How to Sell Twitch Overlays [The Complete Guide]

If you are a first-time streamer or businessperson, you may not know about twitch overlays. Twitch overlays are essential, simple concepts that can also be utilized in making a profit if you can create your own. However, you may want to sell them, but you are unsure how to do so.

To sell twitch overlays, you will need to create a website, price them, upload the overlays and write descriptions, promote and continue to make them, and ensure you stand out from the competition.

Let’s continue to read more to learn about what twitch overlays are, how to create them, and a complete guide on how to sell twitch overlays.

What are Twitch Overlays?

A twitch overlay, or overlays in general, can be used by twitch streamers to provide an aesthetic for their channel. Doing this makes the channel more aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching for viewers to see once they enter your twitch channel and have a sense of your overall brand.

Those who are new to streaming may be aware of whether having a twitch overlay would be helpful for them or not and if it is worth having because not a lot of you may know how to create a twitch overlay for your channel as we continue to read onward to learn whether twitch overlays are helpful and how to make a twitch overlay.

Are Twitch Overlays Helpful and How to Create Them?

Twitch overlays are helpful. They not only help to create engagement but also gives you a chance to know about you and your expectations when they are viewing your live streams to prevent any miscommunications. A part of determining whether twitch overlays are helpful for new streamers is not knowing how to create them.

So, how do you make a twitch overlay? While you can create a custom overlay, templates are available online for you to use. Websites like offer a variety of twitch overlays at your leisure. You can customize it within the website, add your name and everything else, and change the colors and graphics.

Now, if you are someone who has, or knows, how to create twitch overlays, you can make money off of it. If you weren’t aware of this, you’ll likely not know how to sell your twitch overlays and generate income. We will continue to read on to learn a complete guide on how to sell twitch overlays.

How to Sell Twitch Overlays (The Complete Guide)

Naturally, while selling something like twitch overlays, you will need to know how to create overlays for platforms like twitch. Once you’ve gotten over that hump, other elements go along with working towards officially setting up your business and making sales. To sell twitch overlays, you would need to follow steps that include:

  1. Create a website or set up a profile for services.
  2. Come up with pricing.
  3. Upload overlays and write descriptions.
  4. Promote on platforms, including a link to the site.
  5. Continue to create and continue to promote.
  6. Offer discounts/stand out from the competition.

Let’s continue to read to learn more about how to sell twitch overlays.

How to Sell Twitch Overlays?

Twitch overlay sales are highly possible sources of income. For a first-timer, who has never tried to sell them before but wants to, we will continue to read further to learn how to sell twitch overlays.

Create a Website or Profile for Services

For any self-sufficient business, you will need an official website where customers can purchase your twitch overlays. If you do not want to have a specific website for yourself, then you can use various services where the only thing you will have to do is create a profile, including pricing, for your twitch overlays.


How much are you wanting to sell for one twitch overlay at a time, and are you planning on pricing for a bundled amount? Think about these questions because you want the price to be reasonable. If you’re planning on offering services through a third-party website, they will take a cut of the profit due to you utilizing their website.

Upload Overlays and Write Descriptions

Upload your overlays and write descriptions for each one. This will give customers an idea of what they are looking for and what appeals to them the most. Ensure that the descriptions are accurate enough that describes the overlays and, if you can, make them sound interesting.

Promote on Social Platforms

Promote your business through social platforms. Gaining a following will gain traction for your business and generate more sales. On social media platforms, link your website through a pinned comment or in the description section. This way, you make it easier for potential customers to head to your website with no problem.

Continue to Create and Promote

Continue to create your overlays and continue to promote. People continue to become interested in one’s product if they are continuously innovative and interactive with their audience and spreading the word. If you do not promote your overlays and create more overlays often enough, people will likely become bored and find the next thing that interests them.

Stand Out From the Competition

Depending on the pricing, you can offer discounts around the holidays, or however often you feel it is necessary. Temporary discounts catch a customer’s attention and make you stand out from the competition. You can even offer a discount to first-time buyers. Most large and small businesses often use this tactic to make their products more appealing to consider purchasing.


Now that you know how to sell twitch overlays, you can follow this complete guide. You have also learned about twitch overlays, whether they are helpful to your twitch channel, and how you can create them yourselves.