How to Stop a Canva Animation from Fading Out

The right animation and presentation can be the difference between your audience sticking around or moving somewhere else. As such, you want to control how your Canva animated sequences end. However, the editor often adds a fade-out sequence that can leave a large blank area on your page.

Unfortunately, you cannot stop Canva animations from fading out, but there are workarounds. These workarounds mimic the effect of stopping the animation, giving you some control over the presentation. They have their drawbacks, but they will do the job until future versions of Canva add the feature.

These workarounds will reduce the fading effect, but only if you implement them correctly, Therefore, by reading further, you will learn what these workarounds are and how to do them.

Stopping Canva Animations from Fading Out

Canva revolutionizes the graphics design space through its unique feature for producing breathtaking animation. The graphics editor will let you animate anything from the things you create in the program and the stuff you import into it. It will even do some of the keyframing for you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

However, Canva lacks the features of a full-featured animation program. As such, you must get creative if you want something special.  For instance, Canva will insert fading effect to the beginning and end of your clip. This feature has numerous uses, especially when combing several clips into one. But it can also be a problem if you keep displaying a logo at the end.

Such an effect requires that you pause or stop the video, but Canva offers no solutions for it. The clip will continue and fade out into the next clip. There is no way to stop the animation from fading out. Fortunately, you can mimic the effect through other means. None of them will be a perfect replacement for the missing feature, but they will work.

Mimic a Pause in Your Canva Animation by Adjusting the Speed

Modifying the speed of your animated clips is the most common workaround that mimics a pause. Combining the technique with the right frames can even make the effect unnoticeable, ensuring that your audience only sees what you want them to see. There are multiple ways you can do it too with some being more unconventional than others.

Editing the Timing Function

Before we continue, we must note that you cannot adjust the animation speed in Canva directly. You can only adjust the duration of the individual frames, slides, and pages. However, this function is perfect for mimicking a pause. You just have to extend the right elements.

You can access this feature through Canva’s Timing Function Tool which sits on the editor toolbar as a stopwatch icon. You must adjust it from the default 5 seconds for each page or slide you want to pause. Luckily, it is as easy to use as:

  1. Click the background of the target slide’s canvas
  2. Click the Timing Function tool on the editor toolbar
  3. Move the slider in the dropdown menu to adjust the duration.

You can also modify the duration by entering your desired value in seconds in the text box adjacent to the slider. You can then press Enter to save the changes before repeating the steps for the next page or slide.

While this method will make the animation appear to stop, it does not stop it. Thus, if you need your clip to end on a particular slide, this method will not work. However, it will give your audience the time to perform your desired action.

Export Then Import as a Video

If your animation must conclude without fading, you must take more drastic measures as there is nothing Canva that will do it. At least, there is nothing that would work on animations. Canva’s video trimming function would do the trick, but it only works on pre-rendered video clips.

Therefore, if you truly want to prevent your Canva animation from fading out, you must convert it to a video. However, only the Export Tool can do it. As such, you will lose your ability to edit your project. Thus, you will want to complete everything else before you take this option.

After that, it is as simple as:

  1. Exporting the project as a video
  2. Import the new video file as a new project
  3. Use the Trim Tool to cut the video before it fades out

You can even combine this method with the previous one to ensure your video ends where you want it. You can even use a third-party app such as Placeit if you wish.


Canva lets you turn your graphics designs into beautiful animations, but it comes with a few quirks. For instance, it will always fade animation clips. While there is no way to stop or alter this feature, there are workarounds you can use to give the effect.