Is Font Squirrel a Safe Site to Use?

In this day and age, there are websites full of malicious programs, especially when it comes to downloading something from it, font websites are not free from this issue. So, you may be wondering if Font Squirrel is a safe-to-use website.

The short answer is yes, Font Squirrel is safe to use website. However, remember they do not guarantee a font is safe to use. If you come across anything that seems suspicious, you can report it to them on their contact page.

We’ll cover some more information on the safety of downloading fonts and errors that Windows and Macs may give and how to proceed when you end up with those types of problems.

Is Font Squirrel Safe to Download from

With all things on the internet, it’s always good to have an antivirus program that scans files as they are being downloaded. Now, let’s cover some issues that may arise when downloading fonts from Font Squirrel:

  • Malicious files can be uploaded, but so far no one has reported this from Font Squirrel!
  • Windows errors when downloading certain older fonts.
  • Mac users report some fonts being flagged for various reasons.

As you can see, the negatives of using Font Squirrel are few and far between. Every point will be touched on to give you peace of mind when using the website for all your font needs.

Malicious and Dangerous Files

With the increasing amount of data being uploaded and downloaded, you will always find someone out there looking to do harm via malicious files. If you are using a Windows PC you should already have Windows defender. While it’s not always able to catch harmful files, it does a pretty good job. You can also download one of many free programs used to catch viruses.

If you are using a Mac, you may think it isn’t necessary to have an antivirus. However, it is a myth that Apple products are immune to viruses and other harmful files. You can still be infected. All products since 2009 come with XProtect which should keep you safe from anything that could potentially damage your computer.

The odds of downloading something bad from Font Squirrel seem incredibly unlikely, but it never hurts to be safe and vigilant.

Windows/Mac Errors and Flags

Sometimes these operating systems will flag old fonts for numerous reasons. The protocols for fonts seem to be completely untouched for years, which can lead to the system flagging them for all sorts of reasons.

So far, no one has reported anything bad to Font Squirrel for ignoring these flags and errors. They do make a statement on their website that they can’t guarantee a file is safe to download. This isn’t just a virus or malware issue, but sometimes operating systems can get a little odd when conflicting or outdated files are added.

However, as long as you feel comfortable downloading the file after you get the flag, simply follow the installation instructions they provide on the website in order to make sure you download everything properly to reduce as many risks as possible.

How to Download from Font Squirrel Safely

Fonts have a couple of different download types, TTF and OTF. It’s recommended you download the OTF fonts first because that is what is commonly used these days.

If you are using the fonts with older software, you may be forced to use TTF. The reason for this is that older software likely hasn’t been updated to use the OTF versions. You may find the OTF versions do not work at all or there are issues with how the font looks. If that ends up being the case, you will need to download TTF fonts.

When switching from an OTF to a TTF, completely uninstall the OTF font before you try the other file type. You want to eliminate conflicts as much as possible. Errors with file types may happen, but don’t worry, it isn’t that big of a deal as long as you clean up one version before installing the other.

If you need detailed instructions, Font Squirrel has a sister site that has a very in-depth installation guide for you to browse. If you still need assistance, you can contact them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Font Squirrel is incredibly safe to download from with no reports of genuinely malicious files. If you have an issue with the file type, installation, or errors from your OS, then you can rest easy in knowing that it isn’t malware, but a simple issue of how the software is handling the files.