How To Select Multiple Layers in Procreate

One of the most appealing aspects of Procreate is the ability to create artwork using layers. However, if you have a large number of layers that need to be moved, grouped, or changed in the same way, it might be a bit overwhelming. Selecting all of those layers at once is the best method to deal with this. But how do you go about doing that?

In Procreate, you can select multiple layers directly from the layers panel. This is accomplished by first picking one layer and then swiping right on each additional layer you wish to select. The primary layer will be highlighted in bright blue, while the remaining layers will be highlighted in dark blue.

It’s essential to understand how to use the layers menu if you’re creating art with Procreate. Larger projects can sometimes have over 100 layers, which can feel like a lot to handle. Continue reading to find out how to select multiple layers in order to keep your layers panel tidy and functioning properly.

Why Do You Need Multiple Layers in Procreate?

When drawing digitally, you’ll frequently hear the term “layers.”

Working with layers is a critical component of what makes Procreate so powerful. Using multiple layers allows you to arrange graphical components on top of one another and paint things that overlap without affecting previous work. For example, you can sketch on one layer while also incorporating another piece of art onto another.

In addition, you have complete creative control over moving, editing, recoloring, and deleting objects. Artists frequently draw distinct pieces, lines, and colors on separate layers since elements on different layers can be handled separately.

Drawing on layers also makes it easy to change the composition. If you don’t like the placement of an item, you can easily work above or behind the layer, changing it to your liking.

Can You Select Multiple Layers in Procreate at Once?

Managing and organizing layers efficiently is an integral part of working on complex designs. You may end up with as many as 90 to 100 layers to move, edit, and keep track of. Moving and grouping them separately is a time-consuming and laborious operation that takes up a lot of your time.

Luckily, Procreate offers Primary and Secondary layers selection to make keeping track of layers much more manageable. This lets you control and modify several layers at the same time, as well as execute mass shifting, grouping, deletion, and transformation.

How Many Layers Can You Select at A Time?

The maximum number of layers in a Procreate document varies based on the size of the document. Depending on the device you’re using and the resolution you’re working in, your document might contain up to 400 layers.

So, out of that potential 400, how many layers can you select at one time? It’s probably more than you would expect.

While you can only have one Primary layer active at any given time, you can select as many Secondary layers as you like. This is great for anyone who tends to work on big projects often. Need to delete a good chunk of the layers you’ve been working on? No sweat!

What Is the Best Way to Select Multiple Layers in Procreate?

When working on large projects, knowing how to choose many layers in Procreate can be extremely useful. The layers panel in Procreate is the quickest way of choosing and managing layers.

The layers tab may be found on the far-right side of Procreate’s top toolbar. Its symbol is two overlapping squares. You can add, delete, select, group, and move layers in this panel.

To pick multiple layers, begin by selecting your primary layer. Your Primary layer will be highlighted in brilliant blue in the Layers panel. Remember that you can only have one Primary layer active at any given time.

Next, you’ll choose your Secondary layers. Swipe right on any layer to add it as a Secondary layer to your selection. It will display as dark blue in the Layers panel. If you accidentally select a layer you didn’t intend to, just swipe right again to deselect it.

After you’ve selected your layers, you can move and delete them as you see fit. If you decide that you no longer need multiple layers selected, simply tap your finger on one of them to deselect all of them.

Additional Ways to Manage and Organize Multiple Layers

Moving and deleting multiple layers isn’t the only way to organize your layers panel. Here are a few more options for those looking to increase productivity when working with many layers in Procreate:

Grouping Multiple Layers in Procreate

Except for paint, smudge, erase, and using Adjustments, all actions apply to all layers in a group at the same time. Keep in mind that drawing and painting will only reflect on the Primary layer. Layer Select will appear if you Paint, Smudge, or Erase with a group selected in the Layers Panel. To continue working, simply select a layer inside that group.

Quickly Moving Between Multiple Layers

Using Layer Select is the quickest method to selecting a specific layer. This is done by touching the content on the canvas rather than using the Layers menu.

Layer Select takes advantage of touch to show all the layers linked with a given area of the canvas. This handy shortcut eliminates the need to repeatedly navigate to the Layers panel.

To enable Layer Select, go to Actions > Preferences > Gesture Controls > Layer Select. Touch and Apple Pencil shortcuts can be configured here to incorporate Layer Select into your process.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel comfortable moving and deleting multiple layers. Layers are an essential digital feature in image editing software. They can add depth to an illustration and make creating art a lot easier.