How To Use Image Resizer On Placeit

How To Use Image Resizer On Placeit

Designing branded marketing graphics can be fun but tedious due to all of the details required to get your company’s brand image just right. Placeit makes it easy for you with quality design tools, templates, and our Image Resizing tools.

How do you use the Image Resizer on Placeit?

  1. Upload your own image or click “Download” on your Placeit design
  2. Click “My Downloads” and “View All”
  3. Click the dropdown arrow and “Crop / Resize”
  4. Set your desired dimensions
  5. Click “Download”

Whether you are a business owner designing on your own or a full-time graphic designer, you can find that making all of these posts and branded items can be a hassle. It can take a good chunk of your day, just styling a post or picture for a simple Facebook post. Why go through the trouble of resizing or cropping a photo?

Why Use Placeit’s Image Resizer?

While it may sound like just an additional step, cropping or resizing a picture can be critical to designing. The main reason to do so is to fit a specific image within your graphic layout. Many times an original image will be too large to fit a selected space. Resizing allows you to get it to the pixel-perfect ratio so you can keep it in the design.

Along with the previous reason, many picture file sizes can be just too big. During upload, you can run into an alert that declares, “Your file size is too large to upload” or something similar. By resizing or cropping, you can reduce the file size overall, allowing for easier manageability and upload scenarios.

Cropping can be extremely useful in its own right. There may be some things in an image you want to eliminate, such as local identifiers or private company information. You may also only need a specific part of an image, making the rest expendable. An instance of this may be a headshot of one of your team members.

Using cropping, you can select the area you wish to keep and remove the rest. The Placeit Image Resizer and design tools allow you to use a slider and mouse movement to adjust images, highlighting the part of the image you want to keep. This makes it super simple to retain only the elements of a picture you want to use.

Can I Resize a Small Image to a Larger One?

While smaller file sizes are preferred during styling, sometimes an image can be too small to use within your set up. If it is a requirement to use it, it can be a struggle to identify what to do with it at all. Is there a way to size it up to use it?

So, can you resize an image to be larger? Yes, you can resize images from a smaller size to a larger one. However, there are some things you should be aware of before proceeding.

All images have a specific amount of pixels dictating their size. That set amount of pixels is requested to spread out as it grows larger. This can create a blur effect or loss of quality from the original.

Why is it different than when you size down? When sizing down, you are compressing the pixels. They are already mapped out and know where to go. When sizing up, you create more space that the Image has to populate with the pixels and information.

Placeit’s Image Resizer is different. When you upload or drag in your image, it takes the data and allows you to resize as needed. It maintains the Image’s quality so that you get the best quality image possible to use on any platform or product required, no matter your adjustment.

Benefits of the Placeit Resizing Tool

When it comes down to it, there are plenty of avenues to crop and resize your images. Selecting another tool may seem like the least of your concerns. What makes the Placeit Image Resizer different?

  • Preset sizing templates for social media etc.
  • Ability to set custom size
  • No quality loss on Placeit designs

The Image Resizer takes your design to the next level, making it ready for whatever part of the internet you are posting on. When you upload and crop an image, you can ensure it will fit your social media, website, and more. This takes a massive step out of your design process as you won’t have to input several sets of pixels and render the Image individually.

A big concern with many resizing tools is the loss of quality that can happen when you upload, adjust, and redownload the Image. Placeit uses image data to prevent quality loss. You get an image in the proper sizing without worrying about the blur effect of other resizing tools.

Finally, when you have a branded banner for your company’s social, you may run into the wall of different platforms having different requirements. Just like with social media, Placeit has planned for that! Select the banner sizing you need and adjust the Image as necessary. Gone are the days of having to restyle a design to fit a platform’s needs.

What Are the Size Specifications for Different Social Media Posts?

It’s no secret that modern marketing is online. However, many businesses are surprised to find that advertising avenues for their company can exist on platforms. Easy to set up, business profiles give you a way to reach out to new and recurring customers, building your audience so you can advertise all in one place.

The hard part of social media is keeping up with all of the different platforms and what they need from you for your branding. Where one post is perfect for a platform like Instagram, it may be too large or too square for another like LinkedIn.

The Placeit Image Resizer has presets so you can resize for a social media platform in just a click, but what are all the sizes for the common types of social media images you may run into?

Platform Profile PictureCover/BannerShared ImageStories
Facebook 180×180 820×312 1200×630 1080×1920
Twitter 400×400 1500×500 1200×675 X
Instagram 110×110 X 1080×1080 1080×1920
LinkedIn 300×300 Personal: 1584×396
Company: 1192×220
1200×627 552×289
Pinterest 165×165 X 1000×1500 900×1600
YouTube 800×800 2,048×1,152 1,200×630 (unspecified)

Data Courtesy of SproutSocial

As you can see, every platform wants something a little different from its users. Sites like SproutSocial dedicate their time to keeping you informed on any updates, which can happen anywhere from quarterly to weekly! What if there was a more straightforward way?

With Placeit’s Image Resizer, there is. The Image Resizer automatically populates options for you based on different social media platforms. All you have to do is select the dropdown format after you upload an image and adjust as necessary. With this, you can take one graphic design image and turn it into many for cross-platform posting!

Are There Other Uses for This Image Resizer?

With all this, there is even more use available from Placeit’s tool. You can also take your images and make them Print on Demand ready! Print on Demand, or POD, services are an excellent way for designers or businesses to get their image on a shirt.

For designers, you can take your Image through the image resizer and then upload it to the POD platform you use, such as Teespring, Merch by Amazon, Printful, or RedBubble. Business owners can take their logo or branded image and size it to create shirts for their crew. This gives your business a uniform look, and you can print a new shirt for new team members as they come.

Another avenue for your resizing needs may be advertising. The Google Display Network, billboards, and more have additional requirements to use their advertising. Using Placeit, you can take images and make them advertisement ready!

Placeit for Simple Graphic Design

Graphic design does not have to be a considerable burden. With quality tools such as the Image Resizer, you can cut your time on making multiple graphics. As an individual, you can spend more time focusing on your brand overall when you use Placeit to make great designs for your needs.

All you need for the Image Resizer is to upload, crop, and download. Whether you need a quick resize of an image or a full design to fit a placement, Placeit has you covered. Try the Placeit Image Resizer and templates today to see the difference.