Illustrator How To Turn Off Perspective Grid

You may utilize Illustrator’s perspective grid to position vanishing points in your 3D artwork accurately. The grid can be used to resize or move already-existing objects. The tool is only displayed while you are working on the application and won’t appear on the finished artwork. But, you might need to remove the perspective grid after you finish the vanishing point.

It may be trickier to hide the grid from your project than to include it. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Control + I on Windows or Shift + Command + I on a Mac to disable the grid, or just use the Escape key. If you like, you can also hide the grid by clicking the grid icon in the workspace’s menu bar.

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What is the Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator?

In Adobe Illustrator, several tools are often listed on the left side of the main page. Amongst them, the perspective grid is one of the tools. For complex designs, use this tool.

So, you must first become an expert user of the technology. You will be able to use Adobe Illustrator to execute new and original tasks after you become proficient with this particular application.

In essence, the perspective grid enables the user to perspective-adjust letters, symbols, objects, etc. The Perspective tool contains two more tools, namely the Perspective Grid Tool and Perspective Selection Tool.

By selecting the “Perspective Grid Tool” symbol from the tool list on the left half of the window, you can access the specific tool.

The symbol will appear as a diagonal checkbox. The Perspective Grid tool can be accessed by jointly pressing the ‘SHIFT+P’ keys on the keyboard.

Now that you know what the perspective grid in Adobe Illustrator looks like, let’s go over some practical applications for it.

How to Turn Off Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator?

We’ll start by talking about how to reset or undo the perspective grid. Many new users have reported that once the Perspective Grid tool is selected, they are unable to deselect it. So, they are interested in finding out how to remove, undo, or erase the perspective grid in Adobe Illustrator.

Fortunately, there are several techniques in Illustrator to remove the perspective grid. And in this section, we’ll go over each one individually.

For more information on how to turn off the perspective grid in Illustrator, watch this video below:

Plane Switching Widget

  1. While the “Perspective Grid Tool” is active, the “Plane Switching Widget” will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen. It’ll appear to be a rounded 3D box.
  2. The widget will have an ‘X’ or “cross” icon in the upper-left corner. Hence, place the cursor over that widget and press the “X” button. 
  3. The word “Hide Grid” will appear in a popup when your mouse is over the “X/Cross” icon.
  4. The perspective grid will disappear from the screen when you click that. Alternatively, to remove the perspective grid, you can simply hit the “ESC” key on your keyboard.

Using the ‘View’ Menu

The Perspective Grid can be eliminated from the screen in another manner. You can do this by selecting the “View” option from the top menu bar.

  1. Go to the top menu bar and select “View” first.
  2. Then, select the “Perspective Grid” option from the menu bar by clicking on it or moving the mouse pointer over it.
  3. There will then be a second dropdown menu with a few extra choices as a result. You then need to select the “Hide Grid” option.
  4. Keep in mind that you may use the same technique to activate the Perspective Grid tool if it isn’t currently active.
  5. You can do that by selecting the “View>Perspective Grid>Show Grid” option from the menu.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

The two methods stated above are excellent. They are not quick enough, though. So, trying such approaches to show or hide the Perspective Grid tool could reduce your productivity.

In light of this, we are revealing the simplest and quickest method for hiding or deactivating the Perspective Grid.

  • Press the CTRL+SHIFT+I buttons on your computer simultaneously to deactivate the Perspective Grid. 
  • You may use the same “CTRL+SHIFT+I” keyboard shortcut on your Windows computer to bring up the tool once more.

So that’s it. Now that you understand how to use Adobe Illustrator’s Perspective Grid tool, you can reset, undo, remove, or switch it off.


In this article, we’ve covered some of the basics of disabling Adobe Illustrator’s perspective grid so you can get started drawing without constraints. After reading this post, we hope that you can reverse it from this point on.