Is DaFont a Safe Website for Fonts?

Is DaFont a Safe Website for Fonts?

Finding a source for free fonts online can be a more daunting task than it initially seems. That’s because there are a lot of questionable websites out there that either offer fonts that aren’t truly copyright free, or even some that attach trojans and viruses to their downloads. Since DaFont is growing in popularity, it’s only natural to ask if it is a safe website for fonts?

DaFont is one of the safest websites out there for downloading free fonts. While fonts can be uploaded by users, they are curated to ensure they are legal and safe to use. Still, anytime you’re downloading something off the internet it’s good to have some antivirus software just in case. 

If you’re thinking about using DaFont, but you’re hesitant because you’ve seen less reputable sites in the past, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below, we will cover everything from whether or not the fonts on DaFont are legal to their safety if you download them. We will even provide you with a list of great free font websites. With that, let’s just dive right in!

Is DaFont Legal?

Along with safety, another consideration you must make is whether or not the fonts on DaFont are legal to use. Fortunately, the fonts on DaFont are all public domain and therefore legal for use. You can use these fonts for personal or commercial reasons. 

You can, of course, also donate to the maker of the font if you would like to give back. It’s always good to do so as it ensures these fonts will continue to be created in the future. 

Are All the Fonts on DaFont Safe?

Even if most of the fonts on DaFont are safe, there’s still a chance that some of them may not be. Therefore, we must ask the question, are all the fonts on DaFont safe?

All of the fonts on DaFont should be safe to download because they are specifically curated for the website. They can’t be uploaded by just anyone. Still, it’s a good idea to scan any files you download for viruses just in case. 

What is the Safest Place to Download Fonts?

DaFont isn’t the only safe option out there. There are loads of other sites that also offer safe, public domain fonts that you can use to spice up any project. 

Below we’ve outlined some of the safest sites you can use to download free fonts online: 

  • DaFont: As we’ve outlined above, DaFont is one of the most reputable font websites around. You can feel safe choosing between over 60,000 different fonts that have been curated specifically for the website. 
  • Google Fonts: Google Fonts is far and away the most well known source for fonts online. They offer countless free fonts that can even be used for commercial purposes. If you want the safest font site available then go with Google Fonts. 
  • FontSpace: With nearly 100,000 free fonts available, you will be hard pressed to find a better selection than what is on FontSpace. Plus it is known as being one of the safest places to download fonts. You can’t beat that. 
  • FontSquirrel: FontSquirrel not only allows you to download free fonts, but it allows you to convert fonts for web embedding as well. This is the perfect place to go if you need fonts for a project like a new webpage. 
  • Placeit: While Placeit isn’t just a font website like the others on this list, it does provide a slew of professionally designed fonts that can be used in your own designs. Placeit not only provides a library of fonts but it also allows you to create designs ranging from logos and Twitch emotes to those for clothing and advertisements. 

So Really, Is DaFont a Safe Website for Fonts?

At the end of the day, DaFont is not only safe but also one of the safest sites available for free fonts. You can download any font from the site without worry of it carrying a virus because they have been curated for quality assurance. Additionally, you can freely use the fonts however you want because they are all in the public domain. 

If you want to find other sites as well, feel free to check out Google Fonts, FontSpace and FontSquirrel, as they are all also excellent, safe options. If you want to use fonts in a new way to create full fledged designs also consider trying out Placeit. Their logo maker is loaded with fonts designed by professionals that can be used in any project. Best of luck!