How to Ungroup Layers in Procreate [2 Steps]

Grouping layers in Procreate is a great way to keep your artwork organized. But what happens when you don’t need those layers in a group any longer?

Knowing how to ungroup layers is just as important as knowing how to group them together. Below, we’ll show you how to ungroup layers in your Procreate document in two easy steps.

Steps to Ungroup Layers in Procreate

Grouping layers together in Procreate is a method many artists use to boost efficiency and keep their artwork organized. However, if you need to ungroup layers, you might be at a loss about how to do it.

Ungrouping layers in Procreate isn’t hard, but it also isn’t as streamlined as you might be hoping for. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way to remove all of the layers from a group. Instead, you will have to remove each individual layer from the group one at a time.

While it might be a bit tedious, this can be done in two simple steps.

1. Select Multiple Layers Within the Group

Removing layers from a group is similar to how you put them there to begin with. The first step is to select the layers you want to remove.

The layers panel in Procreate is the most efficient way to choose and manage layers. The layers tab is located on the right side of the top toolbar in Procreate, and it is represented by two overlapping squares. In this panel, you can add, remove, group, and rearrange layers.

To select several layers, first, decide which group you will be working in. Expand the group by selecting the arrow to the right so that you can see all of the layers within that group.

You’ll want to select your primary layer first. In the Layers panel, your Primary layer will be highlighted in bright blue. Ensure that you have just the layer selected and not the entire group.

Following that, you’ll select your secondary layers. Swipe right on any layer to add it to your selection as a secondary layer. It will appear in the Layers section as dark blue. If you mistakenly choose a layer that you didn’t mean to, simply swipe right again to deselect it.

2. Drag Layers from the Group

Once you have your desired layers selected, simply drag them out of the group. To do this, hold your finger down on the selected layers and drag them to a different spot in the Layers panel. Once you are done, you can delete the group, if need be, by swiping left on the group and selecting the red “Delete” button.

Why Do You Need to Group and Ungroup Layers in Procreate?

When working on large or complex projects, knowing how to organize layers in Procreate is extremely useful. Not only does grouping layers help with the overall structure, but it also makes it much easier to locate layers during each round of project edits. By being able to move elements together or group them into sections, you can work more efficiently.

However, there are many tasks in Procreate that can only be done on a single layer, such as painting, smudging, or erasing. This is something to keep in mind when working with groups. If you select an entire group and start to paint, the painting will only take effect on the primary layer within that group.

Moving Grouped Layers in Procreate

Grouping can allow you to move elements around as a whole. For example, let’s say you are working on a logo with various shapes, drawings, and text. You like the way that everything is fitting together, however, you would like a few elements shifted to the left. Instead of moving each one on its own, you could add those elements to a group and move them as one. 

Now, let’s say you don’t want those elements to move together anymore. Simply ungroup each one, and you are free to edit them individually as you choose.

Renaming Grouped Layers in Procreate

Keeping layers organized is one of the most useful reasons for grouping them in Procreate. Once you have layers in a group, you can rename each group so that you can easily locate layers depending on how you classify them.

To rename a group, simply tap on it and select Rename. This will prompt you to choose a new name for your group. Just type in the name that you want, and you should be good to go. 

How Many Layers Can You Group at A Time?

While only one Primary layer can be active at any given moment, you can choose and group together as many Secondary layers as you want. The maximum number of layers in a Procreate document is determined by the document’s size. Your document could have up to 400 layers depending on the device you’re using and the resolution you’re working in.

Why is it Important to Use Layers in Procreate?

When you use layers while creating digital art, you can arrange visual components on top of one another and draw items that overlap without affecting earlier work. You can, for example, sketch on one layer while merging one piece of art onto another.

Drawing on layers also allows you to easily adjust the composition. If you don’t like the positioning of an item, you can quickly change it by working above or behind the layer.

Furthermore, you have full creative power over object movement, editing, recoloring, and deletion. Because objects on multiple layers can be handled separately, artists commonly draw distinct sections, lines, and colors on separate layers.

Final Thoughts

You should now be able to group and ungroup layers in Procreate with ease. Grouping is a helpful tool in Procreate since it allows you to keep layers organized while you’re creating. However, there may be times when you do not need elements to be grouped together. While the process isn’t perfect, these two simple actions should have your layers ungrouped in no time.