Inkscape Extension Greyed Out? [How to Fix It]

You can download different extensions that work with Inkscape to give you more options or the ability to work with graphic designs and projects. Now, just because an extension is supposed to work with Inkscape, doesn’t mean it always will.

Extensions will appear greyed out if something is wrong. Some ways you can fix a greyed-out extension are:

  1. Updating Inkscape
  2. Properly unloading all files
  3. Uninstall the extension
  4. Contact Inkscape support

While these extensions can help significantly with your project and your ability to achieve your end result, not being able to use the extensions can be frustrating and impede your ability to finish your project in a timely manner, but you should be able to fix them. 

Fixing Greyed Out Extensions

Now, every software program you can find will have an error or a problem at some point in its use, Inkscape is no different. So, it’s no surprise that any extensions you download that didn’t specifically come with Inkscape, are likely to have problems as well. 

The great thing is, thanks to Inkscape and its users, there are many places you can go to find possible answers and solutions to what your problem is, and how to fix it. 

1. Inkscape Needs To Be Updated

There are specific extensions that only work with certain versions of Inkscape and if you don’t have the correct version or haven’t updated your program, the extensions won’t work well, or at all. 

Most of the time, if you simply update Inkscape you can fix the issue of the extensions being greyed out. You may have another issue if your extension is still greyed out after the update. 

2. Properly Unloading All Files

When you download an extension, in some cases you have to manually unload the files from the zip file for the extension to effectively work with Inkscape. While many people aren’t even aware of the need for the files to be unloaded, others don’t know how to move the files effectively.

Now, most of the time you can simply drag everything from the zip folder into the extension folder, but sometimes you have to do a second step which requires moving everything again into a different folder. 

This depends on the type of extension you downloaded and the instructions that may or may not come with it. The best way to ensure you have an extension that works well with Inkscape and is easy to set up is to download Inkscape-approved extensions. 

3. Uninstall Your Extension

Sometimes, in the process of downloading, something happens to a file or a part of the download and it doesn’t fully download correctly. What this usually looks like on the user’s end is the extension is greyed out, however, nothing changes once you try to fix it. 

This is usually caused by a file in the extension download being corrupted or missing. This can be caused by anything such as:

  • Internet issues during download
  • Computer power issues during download
  • The download link was missing files

The best thing you can do in this situation is to uninstall your extension and all its files, restart your computer and try the download again. If you use the same link and the problem happens again, you may have to find a different place to download the extension from. 

If you end up still having issues, you may have an internet connectivity issue that is causing your files to not fully download. 

4. Contact Inkscape Support

Usually, your first, or last, method of trying to fix a problem is by going through Inkscape customer support. No matter at what point you choose to contact the support, they will most likely put you through a list of troubleshooting options. 

Some things they may suggest for you to do are:

  • Restart your computer
  • Restart Inkscape
  • Uninstall Inkscape and redownload it
  • Uninstall your extension and redownload it

Once you go through those troubleshooting options, they may be able to help you further with your extension, but only if it was something made by Inkscape and the company specifically, otherwise they may not know enough about it to help. 

Final Thoughts

Your Inkscape extension is helpful and necessary to complete certain design projects, so when it doesn’t work, it’s frustrating. Most people report the extension as being greyed out until they do a list of troubleshooting options. 

Whether it’s internet issues, incomplete downloads, or file issues, there is most likely a way to fix your greyed-out extension. Once you get it fixed, you’ll be more prepared if it ever happens again and your project can be completed.