Is Impact a Good Font to Use? [7 Things to Know]

There are a huge number of fonts you can use to improve the legitimacy and attention-catching desire of your content. When you are choosing a font to use, you want it to reflect the purpose, importance, and value of your content. 

While some people think Impact is a good font to use to convey importance and legitimacy, however, the recent use of Impact in memes and its common use in the professional world for things deemed important has reduced Impact’s value and importance. 

Good Font for Headings

While Impact has its issues, using it for headings is one of its most common uses. Impact is great at catching people’s attention and making a point, or an impact. This font is best used when you have a large font or paper to fill. 

Most of the time, this font works well with flyers, posters, and billboards. However, even if you are using it for a heading or a title, if the space you have to put content on is small, Impact can make it look junky and too full. 

Most Commonly Used in Memes

Now, while Impact is a worthwhile and upstanding font for a lot of projects, a lot of people know the font from memes across the internet. While you can get away with using impact in a professional setting, those who know the font from memes may see it as slightly unprofessional. 

However, on the other hand, psychologically, using impact may end up bringing more attention to your work since memes usually cause serotonin boosts among this certain generations. While this isn’t proven, it doe sounds like it’s worth trying. 

Slightly Overused

While Impact has its place in the professional world, at this point, Impact has started to become widely overused for anything with a value of importance. This can cause issues with people not paying attention to the full value of importance because it is not a rarity anymore. 

In some ways, Impact has become somewhat like white noise in the professional world and is no longer seen as a font to use for something highly important. The font is as mainstream as anything else these days. 

The issue with using a mainstream font is it is not paid attention to as much as another font that looks important or catches the attention of others. If you were to use Impact to grab someone’s attention and convey importance, chances are they wouldn’t look at it with any more intention or urgency than anything else. Impact has totally lost its ability to capture importance and attention. 

Harder to Read

Now, when used in bigger sizes on a large space, Impact is not difficult to read at all. However, when used as a normal font on a smaller scale, it can get difficult to read and ends up being frustrating for those trying to read and understand the purpose of the message. 

 In some cases, depending on your fan base or your audience, it can cause larger groups of people to stop reading your content or visiting your sites at all. You may be able to still get away with using Impact for headings and titles, but using it for normal writing will cause issues with your follower count. 

Not Seen as Legitimate

Now, there are quite a large group of people who base legitimacy on how something looks. So, it’s been shown that the use of unprofessional or hard-to-read fonts can lower the legitimacy of something even if the data and information are accurate. 

People will be less inclined to believe things when written in Impact and they will be even less inclined to follow along to find out more information or support someone who uses fonts that aren’t mainstream professional. For your information and content to be seen as important and legitimate you need to use a font that doesn’t seem like you are trying too hard. 

Considered an Amateur Font

Most content creators that use fonts aren’t likely to use one such as Impact which tries to catch people’s attention and seems important. However, if someone is just starting out trying to write or create something, it’s common for someone new to the content world to use Impact thinking it will attract lots of views and attention. 

The issue is, Impact at this point is viewed as amateurish, which immediately gives away the newness of the content you are reading. While it’s important to find something to catch the attention of your viewers and readers, using a font that is viewed in a bad light isn’t good for views and follows. 

Can Be Used for Basic Flyers and Handouts

Now, there are a few cases where impact is perfectly fine to use and these are things such as:

  • Neighborhood handouts
  • Fun event flyers
  • Yard sale flyers
  • Homemade posters, flyers, and handouts
  • Event flyers on smaller scales

If your event is small and not a professional style event, chances are you will be okay using Impact as your font and no issues will be had. This font on these particular items or projects can convey importance while also conveying a fun, laidback atmosphere and intention to convey information. 

However, the entire flyer or handout should not be done in all Impact. You should stick to the idea that Impact should be used for headings and large text, not small informational sections. The occasional flyer and handout will convey as much importance as needed, no matter what the font looks like. 

Final Thoughts

While Impact had been viewed as an important and widely used font for many years, it is now losing its professionalism and legitimacy in the mainstream professional and corporate world. Most corporate groups have entirely phased out the use of Impact altogether. 

Now, in very few cases, Impact is preferred over other fonts. When creating a handout or flyer for something casual or small, Impact is the perfect font for conveying importance and information.