How To Select All Of One Color In Illustrator

Many of you are already familiar with selecting several items using the Selection Tool. Because you’re choosing many things with the same color, selecting a color functions the same way. It’s a simple procedure, but if you have to choose too frequently, you risk losing track and it takes time.

In Adobe Illustrator, you may hold down the Shift key to select all objects that have the same color when there are just a few colors in the design, but if there are many items with the same color or the colors are intricate, the Select Same function is the ideal choice.

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About Illustrator

About Illustrator Adobe Illustrator is a program for Windows and Mac computers that allows users to create drawings, illustrations, and other types of artwork. Illustrator was first made available in 1987; it is still regularly updated and currently a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Visual artists, expert illustrators, web designers, and graphic designers worldwide utilize Illustrator to produce high-caliber artwork. There are several intricate drawing tools in Illustrator that help speed up the graphic creation process.

A user may load a photo into Illustrator and utilize it as a reference to outline a subject in the photo. This may be used to recolor a photo or give it a rough appearance. Illustrator also allows for extensive text manipulation, which makes it a valuable tool for producing postcards, posters, and other graphic designs that combine text and images. 

For designers making logos, Illustrator’s ability to wrap text around a curve comes in very handy. Mock-ups depict how a website will appear after it is finished, and the creation of icons for usage in applications and websites both employ Illustrator.

Photoshop Vs. Illustrator

Both the applications’ creation process makes a difference. Since Illustrator images are constructed of points, lines, and curves rather than pixels, they may be scaled up and down indefinitely without compromising clarity or sharpness. 

Use these vector images in whatever size or resolution you choose, whether digitally or in print. Photoshop, on the other hand, is excellent at managing photos and creating or altering pixel-based, or raster, images.

How to Select All of One Color in Illustrator

You can select all of one color in Illustrator by using one of two methods. We will cover both of these in the section below.

For more information on how to select all of one color in Illustrator, watch this video below:

Method 1: Using Shift Key

When there are only a few colors in the image, this method of selecting many objects with the same color by clicking on each one individually works flawlessly. You may select all of the items by clicking on them while holding down the Shift key.

Step 1: In the toolbar, pick the Selection Tool (keyboard shortcut V).

Step 2: Select the colored portions while holding down the Shift key.

Step 3: To group the chosen color, press Command/Ctrl + G (objects). If you click on one of the colors after you’ve grouped them, you’ll pick all of them, and group editing will be simpler.

As you can see, selecting the colors only required a few clicks, which is reasonable. What would happen if you wanted to choose only one color from this image? In such cases, picking each option individually is not a good idea. Fortunately, Adobe Illustrator provides a fantastic function that allows you to choose objects that have the same properties.

Method 2: Select > Same from the Top Menu

Not familiar with it? Don’t worry; just follow the instructions below. Every object on the piece of art that shares the same qualities will be selected when you pick an attribute.

Step 1: Click on the color you wish to pick while using the Selection Tool from the toolbar. For the purpose of this tutorial, we chose a fill color without a stroke.

Step 2: Click Select > Same > Fill Color from the top menu. This image’s same-colored objects will all be chosen.

Step 3: For simple editing, group all choices. Depending on the color of the item, you may alternatively select Fill & Stroke or Stroke Color.

Step 4: Pick Fill & Stroke from the Select > Same menu if you want to select more shapes that share the same traits.

All shapes with the same fill and stroke colors will now be chosen.


And there you go. You completed this tutorial on how to select all of one color in Illustrator. We hope the instructions in this article will prove useful when you set out to do some of your own editings.