an image. You can take a picture, add it to the platform, and select the colors for your palette from the hues offered in the picture. This tactic is an excellent way to get a usable palette from an image that you find aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.

Here’s how to save colors from an image:

  1. Click swatches: Select the tab that reads ‘swatches’.
  2. Create palette from image: Select the ‘create palette from image’ button.
  3. Select: Choose the picture you want to pull colors from online.
  4. Pick colors: Select the colors that best suit your taste.
  5. Create: Press ‘create’ to form the color palette you want.

You will have an excellent set of colors after this process.

You can select any colors you want from the image. If it’s a picture of a pretty landscape, you can find a beautiful green, pink, or blue. It’s possible to make gorgeous saved colors in this method.

Save Colors From A Document

You can also save colors from a document you already have made in Affinity Designer. You can open it up and take the colors from that item. This method is excellent if you have a project you’re proud of and want to ensure you save the color palette in a location accessible in the future.

Here’s how to save colors from a document:

  1. Press: Pick the image you want by pressing ‘create palette from document’ and then ‘as application palette’.
  2. Note colors: This method automatically chooses the palette and saves it.
  3. Save name: Pick a name for the palette.

You will have a unique set of colors after this process.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick your colors when saving colors from a document. It will make a quality set of hues, but you can’t change them.

Save Colors Manually

Finally, you can save colors manually. This process involves working through the colors available through Affinity Designer and selecting the hues that best suit your taste. This method takes a little longer, but you can find one-of-a-kind colors if you decide to save them manually.

Here’s how to save colors manually:

  1. Press: Press the ‘add application palette’ button.
  2. Create a name: Make a name for your new set.
  3. Add colors: Select the colors you want in your set.
  4. Shift them: Change hue, brightness, and saturation.
  5. Save: Save the group.

You will have a manually-created palette.

It’s tricky to make a quality group of saved colors this way, but it’s possible. Experimentation is critical to finding the best combinations.

Mess Around As Needed

Once you have your colors, you can mess around with the palette as needed. Add new colors and remove hues that don’t fit your taste anymore. You can mess around with several features, such as hue, saturation, and lightness. There’s a lot to work with as you find the colors that fit your taste.

Creating a saved color palette in Affinity Designer will:

  1. Make colors easy: Affinity Designer allows access to beautiful colors at all times, no matter when you need them.
  2. Save time: Affinity Designer will save time in the creation process with colors you can use whenever you want.
  3. Improve workflow: If you operate in a team, saved colors can make the workflow much easier to access in Affinity Designer.

You will love having access to these hues at all times.

No matter what colors you choose, it’s exciting to be able to click on them as soon as you need them. Affinity Designer makes it simple to save time and boost workflow with a system of preferred colors saved in the software. A single click is all you need to land in your preferences. Ensure you pick your favorites.