Is CorelDraw Easier Than Illustrator?

If you are inexperienced in graphic design you may be wondering which program is best to use when starting out. Two popular design programs are CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator, but you are wondering which is the easiest to learn. Understanding how to use the tools in any design program properly will allow you to produce the best graphic designs possible.

Generally, if a person has little or no experience in graphic design, CorelDraw is easier to learn. CorelDraw offers more tutorials and examples of how to use the tools to achieve the best design whereas Illustrator is geared more toward professional designers with more training or experience.

To learn more about which program is easier to use and why continue reading.

CorelDraw Vs. Illustrator: Which Is Easier to Use?

When it comes to answering the question of which design program is easier to use it can depend upon who you are asking.

If you are asking a seasoned graphic designer versus someone who is less experienced you will likely get two different answers. Therefore we will explore both perspectives to give you a better understanding of which program will be best for your situation and experience level.

If You Are New to Graphic Design

Let’s begin by saying that the more programs and skills you can learn as a graphic designer the more your designs will improve and the more people will want to retain your services. The more you know the more versatile and therefore valuable you become.

So learning to use both CorelDraw and Adobe’s Illustrator is never a bad thing. But if you are new to graphic design it is undoubtedly best to begin with CorelDraw as it requires less practice time to become proficient.

Adobe Illustrator is geared more toward professionally trained designers which means it is not as self-explanatory or easy to use in that respect. Once you have learned where the tools are and how to use them after a lot of practice it is not too difficult, but until then it can be mentally arduous.  

A Plethora Of Potential From Program Suite

The reason for this is that CorelDraw is designed to be extremely user-friendly. It includes a suite of programs that allow you to do more than just illustrations and drawings.

Some features that make CorelDraw so easy to use are:

  • Live sketch tool
  • Healing clone tool
  • Gaussian blur feature
  • Stylus enhancements
  • Interactive sliders for easier previewing
  • Multiple font options and tools
  • Touch friendly interface

These features and many others make it easier than ever for new designers to create and edit quickly without a great deal of training or practice time.

No Previous Knowledge Or Old Habits

Another reason CorelDraw is great for new designers is that generally, they are not biased toward one program or way of doing things so they are more open and able to learn the new program quickly.

The interface for CorelDraw is also another reason it is easier to learn for new designers. The tools and features are very simple to access and use.

Keyboard Shortcuts Lifesaving Time Saver

The majority of the tools and features have keyboard shortcuts associated with them so for many a mouse is rarely used when switching from one tool or feature to another.

The flexibility and compatibility of CorelDraw also make it a great choice for beginners and now it is also compatible with Mac devices which is great for those who are not PC based.

Experienced Graphic Designers Read Here

You have read and understand why CorelDraw is so easy to learn for new designers, but what about someone like yourself who has been using Adobe Illustrator since the dinosaurs roamed the earth?

Is CorelDraw the right fit for a designer of your caliber or should you stick to what you know; keep reading to find out.

Stay With Adobe Or Expand to New Horizons?

For new designers CorelDraw has been proven to be easy to learn and use; however, for more seasoned graphic designers who have lived and learned by the way of Adobe for decades learning CorelDraw can be slightly more daunting.

The reason it is more difficult to learn CorelDraw if you have grown up designing with Adobe Illustrator is that it is a completely different program, functionally speaking.

Although both programs can produce nearly the same quality of work, they offer different interfaces, tools, features, and ways of using them.

Learning the Lingo Can Be a Challenge

For those used to working with Adobe products, it can be tricky to learn the lingo and the lay of the land so to speak. Tools and features are named differently in CorelDraw than in Adobe Illustrator which can be a bit frustrating at first.

It’s kind of an old dog, new trick situation; can you teach an old designer how to use a newer program such as CorelDraw?

The answer is yes, but it can take some time and practice to get used to the “easier” ways of designing certain things. The key is to ask yourself what your needs are as a designer.

Learning a New Trick – Risk Versus Reward

With technology and the traditional way of graphic design transforming, it may be necessary to broaden your skill set by adding CorelDraw to your portfolio of programs that you are comfortable using.

If you find that your needs as a designer are not changing it may be best to stay where you are comfortable rather than spend hours learning new software only to achieve nearly the same end result.

You need to decide if learning CorelDraw is worth the time and effort it will take or if you can continue to achieve your design goals by sticking exclusively to Adobe products such as Illustrator.

CorelDraw Easier For Beginners, But Both Have Their Merits

So overall the general consensus is that if you have little or no experience with graphic design programs CorelDraw is easier to learn and use. These programs are top-notch and serve their purposes well so it never hurts to get good at using both of them to increase your design skills and capabilities to draw more awareness to your work.