Is Canva Really a Free Program? [The Answer Revealed]

Have you ever wondered how people get those cool layouts to post on social media? If you have, you need to check out some of the online software, such as Canva and Placeit. You can use their templates to create all kinds of fantastic posts. You can see all over the internet that Canva is free for anybody to us, but is Canva really a free program?

Canva is free to use however you may need to pay for a Premium account to access all of its features.

Canva is a great place to get some layouts to use as marketing campaigns or post some amazing stuff to your private social platforms. Like many other sites offering free services, there is only so much you can do with the free software version. That is their hook, and they use that concept to get you to upgrade to a paid version, which gives you access to more layouts. Read on to find out more about the various versions.

The Free Version of Canva Is truly Free

Canva is a software platform that offers you the ability to make your own excellent posts on social media, websites, and even in newsletters. These platforms are commonly used for marketing and advertising. With the free version of Canva, you can access numerous different backgrounds and templates. But the pressing matter you all want to know about is whether the free version of Canva is free and what you get with the lowest level of the software.

  • Templates – You will have access to over 250,000 free templates.
  • Photographs – You will have unlimited access to 200,000 free photos.
  • Graphic Elements – You will have access to over 57,000 graphic elements.
  • Fonts – You will have the ability to use up to 1700 Fonts for free.
  • Animation – You can have access to six different animation effects for free.
  • Support – You have access to unlimited self-serve support.
  • Storage – You will get 5GB of free storage to use as you please, including making separate folders for your work.

To answer the question you all want to know, Canva has a free version you can use, with no obligation to ever purchase a Pro plan. The company has chosen to do this because after you use the free version for a while, you will get bored looking at the same old things over and over. At least that is their hope anyway, because when that happens, you will spend the money to upgrade to the next level.

The Pro Version of Canva Is Worth the Extra Money

If you have taken a few minutes to check the Canva site out, you have seen that there are more options than the free version. If you use the templates and graphics more than once in a while, you may want to consider upgrading to the Pro version. You get access to the free items and some significant additions you are used to using.

  • Templates – You will have access to over 420,000 templates you can use for any project you need.
  • Photographs – With this simple upgrade, you can access over 7 million images.
  • Fonts – You can upload your own fonts if you need them, but the platform already has 3000 different types you can choose from.
  • Animation – You will have a full range of animations to use both GIF and MP4 formats.
  • Support – You will have unlimited use of the free self-serve support platforms and 24/7 direct support.
  • Storage – With the Pro version, you will have 100GB of storage with the ability to create an unlimited amount of folders.
  • Brand Kits – You can create up to 100 brand kits for your project.

You can see that the Pro plan of Canva gives you a substantial amount of upgrades that you can use for any projects you want. The platform will let you create anything and everything. Whatever your heart desires, you can do. Keep in mind, though, that even if you use all the material to create your own project, someone else may have the same ideas or at least close. Yes, it is a long shot, but you must know it is possible.

Canva Offers Other Plans for Other Projects

There are some other plans that you can purchase on the Canva platform if the two main plans are not an option for you. Each of them has there benefits that you can take advantage of, so when you are on the website working on your projects, you may want to take the time to check them out. For now, here is a quick run down of what you can get.

  • Enterprise – This is the level of Canva that is designed for large businesses.
  • Education – This plan is designed to be used in classrooms across the country.
  • Nonprofits – Canva offers a free plan for all registered nonprofit companies.

If your company falls under any of these groups, you can get hooked up with one of these Canva versions. They are designed to help specific companies get ahead of the competition with graphic designs that can help you learn, grow, and make a big splash with some truly unique designs and graphics.

Final Thoughts

Canva has followed some of the most common marketing ploys by offering a free version for everyone. A free version will hook people to their platform and make them want more. That kind of upgrade is not free, though, which is the entire point.

The free version of the Canva is indeed 100% free, with no obligation to ever have to upgrade. But when you look at the differences in what you get with each plan, why wouldn’t you want to pay a small fee. At the moment, it will cost you under $20.00 per month to get the upgrade. The upgrade that can make the difference between having a plan that everyone else on the planet has and a bigger and better version that allows you to create a unique material that will be hard to copy.