Is InDesign Difficult To Learn? [The Facts Explained]

If you want to create designs and special images or logos, InDesign is the place to go. Now, you may stray away from using software such as InDesign because you don’t have a large amount of knowledge-centered of graphics design. However, you don’t have to avoid graphic design software, you can learn it. 

While InDesign is aimed toward graphic designers, you don’t have to be a professional to learn it. You can find many different types of tutorials for beginners and those who haven’t used graphic design programs. The ease of learning relies on your background knowledge or graphics and the time you have to watch tutorials. 

No matter your previous knowledge, learning InDesign is possible for you. You can go from knowing nothing about graphic design to being the person others ask to design things for them in 3-6 months if you focus on learning with your free time. However, you could also just stick to the basics and only learn what you need in a month or two. Either way, InDesign is for everyone. 

How Difficult Is It to Learn InDesign?

The difficulty of learning InDesign really relies on your knowledge of art, graphics, and graphic design software. If you have even basic knowledge of graphic design, you will most likely find that learning InDesign is easy. However, if you aren’t knowledgeable of anything in graphic design, you will likely find that learning InDesign isn’t easy at all. 

Now, it’s always easier to learn something when you have a dedicated time, place, and person who is teaching you, such as a class. However, it’s entirely possible to learn things without any of that. If you are dedicated and committed to learning InDesign, it’s very possible for you to do so, no matter what background knowledge you have. 

(Source: Make Use Of, Adobe Community)

Learning InDesign For Every Skill Level

The fantastic thing about the internet is that most of the time, you can find anything you are looking for, and you can find it for free. So, no matter what knowledge or skill level you are in terms of graphics and graphic design software, you can find tutorials, for free, that meet you where you are. 

InDesign For Beginners 

If you have no prior knowledge of InDesign and you are looking for tutorials to help you, you need to look for more specific tutorials than just “InDesign For Beginners” because it will be too broad. If you are brand new to the idea of InDesign, you need to start with tutorials such as:

  • What is InDesign Used For?
  • How To Start Your First Document
  • How to Use Certain Tools
  • Overview of All Settings and Options and What They Do

Tutorials like this will allow you to learn InDesign at a pace that makes sense for someone who has no previous knowledge or training on anything graphic design-related.

If you start looking into InDesign tutorial and find out it’s too much for you to take on right now, consider using a ore beginner-friendly graphic design tool like

(Source: Redo Kun, Creative Blog)

InDesign For Intermediate Users

If you have a small amount of knowledge of InDesign or graphic design, you can usually skip over the tutorials that explain the why behind everything and move straight to the tutorials that show you how to create images and designs. With your knowledge, you should be able to understand why you need to use certain tools, but may not know how they work in InDesign, so you can find tutorials to help you, such as:

  • Creating labels, texts, and graphics
  • Creating digital PDFs, apps, business cards, and catalogs
  • Working with layers and multiple pages in one

(Source: Make Use Of, Redo Kun)

InDesign For Advanced Users

With advanced knowledge, you have most likely used InDesign for projects or designs in the past and you are simply looking for bigger and better ways to do things. If you think you can’t learn any more about InDesign, you are wrong, there is always more to learn about InDesign and how to create amazing things. Some tutorial subjects you can find to help you learn are:

  • Advanced Accessible PDFS
  • Creating Fillable PDF Forms
  • Linking images and Creating an Index

(Source: Make Use Of, Redo Kun)

Final Thoughts

No matter how much knowledge you do, or don’t, have about InDesign you can learn it. The ease or difficulty of learning depends on your knowledge and how dedicated you are to watching tutorials and spending time practicing. 

The best idea is to start off with tutorials that explain the why behind things and move up from there if they aren’t challenging enough for you.

For those who are overwhelmed with InDesign, consider a user-friendly graphic design tool like because it has a very easy learning curve.