How To Transfer Paint SAI To Another Computer

If you have a new computer and believe that the graphics on this one are better supported for Paint Tool SAI and will assist you more with your work, you must transfer your software as soon as possible. But how to do it? Let us help you out. 

To transfer Paint SAI from one online computer to another, go to the License Manager on the computer that holds the software. Remove the license from the computer using the option here. Now, go to the new computer, log in to, and get the product again. Download and install it, enter the activation code, and you are done! 

For more detail and other options for transfer, please continue reading. 

How To Install Paint SAI To A Computer

Each method of transferring Paint Tool SAI from one computer to another involves the new installation of the software. Hence, we have given you a full guide on installing the software on your computer. This will come in handy through the processes we discuss later in this article. 

To install Paint Tool SAI on a computer, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to the SAI website:
  2. Create an account or log into your account if you already have one. 
  3. Choose Paint SAI here; a page will show you the details. 
  4. Make sure you copy your license code from here to use later. 
  5. Hit Download Now. 
  6. When the download is complete, run the program. 
  7. The program will be downloaded and will be ready for installation. 
  8. A window asks if you wish to install the program; hit yes. 
  9. Choose your language.
  10. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement. 
  11. Now hit Next and keep doing this.
  12. The setup window will appear, and you will be asked to enter your activation code. 
  13. Click next when licensing is complete, and then hit Finish. 

For a guided virtual tutorial, watch this video: 

Transfer Paint SAI To Another Computer That Is Online

The ideal situation in which software can be transferred is if you have access to both computers: the one with the software license and the one that needs it. Below are the steps you must carefully follow to ensure that the software is transferred smoothly from one computer to the other. 

  1. Go to your Windows Start Menu and look for License Manager. 
  2. Go to Sai Production Suite Cloud folder and select License Manager.
  3. Here, choose “Remove License From This Computer.” 
  4. A window will appear, which will confirm the removal.
  5. The window will also have the Software ID and the removal code. 
  6. Now, go to the computer to which you wish to transfer the software. 
  7. Here, download the software. 
  8. You can follow the instructions we have given above on the installation process. 
  9. Once downloaded, install the software and input the license activation code to run the program on the new computer. 

Transfer Paint SAI To Another Computer That Is Offline

An unfortunate situation will be if you lost access to the computer with the software with its license agreement. This may be due to hardware issues, theft, or accessibility issues. To tackle this problem, SAI does offer its users a solution. However, this offer can only be taken up once a year. This ensures that the option is correctly used and that license theft is not carried out. 

To transfer Paint Tool SAI from an offline computer to an online one, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Since you do not have access to your computer, make sure you remember your SAI login details. 
  2. Go to and log into your account. 
  3. From the products, choose Paint Tool SAI. 
  4. The detail page will open up. 
  5. Look for the License Removed option and click on it. 
  6. A dialog box opens up. Here, input the removal code if you have it. 
  7. However, if you do not have the removal code, click the No Removal Code Option. 
  8. Another dialog box will appear, confirming if you wish to remove the software. 
  9. Hit Remove in this window. 
  10. The software will have successfully been removed from your old computer. 
  11. You can follow the detailed instructions on how to install Paint Tool SAI on your computer that we have given in this article. 
  12. After downloading the software, input the activation code from the details page to install the software on your computer. 


Words like “transfer,” “license,” and other technology-related jargon can be confusing. The process can also be daunting. However, this is very simple, especially because you have us on your side. The steps detailed in this article are simple and easy to execute. Make sure you read them carefully and follow them well.