Is All The Music On Copyright Free?

Placeit is valuable, online graphic design software that allows you to create work from thousands of free templates, logos, designs, and more. You might be curious about the rules surrounding copyrights when you are looking to publish your Placeit designs on other platforms. Is all the music on Placeit copyright free?

All of the music on Placeit is copyright free. Music from Placeit might be flagged when you post it to another platform because some creators have Content ID registration. However, Placeit offers a fix to any potential issues when another platform flags your Placeit videos.

Read on to learn more about whether all the music on Placeit is copyright free and how to get around another platform that flags your content as potentially copyrighted. One of the many advantages of Placeit’s free software is the ability to create the videos you need with copyright-free music.

Is All The Music On Placeit Copyright Free?

It can be difficult to keep track of graphic design publishing rules. With websites such as YouTube having the ability to monitor all content, there are specific guidelines to follow to avoid demonetization, muted videos, or removed content.

The music you put in your videos when designing a project on Placeit is copyright free. When you publish your content, you are protected. You gain the right to use any components downloaded on Placeit and used in your projects. You can even resell your content.

Because all of the music on Placeit is copyright free, you do not have to worry about getting into trouble when you publish a video on another platform. With access to Placeit’s audio, you can find the exact sounds you are looking for that fit your project’s style. If YouTube and other platforms assign a copyright notice to your video, especially when the entire video was created in Placeit, you should not have trouble removing the copyright notice.

If your video gets a copyright notice and contains content from different software, you should first check to see which component(s) of the video is responsible for the copyright notice. If your video only contains components from Placeit, read below to learn how to resolve the problem. 

Will My Placeit Videos Be Flagged For Copyrighted Music?

Authors who provide their music to Placeit’s software have the option to register their audio through Content ID. Content ID acts as a digital footprint to protect an author’s work. While they may offer it for free through Placeit, an author may still want to keep tabs on their creation.

If you upload a video from Placeit to another platform that contains the technology to process copyright monitoring, the platform may find that the music you use contains a Content ID registration. It will notify you that your video has been flagged for copyrighted music.

How To Clear A Copyright Notice

Clearing a copyright notice is simple. To clear a copyright notice on YouTube and similar platforms:

  • Locate the copyright notice claim
  • Dispute the claim
  • Credit

Go to the notification that alerts you of a copyright claim. Through YouTube, you can directly dispute a claim. File a dispute and select “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.” You will then be prompted with a box to explain your dispute. In your explanation, write “A license to use this royalty-free music was acquired from

The dispute should be settled in less than four days, and your video will be safe. If the author of the music has their audio registered through Content ID, they will also receive a notice that a video containing their music has been flagged for copyright. They can monetize your video, mute their music, or completely prevent your video from uploading. 

This is a rarity with Placeit since music authors also understand that their audio is copyright free and royalty-free. If the platform does not clear the claim and problems persist, seek the author of the music directly to resolve the situation.

Using Copyright-Free Music On Placeit

When you use Placeit’s copyright-free music, you do not have to worry about breaching copyright laws. Chances are that the author of the music does not have Content ID registration, but if they do, disputing a claim is simple.

If your video is flagged with a copyright notice, following the steps above should clear the dispute efficiently. Along with the useful software of Placeit, you can even resell your content that contains music from another Placeit author. However, you cannot sublicense the service itself, meaning that you cannot act as the source from which the music comes.

It is also worth noting that the music and other components that are free for your usage on Placeit are also free and available to other Placeit users. With thousands of customizable options, however, you can create your most unique designs yet.


All of the music on Placeit is copyright free and can be published on other platforms. If you receive a copyright notice, disputing the claim by crediting will resolve your issue.