Illustrator Not Opening DWG Files? [How to Fix it]

DWG files are associated with AutoCad and could have problems opening in Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is a complex application that takes time and effort to master. Following a few processes, you can learn the ins and outs of Illustrator and open DWG files without issue. So what do you do when you can’t open DWG files in Illustrator? 

Illustrator can become complicated when the files you need aren’t loading correctly. Often it takes a higher level of proficiency to solve these problems, which means time away from your project and less progress. Don’t sweat it! Read and learn why DWG files won’t open in Illustrator and how to fix it!

How to Fix DWG Files Not Opening

DWG files are used in Computer Aided Drawing software like AutoCAD and several others. They use designs in 3D and 2D to aid architects and designers in building sprawling complexes or sophisticated plumbing systems. When using Adobe Illustrator, your might find that your version might not open these types of files, or there could be extra info to decode.

The Version Could be the Reason Behind the Failure

One of the good things about the files not opening is that it comes down to only a few error types. When the fail box populates, the number 2067 is shown, and you are only allowed to hit the OK button at the bottom of the box. There are just a couple of reasons this happens, and they are closely related.

A few reasons that Illustrator won’t open DWG files are:

  • Incorrect Version – You should check to see if your version of Illustrator is updated to the most recent version. A patch was made opening DWG files with external info unloadable if it has been updated. Despite the updates, there are issues with opening the files with no end.
  • File Selection – When selecting the file to download, you leave the DWG box unclicked. A drop-down menu with this information during the Open portion of the operation will have DWG files as an option. Always choose it when working with CAD-based files.

You can pick the file type you want to open with the File>Open process. These files can be one of several different types, and if you are working with DWG, make sure that is the type you choose. While it is an easy fix, learning the correct process will save time and keep you from having problems in the future.

External Info is Another Reason DWG Files Won’t Load

If there’s external info like links to other files or drawings, there’s a chance the files won’t open. Of course, when getting the files, you won’t know this; it could be a surprise. The problem can be resolved by going back to the Open menu, but there are still a few things to check to ensure you are on equal footing.

Some things to check when DWG files won’t open are:

  • Third-Party Software – If you are getting the files from someone who works on something besides AutoCAD, they might not load. These other programs might do the same things Illustrator does, but they do differently. There could be bits of code or processes that don’t match, forcing the file not to load appropriately.
  • External Info – One of the biggest reasons DWG files won’t download is that they could have External Info inside them. External Info links to other bits of information or webpages that Illustrator could not support. If the DWG file has them, it will be rejected and not load. 

When the DWG files aren’t opening, there could be loads of stress, not just from you. These issues were fixed in an earlier update but have returned in the more recent ones. As of now, there are no fixes for these problems. Coders and programmers work around the clock to fix problems, and the geeks at Adobe are some of the best and brightest.

The Solution is in the Works

DWG files continue to have problems loading, but Adobe folks are working daily to fix the problem. The best way to ensure that the files get transmitted is to ask the sender to remove the external links or choose a different software to create the files. Unfortunately, these are complex asks, and not everyone you work with will be willing to make the switch.

A few things to do to keep up with the problem of DWG files not loading in Illustrator are:

  • Check the Forums – One of the best places to find new information about the problem is to look on the Adobe forums. Some knowledgeable people can answer your questions and possibly give you something that will let you use the files.
  • Do Some Homework – You can also try reading as much about Illustrator and DWG files as possible. By getting advanced knowledge of the project software, you can solve problems that general users might find overwhelming.
  • Wait Around – The most extended option is to wait for the company to fix the problem. Few software companies can allow issues like this to permeate as it loses money from significant contracting and engineering firms. Adobe will work as fast as possible to solve the problem.

That’s an understandable issue. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only person suffering from it. The best thing to do is work until the problem is solved and you can move forward. If that isn’t an option, you can continue trial and error until you find a resolution.


You can find yourself in a pickle when DWG files aren’t loading while using Adobe Illustrator. The application is complex and can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with it. This unfamiliarity can become full-blown panic when you have issues like files that aren’t downloading or opening.

Remember to check your version of the Illustrator software, as this could be an issue. Then look at your Open menu to see which type of file you are trying to open. Ensure you select the DWG option when opening the file, as other types will show a failure notice. Last, check the Internet for updates on the issue from Adobe.