How to Thicken a Signature in Photoshop

Sometimes when you create your signature through Adobe, it may not be thick enough. It may be too small to really show up well. Thicker will make it easier for anyone to see, and it won’t look transparent.

There are a few ways that you can thicken your signature via Adobe Photoshop. You can start from scratch and recreate a whole signature, or you can edit a signature that you always have. Either way, you can use these methods to thicken your signature.

How to Thicken a Signature in Photoshop

There are a few different methods you can do to fix your signature, so it is thicker and darker. Some of the simpler methods are as followed:

  1. Create a new signature in Photoshop
  2. Use the Minimum Filter
  3. Trace over the line of the original signature

There are a few other methods, but these are the simplest and easiest way for you to change the thickness of your signature.

Create a New Signature

Creating a new signature within Photoshop is one of the easiest ways to make a new, thicker signature. All you have to do is follow a few steps before you begin drawing out your signature. Here are those steps:

  1. Open a new file within Photoshop.
  2. Choose what type of line you want to draw.
  3. Click on the fill color (black) for that line.
  4. Find the settings icon (a gear) and click on it.
  5. Locate “Path Options,” and you will find thickness under there.
  6. Click on the level of thickness you would like.
  7. Once you have drawn it out, ensure you save the file, usually a .png document.

Always test the different thicknesses of the line to see what best fits you. You may even want to test the signature on a fake document so you can see what it looks like. You don’t want to realize your signature is too dark by placing it on an official document.

Use Minimum Filter

This method is just a little more complicated than the first, but still pretty simple. This method is also good if you already have an image of your signature. You can download your signature and make the edits within Photoshop. This is what you need to do:

  1. Open up the image you want to edit.
  2. Click on “Filter” at the top of your Photoshop program.
  3. Find “Other” in the drop-down menu and click on it.
  4. Another menu will pop up where you will choose “Minimum.”
  5. Here you will change the radius of your pixels.
  6. Adjust the pixel to what you want it to be.
  7. Save the image.

When changing the radius, the favorite setting is usually four or five. You can change the radius of your pixel to however large or small you want. Test it out to see which one is your favorite before saving your signature.

Trace Over the Line

Tracing over the line may be a little cleaner than if you choose to use the minimum filter. To do this method, there are more complex steps than you do the previous two methods, but it still can be done. 

First, you will need to separate the signature from the background. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the layer.
  2. Change your image to “grayscale.”
  3. Go to “Channels” and select “Load Channel.”
  4. Then go to your “Layers” option.
  5. Delete the background.
  6. After, press Ctrl+D to deselect the background.
  7. Change to “RGB Color.”
  8. Add “Solid Color” to your adjustment layer.

You have now separated the signature from the background and can now thicken the lines. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to “Select” on the top of the program and find “Color Range.”
  2. A window will pop up; ensure you check the “inverse” box.
  3. Under “Select” again, you will choose “Modify” and then “Expand” for size.
  4. Go to “Edit” and click on “Fill.”
  5. Now save it as a .png file.

You do not have to delete the background first, but it is best to do it this way. You can wait until the end to get rid of the background, but that is your choice. This method is less rigid when it comes to the order you do these steps.


Making your signature thicker and more prominent doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do it with these simple steps or just start over. Whichever one best fits you is the one you can do. There is no need to make things complicated.