Is Affinity Photo Really Only A One Time Payment?

Affinity photo has quickly become one of the best programs that a graphic designer or someone learning the ropes can use. It has won several awards for the best application and is available to anyone who wants to purchase. Many graphic design programs are currently paid through a subscription service, but is Affinity Photo really only a one-time payment?

Affinity Photo really is only a one time payment. You do not have to subscribe to Affinity Photo. When you purchase the program, it is yours with no additional charges. This differs from a subscription service, and if there is another version of Affinity Photo that’s released, you will have to buy another product.

For many people, it’s best to buy a product in one purchase rather than paying for a subscription, such as you would with other photo editors, such as Affinity Photo is a reasonable price, especially considering it is a fraction of what a monthly or annual subscription to another service would cost.

Affinity Photo Prices

One of the best programs to buy to use for graphic design and digital imaging is Affinity Photo. It has some of the highest ratings compared to its competition and one of the best pricing models– you buy it once, and the program is yours with no monthly or annual subscription fees. 

Affinity Photo can be used on different platforms and is very affordable compared to the competition. As per each platform, Affinity Photo costs:

  • For macOS: $54.99
  • For Windows: $54.99
  • For iOS: $9.99

Affinity Photo also offers a free trial version for macOS and Windows that you can use for three months. If you use Affinity Photo’s free trial, you have unlimited access to all of the tools available in the program. Be sure to know the exact program you are downloading and trialing, though some users trial Affinity Design, which has fewer tools.

How it Compares With Other Programs and Services

Affinity Photo is one of the most affordable graphic design programs, considering it’s a one time purchase without paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Some pricing options with other programs are:

ProgramMonthly PricePrice After One Year With SubscriptionFree Version
Affinity$54.99 – one time payment$54.99 – one time paymentFree trial for three months
Placeit$14.95 a month or $7.47 a month with a yearly subscription$89.69 with a yearly subscriptionFree account with limited tools and designs
Adobe Photoshop$31.49 a month or $20.99 a month if billed monthly for a year’s subscription or $19.99 a month billed each year$251.88 if billed monthly, $239.88 if billed yearlyFree trial for seven days
Canva$12.99 a month or $9.99 a month with a yearly subscription$119.99 with a yearly subscriptionFree account with limited tools and designs

What Comes With Affinity Photo?

When you purchase Affinity Photo, you have access to some of the best, most precise graphic design tools a program can offer. Some of the things Affinity Photo has to offer are:

  • Raw, 360 Image, and PSD editing
  • HDR Merge
  • Panorama stitching
  • Unlimited layers
  • Focus stacking
  • Digital painting

Affinity photo will also give you multiple fog, snow, rainbow, and rain overlays when you purchase the program on macOS or Windows. In addition to what Affinity Photo has, you can also purchase, download, and install different add-ons to the program. 

Is it Better Than a Subscription Plan?

Many people prefer to buy a program once and not have to continue paying monthly for it, which  Affinity Photo by Serif Labs has to offer. Other programs, such as Placeit, Canva, and Adobe Photoshop, offer a yearly subscription plan, which many graphic designers prefer to use. There are also different versions available depending on your needs.

One major downside to Affinity Photo being a one time purchase is that there may be extra charges. Extra charges will come if you decide to purchase additional content to use in the program for your work. Another additional charge is that if there’s a new version, you will have to purchase it again.

Having a yearly subscription with other programs, you usually don’t have to pay for extra content for your work. Depending on the user terms, you also won’t have to pay for any updates or things added to the program.


Affinity photo is one of the best applications available for photo editing and graphic design. It has a one time purchase agreement, which is better than the competition for many users. The only real downside to this one time purchase is that if there are any newer editions, you have to pay for another program, unlike programs that you subscribe to.