Is Envato Elements Safe to Use? [The Definitive Answer]

As an online content creator, you may be constantly on the lookout for reliable sources of good digital content such as images, graphics, or audio and video clips. Chances are you’ve come across Envato Elements and are curious whether it’s safe to use that content in your work.

Envato Elements is a safe and legitimate source of digital assets. As part of Envato, a well-respected tech company and certified B-Corporation in Australia, Envato Elements provides access to licensed and curated digital material.

Those who work online extensively know you can never be too careful about getting material from reliable sources. Read on if you want to know all about the safety of using Envato Elements.

How Safe is Envato Elements?

Been a graphic designer for a very long time? You’ve probably heard horror stories. Stories about designers who produced a product only to discover that an image or video clip they downloaded was copyright protected or infected with a virus. These simple mishaps can cause thousands of dollars in lawsuits or software/hardware cleanup.

Enter Envato Elements. As a crowd-sourcing hotspot, it’s a clearinghouse for graphic artists around the world to upload original content which is then available for millions of consumers across the globe. With so many creators and users vying for a place at the table, Envato Elements had the potential to turn into an online safety and copyright nightmare. 

Fortunately for graphic artists and consumers everywhere, that is not the case. Since its founding in 2019, parent company Envato has taken great pains to offer quality digital content in a legally and ethically safe environment. 

Envato is a Certified B-Corporation

Envato Elements benefits from the fact that Envato has been certified as a B-Corporation since June 2020. To become a B-Corp, a company must “demonstrate high social and environmental performance,” make a “legal commitment” to be accountable to all stakeholders, and offer transparency through public access to the company’s performance as compared to B-Corp standards.

With Envato Elements, a product of a B-Corporation, you, as a designer or user, can be confident that the assets you put in or get out of the platform “ are comprehensive, on-trend, diverse and engaging.” And safe.

Envato Elements is a Subscription Service

When there is so much online that can be downloaded for free, you might wonder why you would choose a subscription service like Envato Elements. After all, free is best, right? Well, not always.

With free downloads can come spyware, viruses, and other internet security issues. In the long run, that can cost you money. The fact that Envato Elements is a subscription service provides protection for its creative artists who add to the content as well as customers who use that content.

Monthly fees are reasonably priced. The company is large enough to offer safe and secure payment methods with major credit cards or PayPal, and even a Level 1 PCI-compliant option. Envato Elements offers a variety of user levels.

  • Individual users
  • Students
  • Teams: groups of 5 or less
  • Enterprise: groups of 6 or more 

Customers also feel safer knowing that they are not locked into a time-constrained contract. Actually, you don’t need a contract to use Envato Elements at all. A 7-day free trial period and the ‘Cancel At Any Time’ policy help reassure users that Envato is a safe and legitimate place to find the digital assets they need.

Simple Licensing Protects Everyone

Sometimes complying with copyright laws can be tricky. It’s not always obvious that a particular image you find is really available to use and you may have to keep looking if you’re not sure – or risk a copyright violation.

Artists and digital content creators face the reverse side of this. Protecting their original work and ensuring fair payment for it online can be difficult.

Here is where Envato Elements shines. Their simple licensing policies protect everyone and provide a safe environment to share digital content. Let’s take a look.

  • Single license allows for broad commercial use
  • Downloaded items are granted an ongoing license for one specified use
  • Envato is clear on how on items can be used
  • Even if you unsubscribe, the license covers any existing uses of an Envato Elements item

What Are Some Other Safe Envato Products?

Besides Envato Elements, the company offers other digital content resources to suit whatever you’re looking for.

  • Placeit: Allows you to create your own mockups and designs
  • Milkshake: Use this to create a free Insta website on your phone
  • Envato Studio: A resource of hiring a designer or develop
  • Mixkit: A resource for free stock videos and art

Final Thoughts

With so many options to choose from in digital content, it’s comforting to know that Envato Elements is safe to use and offers millions of pieces of original work at a reasonable price. You can use Envato Elements without worrying about copyright violations or licensing issues.