How To Select All Layers In Paint Tool SAI

Paint Tool SAI offers its users many features that they can use, especially involving its use of layers. However, because Photoshop differs slightly from Photoshop, many people new to Paint Tool SAI don’t know how to perform basic tasks like selecting all layers.

To select all layers in Paint Tool SAI, you only need to create a new layer set from the option in the layers panel. After that, move all the layers you must select to that layer set. By pressing Ctrl + T, you can select this entire layer set, and thus, all the layers you need.

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What Is Paint Tool SAI?

PaintTool SAI is a painting program that may be used to create digital artworks such as cartoons and anime. The platform provides user-friendly tools and a streamlined user interface. In contrast to other complicated third-party software, it offers a variety of easier tools. 

PaintTool SAI has many fundamental functions as other applications like Adobe Photoshop. 

Art enthusiasts are using this program to produce their works of digital art. PaintTool SAI may be accessible from desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices because of its complete digital support. 

When a lower-quality picture is employed in the painting software, distorted graphics and images are decreased.

Advantages of Paint Tool SAI 

The simplicity of usage and extensive feature set of PaintTool SAI are its key advantages. The benefits of using PaintTool SAI are outlined in the following details:

Color Feature

The color feature of PaintTool SAI is one of its most effective features. There are several colors available in the software. Primary colors can be used, or you can employ complex secondary colors to go farther. 

Every time you select a color, a vast array of the color’s dark and vibrant shades will be displayed.

Coloring Tool

Users of PaintTool SAI may choose between several color presentations using the coloring tool. They can quickly change the saturation of a particular hue. They are then free to decide how “colorful” they want their artwork to be. 

Users may observe the darkness or brightness of each hue by simply adjusting the luminosity of that color. Users can create stunning and vibrant artwork with this coloring function.

Layer Tools

Layer tools are another feature of PaintTool SAI that lets users edit an illustration without fretting about removing other parts of it. Additionally, they can mix many drawings on one page or move certain portions of a picture.

Two layers of drawings may be easily locked in and moved together using PaintTool SAI. Similarly, pin buttons are casually positioned next to each layer.

Brush to Eraser Conversion

The software’s ability to turn brushes into erasers is another great function. This feature facilitates switching between tools quickly when creating an artwork.

Comparison with Photoshop

How efficient you are when using each program determines which one is better. This implies that your optimal software will depend on each workflow or ultimate goal.

Photoshop is a program that can handle just about everything effectively. It has a tonne of tools, filters, and other quirky features. But even with the latest release, it does three things much worse than Paint Tool Sai.

Line Stability and Quality

The internal brush stabilizer engine developed by Paint Tool Sai is regarded as one of the greatest, if not the finest, available. Even though Photoshop included a brush stabilizer in 2018, it is far from being as smooth or natural-feeling as the one in Paint Tool SAI.


Software like Clip Studio Paint, Krita, and forks like Medibang Paint have used Paint Tool SAI’s blending engine (wet mix). In contrast, Photoshop’s mixing engine only distorts colors rather than really blending them. You may use a regular brush that overlays colors rather than blending them.

Resource-Intensive Programme

Many users discovered that Photoshop occasionally experiences brush lag while using high quality brushes, even with the most recent AMD Ryzen hardware.

Photoshop is a great option if you need a professional-grade picture editor. However, Paint Tool SAI is the best option if you want sharp lineart and gentle color mixing skills.

The software is improving with each new release, including Scatter Brushes and enormous canvases in SAI2.


And there we go. In this tutorial, we showed you how you can select all layers in Paint Tool SAI. This is something that comes in handy when creating complex designs in the software. We hope the instructions in this tutorial were clear and useful.