How to Stop Canva from Sending Emails to You [7 Ways]

Canva is an excellent platform that allows users to create unique designs for their needs. It’s easy to sign up for this website. You can even work with a free version or transfer to the paid Canva platform if you love what they offer. One annoying aspect of signing up is the emails Canva sends. You might wonder – how can you stop Canva from sending emails?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to stop Canva from sending emails to you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about seven items you can try to stop the service from contacting you through online messaging techniques. It doesn’t mean you must step away from Canva – just their online marketing services.

Change Emails

If you want to make it easy on yourself, you can create a new email. This action allows you to start over fresh with your inbox, removing all email addresses and adding new ones from scratch. The old emails will head to the secondary address, and you can choose which notifications you want to follow to the new location.

You can change emails by:

  1. Picking a site to create an email
  2. Creating a profile and email address
  3. Transferring the mail and mailing addresses you want
  4. Deleting the old email

Your account will be open at this point.

If you feel like you’ve built up too much spam mail over time, changing emails permanently is an excellent way to pull yourself together. Ensure you know which email addresses to keep before deleting your email account. If you want Canva to stop sending you emails, don’t include them with the others. They won’t have your new email.


The best way to stop Canva from sending emails is to unsubscribe from their email list. By using this technique, you can remove yourself entirely from their method of contact and get rid of any personal information in their database. You can still use Canva, but you won’t get emails.

You can usually unsubscribe by:

  1. Hitting a button at the bottom of an email
  2. Calling the company
  3. Heading into your account settings

There will be an unsubscribe button or a person to help you through the process.

It should only take a few minutes to unsubscribe from Canva. Once you do, the company will stop sending you emails. If they don’t, contact them again to determine what the trouble might be with their system. They should only send emails if you have a subscription. 

Modify Your Account

You may also choose to modify your account. This action means heading into your settings and making shifts to ensure the company doesn’t send you notifications through email anymore. It shouldn’t take long to accomplish this task and achieve a quiet mailbox once again.

Modify your account by heading into account settings on the Canva website. Once you are logged in, you should be able to access everything by clicking your name. You can make any shifts you need, including modifying your account to get rid of emails Camva wants to send. You can always shift it back if you change your mind later in the process.

Move To Spam

It’s possible to move the Canva emails to a spam folder. When they head into your account, they will go to the spam folder instead of clogging your main account. It only takes a few steps to transfer Canva emails to the trash folder.

Moving Canva emails to spam allows you to:

  1. Keep the Canva emails in case you want to access them later
  2. Clear out your main folder in your email
  3. Get rid of unnecessary Canva information

Everything will be much better organized if you move Canva to spam.

This action won’t stop Canva from emailing you. However, it will ensure they are not the first company you see when logging into your email. 

Make A Garbage Email

You can make a separate email account just for garbage mail. You can change the address or plug it into the site in the first place. If you want to access the Canva information, it’s sitting in its separate file, away from critical emails that need to be at the front of your attention.

A garbage email can hold:

  1. Coupons and other shopping items
  2. Trash emails you will never look at
  3. Fun emails that differ from the standard business emails

You can have a lot of fun with a garbage email.

If you think you may want to look at Canva emails later, make a garbage email. It holds everything you need in one convenient location.

Send An Unsubscribe Link

One way to unsubscribe to Canva is to send the company an unsubscribe link. This action will let them know you’re ready to unsubscribe and they will take you off their mailing list. It’s a little more work than hitting an unsubscribe button or something similar on a website or an already-sent email.

It shouldn’t be tricky to access an unsubscribe link. Canva should have one on their main page, or you can contact a customer service representative for further information about clearing yourself from the Canva email list.

Delete Account

The most extreme way to stop Canva from sending you emails is to delete your account. If you delete your account, the company has no way to access your personal information. They won’t have your name, phone number, or email address to work from on their site. It’s a permanent measure.

You can delete your account by:

  1. Head to the Canva homepage
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Shift into account settings
  4. Press the delete button
  5. Confirm the selection and proceed to get rid of everything

It will be gone after these steps.

It’s critical to ensure you want to get rid of Canva before following these steps. Once you delete your account, you can’t get it back. You will need to start from scratch with a new account to access the Canva services.