Is Adobe XD Good for UI Design? 10 Things to Know

Adobe XD is a cutting edge application and web platform by Adobe that enables users to design apps, websites, and user interfaces with ease.

Developed as a creative tool for designers, illustrators, photographers and other creative professionals, here’s why Adobe XD is a fantastic way to develop UI, from concepts and wireframes to high fidelity prototypes.

Adobe XD Is Easy to Use

Adobe XD is designed to make designing user interfaces fast and simple. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use it. Just drag and drop elements onto the canvas to create interactive prototypes.

The workspace features clear and visible icons with a minimalistic design that makes it easy to spot where you’ve dragged your cursor on the workspace. You can also access useful tools such as grids and layers from within your designs.

These features make it easy to make adjustments to your designs without exiting the workspace. Anyone from beginner to master will find themselves comfortable with XD.

You Can Try Adobe XD for Free

The free version of Adobe XD includes everything you need to make fantastic designs.

Adobe operates under a subscription service, so you won’t have to pay extra when you’re not using it if you want access to the full version.

If you happen to be taking certification courses to learn UI development, or if you are employed by an agency or company that uses Adobe creative suite, odds are you will be able to access the paid version without having to pay out of pocket anyways.

Adobe XD Is Fast

You can prototype your designs in just minutes. Adobe XD is a cloud service, so it won’t put a strain on your PC, meaning you can make quality designs without having to worry about being held back by your hardware.

The service runs smoothly and snappy. You’ll be able to quickly change artboards and customize elements within them, and by using features like Assets, you can change one element and apply those changes automatically to every asset in your design.

Adobe XD Makes Collaborative Projects Easy

Share your work with others using the cloud-based collaborative feature. Your team members can comment on your design and give feedback. You have many different options when it comes to sharing.

You can either share your designs as they are, share them as a presentation for when you want to showcase them, or share the code directly so that developers can begin working on your designs.

Adobe XD Has a Responsive Design

XD automatically adjusts to fit different screen sizes, including mobile devices.

With XD you have the option of designing in several different art boards that are fit to various screen sizes, including:

  • Multiple different phones, tablet, and desktop sizes and resolutions.
  • With the mobile app you can view how your designs will look on a real phone in real time.

Responsive design is critical nowadays to any project, so having these tools at your disposal will make your UI design jobs stand toe to toe with modern trends.

Adobe XD Is Customizable

You can customize the look and feel of your app’s interface by changing its color scheme, font, and background images. This is why XD is great for UI design. You have the ability to design mock ups in both low Fidelity and high Fidelity.

You can design wireframes and then you can convert those drafts into stunning, mock ups. You can also add interaction designs to make your mockups and prototypes that look and feel like the final product.

Adobe XD Compliments Mobile First Design

Designing apps for mobile first means starting with the smallest screens and working your way up. That way, your app looks good no matter where users view it.

With XD you have the ability to design a mobile, mock up and then reuse its assets and interactions into a web sized version while viewing the two side-by-side to ensure that branding and quality is consistent across both

Adobe XD Has UI Kits and Assets

Not every design has to be made from scratch.

With XD you’ll have access to a massive community of libraries and assets made from fellow designers with the purpose of giving you. The tools needed to make your designs stand out.

This can include:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Buttons
  • Anything you can imagine

Finding the right assets and libraries will save you a massive amount of time and help your designs look amazing, and you can even share your own designs for the world to use.

Adobe XD Has Certifications

You can learn while you design. Adobe XD is at the center of many certifications and programs that will help you learn to be a successful UX and UI designer.

Some of the perks of the certification courses are that you will have access to the full version of Adobe XD and a community that will help you learn and grow.

This is great if you are a beginner who wants to learn more about UI design and if you find that you don’t like the process, you could always get high quality designs made from an online service that will save you the trouble entirely.

You Can Share Designs Made On Adobe XD In a Portfolio

Sharing your designs is a breeze, and this is very helpful if you are putting together a portfolio of UI designs.

Designs can be shared, and viewed in a fashion similar to a PowerPoint, where users can go through slides of images. They can also be viewed as individual images or as code.

The real perk is that they can be shared with interactions enabled so you could simply link your portfolio to a design and users can navigate it as if it were a fully functional app. Showing your designs off this way is a fantastic boost for UI designers because not only will your audience see what you were designed to look like, they can also see how it works.

Concluding Thoughts

So, in conclusion, Adobe XD is a fantastic tool for UI designers, whether they are just starting out or they have loads of experience in the field. XD provides many helpful tools in features that can help you share designs and create them from wireframe to mock up to high Fidelity prototype. Designing a UI has never been simpler.