Is Envato Worth the Money? How to Decide

When it comes to providing digital creators with unprecedented access to mutable content, there is arguably no platform better than Placeit parent company Envato. For $16.50 per month, artists get access to a vast library of media unmatched by most platforms. But is Envato really worth the money?

Envato is more than worth it for artists who use the platform regularly. Its vast content library will help designers find the perfect piece for their project while saving on royalty fees.

With that said, Envato may not necessarily be a slam dunk for everyone. You need to carefully determine how an Envato subscription fits into your business. Keep reading for everything you need to know about deciding on an Envato subscription!

Is Envato Worth the Money?

Yes, Envato is undoubtedly worth the money for digital artists.

An artist is only as good as his or her tools, and Envato provides an unprecedented array of tools for digital creators. 

For a modest $16.50 per month, Envato subscribers get access to:

  • An immense collection of royalty free stock photos
  • A library of royalty free audio and audio templates
  • Themes and templates for websites
  • Royalty free videos and video templates
  • 3D print models
  • And much more!

You wouldn’t try to paint a portrait without brushes. Likewise, you shouldn’t try to create digital art without Envato.

How to Determine if Envato Is Worth the Money

Okay, so we feel pretty strongly that Envato is well worth the money. However, it is understandable that $16.50 a month, while modest, will be a little tougher to swallow for some artists than others. With this in mind, let’s take a close look at exactly how to break down if Envato is worth the money.

Look at What Royalties Would Cost on a Case By Case Basis

There are some royalty free platforms out there that don’t require a subscription. For example, Unsplash and Pexels are a couple of examples of such places for royalty free stock photos.

While this seems convenient, there are a couple of issues with these types of platforms. First of all, the content is extremely limited. The chances of you finding the ideal piece for your project is next to none. In addition, these platforms are so heavily used, that you will likely see the same stock free images floating around in multiple projects across the web, hurting limiting how original you can make your designs.

As a result, if you want to find the perfect piece for your project, you will likely have to pay royalties to avoid copyright infringements. There are many ways royalties are structured. Some owners charge a one-time fee, while others charge a smaller recurring fee for each reproduction. 

Either way, the cost of paying royalties may have you wishing you had paid for Envato’s vast library of content. 

Assess Where You Are at in Your Creative Journey

If you are just getting started as a digital creator, you may be able to get away with using basic stock photos, clipart, video clips, and other basic content. So an Envato subscription may not be necessary as you get your feet wet.

However, if you are more experienced and want to broaden your creative horizons, you will want to upgrade the content at your disposal through an Envato subscription. 

What Percent of Your Business Revenue Does It Represent?

Another important factor to look at when deciding on a subscription is how much revenue you actually generate as a digital creator. If you are selling less than $100 of art per month, it may be a stretch to call an Envato subscription worth it. On the other hand, if you have a thriving side hustle or full-time income from design, Envato should be viewed as a cost of doing business. 

What Other Subscriptions Are You Paying For?

Anybody who looks at their streaming video budget knows the feeling: there are times when you simply have to make the decision to cut something from the monthly budget.

If you have other digital content subscriptions and are paying for multiple editing platforms, you may have to ultimately decide on scaling back somewhere.

How Much Do You Actually Use It?

There is something known as “projection bias” that haunts subscribers to every type of service. They fantasize about all of the cool benefits they get from a subscription and don’t see how they can live without it.

But the reality is, they don’t ever come close to using it enough to pay for the recurring cost. Anyone who bought a gym membership on New Year’s knows the struggle.

Therefore, be honest with how much you actually use Envato. If utilized to the max, the $16.50 per month is a steal. However, if you only use it sporadically, it may be a luxury you can do without. 

The Bottom Line: Is Envato Worth the Money?

Envato is worth the money for most digital creators. Its vast content library provides the tools necessary for completing unique, original work. However, there may be some cases where Envato may not make sense, so use the detailed breakdown above to come to the most informed purchase decision possible!