How To Scale A Pattern In Illustrator

It might be challenging to achieve the ideal size and proportion for each project, whether you make a pattern or install some pattern swatches. Or sometimes, all you need to do is slightly alter the pattern to match your design. How do you scale your pattern?

Use Pattern Options to modify a portion of a pattern that you wish to alter. Use the Scale tool or keyboard shortcut to modify the proportion of a pattern fill or resize it. You get more accurate results with the scale tool and have more freedom using the keyboard shortcut.

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How to Scale Part of a Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

If you don’t want to scale the pattern of your entire artwork, we have some good news for you. Adobe Illustrator now enables its users to scale part of a pattern. This is the ideal technique to use if you want to change a pattern or scale an object inside of a pattern. 

To understand how it works, follow the instructions in this section below.

For more information on how to scale a pattern in Illustrator, watch this video below:

Step 1: Locate the pattern in the Swatches panel. In this instance, we put it in a separate panel tab along with other patterns.

If not, you may easily launch the Swatches panel from the top menu Window > Swatches. The Swatches window should be located on the right-hand side of the active panels.

Step 2: Double-click the pattern to bring up the Pattern Options window. You may also use the top panel Object > Pattern > Edit Pattern if it fails to display after you double-click on the pattern.

The pattern may be changed within the tile box.

Step 3: Choose the area you wish to resize and drag the object’s boundary to enlarge or reduce it. In this tutorial, we selected one pattern, reduced its size, and gently rotated it.

Step 4: After you’ve finished altering the pattern, click Done at the top.

And done. This is how a pattern is modified and scaled in Adobe Illustrator.

How To Scale Pattern Within A Shape In Adobe Illustrator

Sometimes a pattern seems too large or too tiny within a form, making it impossible to use the approach described above by simply scaling the pattern’s components. It also only works if you attempt to scale the shape itself because the pattern ratio remains the same. Change the pattern inside a shape using the Scale Tool to fix the problem.

Let us demonstrate how to change the size of the pattern fill.

Step 1: Choose the pattern-filled form that you wish to enlarge. For instance, you can choose the shape design if you wish to “zoom in” on it.

Step 2: Click the Scale Tool twice in the toolbar.

A Scale dialog box will also appear for you to change the parameters.

Step 3: Modify the Uniform option’s percentage while just selecting the Transform Pattern option.

The initial uniform value must be 100%. raise the percentage to “zoom in” the design; similarly, lower the percentage to “zoom out.” For instance, if you choose the uniform option and enter 200%, the pattern will seem bigger.

To observe the resizing process, tick the “Preview” box.

Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, click OK, and you’re done!

How To Scale Pattern In Illustrator Using Shortcut Key

You may also scale a pattern in Adobe Illustrator by using the keyboard shortcut as a workaround. Oh, did we mention that Adobe Illustrator has a keyboard shortcut for scaling patterns?

When the Scale Tool is chosen, the tilde (~) key can be used to scale a pattern inside a form.

To scale a pattern, just select the Scale Tool, keep pressing the key, and click and drag on that pattern. Drag the pattern inward to reduce its size and outward to make it larger.

To scale the pattern proportionately, hold down the Shift key and the ~ key simultaneously.

As an example, you can drag outward to extend the design.


And there we go. This article showed you how to scale a pattern in three distinct ways using Adobe Illustrator. There is no one best approach to scaling a pattern since each method functions in its own unique way and depends on what it is that you are aiming to scale.