How to Use Placeit to Create an Engaging Instagram Story

How to Use Placeit to Create an Engaging Instagram Story

Instagram has quickly become a way for people, businesses, and brands to get their names out there. Placeit is a helpful tool that can help integrate logos, videos, and designs into Instagram. Instagram stories have helped aid in the ability to share videos and images that delete in 24 hours. This way, there can be constant changes and updates.

Read on to find out how you can use Placeit, an online application, to make your Instagram stories more engaging. Also, they learn the different sections of Placeit and how it can help.

Instagram Stories with Placeit

As of right now, Placeit has 5,000+ free Instagram story templates that can be used. Instagram stories are a series of images or videos lined up to look like a slideshow when viewed. Placeit can help:

  • By adding different font colors
    • Font types and colors can be changed to fit your needs or your business colors
  • Animations
    • Animations will allow parts of your videos or designs to move, which will keep your followers enticed
  • Give you the ability to edit your videos
    • Being able to edit your videos will allow you the make them more personable

All before you add them to your Instagram story. Once the template of your choosing is completed

  • You can click on the share button
  • Placeit will generate a link that you can share or post

Using Placeit with Instagram stories can help create a new following or continue to grow your current following. If users have access to a web browser, Placeit will allow your creativity to run wild.

How Does Placeit Fit into Instagram

Placeit is an online application that can be accessed through any web browser. The home screen offers five different tabs. Both the Design tab and Video tab offer Instagram Stories as subheadings. There is also a search bar at the top where you can type in Instagram stories and pull up all templates that will work well with Instagram.

The Instagram stories page has two different ways to sort the templates. There is a drop-down menu on the left with the following categories:

  • Mixed
  • Best selling
  • Newest
  • Free

When you choose free, all the templates on the right that are free will pop up for you to browse. Any of the templates that have the word free across the top left corner will be free to download. There is also a scrolling menu underneath the drop-down menu that is separated template type in alphabetical order and then tag name in alphabetical order. When choosing the scrolling menu, the templates that will show up on the right side after your search will be a mixture of free templates and templates you must pay for.

Placeit has 4 different membership options:

  • Free Account: Limited free library
  • Single Download: From $2.99 per download
  • Monthly Unlimited: $14.95 per month
  • Annual Unlimited: $89.69 per year

Pro Tip: Placeit offers an additional 15% off any paid plan with this coupon code.

Placeit Free Account

  • You can see all templates
  • You can edit all templates
  • You can only download templates labeled “free”
  • Non-free template designs can be purchased for a one-time fee
    • Mockups – $7.95 each
    • Designs – $2.95 each
    • Logos – $39.95 each
    • Videos – $9.95 each
    • Animated Decals – $9.95 each

Placeit Unlimited Subscription Accounts

  • You can see all templates
  • You can edit all templates
  • You can download all templates
  • Unlimited downloads included
  • You can end subscription at any time

Placeit Video Tab for Instagram Story Engagement

Placeit gives you the ability to make animated Instagram stories. There is even an Instagram story option on the drop-down menu that has 550 options to choose from. Once you choose the template, you like you are then brought to a template editor.

Inside the template editor, everything is customizable. You can customize the text, pick the font type and the color of the text. By clicking the more button on the color choice, you can also type in the color value. If your business or brand uses a specific color you can make sure it will match what is put onto the template. The background color and any accent colors on the templates can be customized as well.

For font type, you can search through all the fonts Placeit has available. By clicking the star to the left of the font name, it will be saved as a font you chose. This way, if you want multiple slides to have the same type of font, the font will be saved in the save tab on the font menu.

The template also allows for

  • An image or logo to be uploaded
  • A playback speed for the slides to be chosen
  • The decision to have music played from the audio library available

If music is not something needed, the box must be unclicked, and the music will not be included.

By being able to pick a template and make it your own, you can help engage your followers or anyone that may be watching. Multiple slides can be added at the bottom so everything can be played together like a slideshow.

Engage Your Followers with Animation

Engaging your followers can help keep them interested. Each slide can be animated, or animated slides can be sprinkled in with other slides. It will make it one continuous story from front to back or start to finish. It’s just like reading a book or watching a movie. Placeit allows the animated videos to have:

  • Intros
  • Bodies
  • Endings

Having your Instagram story has a beginning and end can help followers continue watching or keep them watching to see what is to come. You can also leave sneak peak slides or cliff hanger slides to help keep your followers guessing. Sneak peaks could be for the next day or a couple of months from when you posted the original story.

For example, if you have a clothing brand and you will be announcing a new line of shirts for summer. You can use the Instagram Stories video tab to start dropping hints of what will be showing up in the future.

Once you have your slides chosen and edited the way you want, you can click the play all button. Placeit will then show you what your video will look like. If something does not look right, you can click the X in the right-hand corner. By clicking the X, you will be bought back to the template editing page where slide editing can continue, or the slides can be switched around if needed.

If a free template was chosen, it would tell you the steps needed to get everything downloaded and ready to go. If the template must be paid for, a screen will pop up with a prompt on either paying for the video for a one time use or being able to sign up for the subscription. If paying for the subscription is chosen, the amount of the animated Instagram story templates will be unlimited.

The videos created in Placeit can help with

  • Promotions
  • Introducing apparel
  • Creating animated slide shows

to name some of the examples. An animated slide show can help pinpoint or display certain images that might be missed during a video.

Placeit Design Tab for Instagram Story Engagement

The design tab on Placeit is like the video tab, except the templates are stand alone. Stand alone, meaning there would be one template designed at a time. By designing more than one template, you would be able to place them into your Instagram stories, and that would help form the slide show.

As far as designing the template itself, there are a few similarities to the videos:

  • Choosing the text that appears
  • The font type
  • The font color
  • Adding any graphics
  • Choosing colors

The main difference would be the price if a design template that was chosen were not free. In the event someone has a free subscription and chose a template that needs to be purchased. A design template would cost $2.95, and a video template would cost $9.95.

Show Your One Piece of Information at a Time

Design templates for Instagram stories are more for showing your followers one piece of information at a time or giving them the ability to use hashtags or leave comments. A few examples for the designs tab would be:

  • A clothing store could show a coupon code that would be available for a certain amount of time
  • An arts and crafts blog could offer an online class or course and give its followers a place to sign up
  • Any person, brand, or business that would want their followers to answer a question in a fun or captivating way

The design tab does offer an Instagram Stories subcategory. Alone with a tags search on the left-hand side. Tags are listed from numbers through the alphabet. The design tab has many creative avenues that can be followed for allowing story engagement. The designs are all placed into different categories, that allows the user to choose a design that will best fit with what they want their followers to see.

Placeit Logo Tab for Instagram Stories

The logo maker in Placeit is a fun tool. Having a logo for

  • Yourself
  • Your business
  • Your brand

can help your followers start to recognize you more. A logo can go on almost anything you want. Also, any logo made on Placeit will have the watermarks removed and can be used for commercial use. Even the free logos will have the watermarks removed and can be used for commercial use. The three different logo types for the free subscription are free logos, paid for logos that cost $39.95 a piece, and animated logos that cost $9.95 apiece.

Free Logos in Placeit

For the most part, any of the free logos can be changed to fit your needs. There are text sections available to be changed to say what you want them to say. You can choose an image from the Placeit library, however, the choices available are limited. Depending on the template you choose to turn into the logo needed, the background color may or may not change.

However, if given the option to change the background is one of color choices will be a black and white checkerboard, this will give the logo a transparent background. This type of background would allow you to place your logo onto a shirt, for example, and not have a boxed color around it.

Paid Logos in Placeit

Choosing from the paid logos gives you an extremely large library of templates. Without an unlimited subscription, there will be a one-time fee of $39.95 for this logo.

Pro Tip: A monthly subscription cost only $12.70 for a full month of unlimited downloads, compared to a one-time logo download which cost almost 4x as much at $39.99. We suggest signing up for a full month, and cancelling before your next month bills.

Animated Logos in Placeit

The animated logos option is cheaper than the actual paid logo. The animated logo, while still being a logo, is like the video option. The transparent option does not appear to be an option for any of the animated logos, but at the same time the animated logos would be used to be viewed on some sort of screen. Slides can be added to the animated logos that can make them change before your viewers’ eyes.

Having a logo of any kind is important. Your Instagram followers will eventually start to recognize your name or company by using one. Also, your logo can be placed in many different places. A color scheme to go with your logo will help it become more recognizable. Any of the templates or videos you design in Placeit can have your logo posted on them as well.

Placeit Mockups for Instagram Stories

Placeit does not offer any type of print on demand services. However, the ability to create a mockup template for a print on demand place is available. The mockup generator does allow you to upload your images. The option to import images from downloads is also available.

For example, if a logo were created in Placeit, it would be saved in the downloads for the account. Then these downloads could be used in place of a user’s images. A single mockup for one design costs $7.95. Any company or brand that has a logo or a catchy phrase can use the mockups to design:

  • Clothing
  • Stationary
  • Home Décor

to name some of the options available. This, in turn, can help people sell merchandise to future customers.

Once a mockup is completed and downloaded it will be saved to your device. You can upload the image of your mockup to

  • Slide in a Video
  • Design
  • Coupon code

This will work if you need to be able to post it to your Instagram story.

Placeit Gaming Tab for Instagram Stories

The gaming tab, while being aimed more towards people who stream or use YouTube, can still use certain subcategories for their Instagram stories. Mixed in with overlays and banners, there is a subcategory for logos. This can also be found under the logos tab as Gaming Teams. Any of the

  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Overlays

once downloaded can then be uploaded to a design or video. These can then be designed further in Placeit and added to Instagram.

There are three subcategories that can be found under the gaming tab that can also be found at the bottom of the Placeit home page. They are the:

Free Video to Gif Converter in Placeit

The user can upload any video with a file size of up to 100 mb. The video can then be cropped if needed and made to be the dimensions needed for the Instagram platform. The Gif is then able to be shared. The newly converted Gif can then be placed on design templates, on one of the video slides, or posted directly to your Instagram story. Gifs can help add engaging scenes to your Instagram stories.

Free Online Video Cropper in Placeit

Any video can be uploaded up to 100mb. The file size for the video cropper is the same as the video to Gif converter. These similarities include cropping the dimensions of the video or resizing the video to fit the dimensions needed for Instagram. The main difference is this tool will only crop or change your video.

However, the user can use the online video cropper to pick out certain parts of a video and move it into the video maker on Placeit. This way any videos made can either be shared straight to your Instagram stories or made into something more on Placeit before having it added to your Instagram story.

Free Image Cropper

The maximum file size for the image cropper is 12MB. The user can upload an image, resize it, and share it to their Instagram. Any image that gets resized then can be placed on a design template or on a video slide and shared to your Instagram story.

Having access to these free tools on top of being able to use a free subscription can help anyone create engaging Instagram stories. Once the videos, images, or Gifs are made or edited to your liking, they can then be moved to Placeit design or video makers. The videos, images, or Gifs can also be downloaded to your computer, or shared to Instagram and other social media sites.


In conclusion, Placeit has multiple functions that can help enhance your Instagram stories. The more personable and eye appealing your Instagram stories are, the more likely you will be able to attract new followers and keep your consistent followers entertained. It can be used with any device that has a web browser.