How To Zoom Out In Krita

Working on a new design in Krita but can’t figure out how to zoom out? Don’t worry because, in this guide, we will take you through all the steps you need to follow to zoom out of a design in Krita easily.

So, how do you zoom out on Krita? You can zoom in by using a simple shortcut. Press the – key, and the screen will be zoomed in for you to see. You can also use the Ctrl – key if that’s what you are more accustomed to.

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How does Krita Software work?

It employs a combination of pen buttons, keyboard modifiers, and an icon-based UI to carry out its work, ensuring that frequently used features may be reached with the minimum number of clicks.

For digital painting, it supports graphics tablets, has nine different brush engine varieties, and saves settings for each physical pen so that you don’t have to enter your preferences repeatedly.

It combines raster graphics’ frame-by-frame animation basis for animation, a timeline control to produce individual frames, and a brand-new feature called Onion Skinning. This function enables you to view multiple frames at once, which aids in choosing how you want to create the subsequent frame. Real-time animation playback controls are also compatible with it.

Uses of Krita Software

Since this software is entirely devoted to digital painting and illustration, many expert artists use it to create digital artworks. It employs a variety of brushes for this purpose and also provides a canvas brush editor, color management, and many other features. 

It also deals with raster graphics animation, which is why various pros use it to create animations. 

Although it has limited photo editing capabilities, it works well for photo or image editing. Retouching, applying filters to create different types of manipulation, cropping, and using layer layout to determine the order of layers are a few examples.

These were some of the key points regarding this software that you should be aware of in order to fully understand it.

How to Zoom Out in Krita?

In Krita, you can zoom out in a variety of ways. 

For more information on how to zoom out in Krita, watch this video below:

  1. The keyboard shortcut – is the easiest way to zoom out (minus key). Moreover, you can zoom out in preset intervals by pressing Control + – on Windows or Command + – on a Mac.
  2. To zoom out, select View > Canvas > Zoom Out from the menu bar.
  3. In order to see more of your workspace, slide the zoom slider to the left, located in the lower right corner.
  4. To zoom out without the use of intervals, you can alternatively hit Control + Space on a computer running Windows or Command + Space on a Mac, then click and drag downward on the canvas.
  5. You may also zoom out at preset intervals by clicking and dragging downward while holding down the Control + Alt + Space keys on a Windows computer or the Command + Option + Space keys on a Mac.
  6. Finally, you can zoom out at certain intervals by dragging the mouse wheel downward.

How to Fit Canvas to Size

There are three short cuts that make it simple to swiftly resize the canvas.

  • To adjust the zoom to 100%, hit 1, or, for those who are accustomed to Adobe Photoshop, click Control + 0 on Windows or Command + 0 on Mac.
  • To completely fill the workspace window with the canvas, press 2.
  • To fill the working window’s width with the artwork, press 3.

If you wish to switch from mapping the canvas based on pixels to printing size, choose the button beside the zoom slider in the bottom right corner.

Keyboard Layout Problems

The shortcut to the plus symbol on some keyboard layouts requires an additional key to activate the plus. 

  • Try adding Shift to the combo if the usual +/= button, Control + + on Windows, or Command + + on Mac doesn’t zoom in.

This works on keyboards where the plus key is accessed by pressing Shift. This creates the shortcut Shift + Control + + for Windows or Shift + Command + + for Mac.


And that’s all there is to this topic. Zooming out in Krita is something every user should know how to do, since it will come in handy when they try to work on their own designs. We hope that you found the instructions in this tutorial helpful.