Is It Unprofessional to Use Canva? [5 Things to Know]

Canva is a popular design website, whether you’re making something for fun or for a paying client. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you can take advantage of what Canva offers. However, if you’re a professional, you might wonder – is it an unprofessional choice to use Canva?

In most cases, it may be considered unprofessional to use Canva. However, there is a time and a place for the service. As a professional, you shouldn’t use Canva for all your work – but it can certainly be used on some projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about Canva, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about five items we think are critical to consider if you want to use Canva as a professional. The more you know, the better prepared you can be to take advantage of the offerings on the platform.

Canva Is Simple

Canva offers gorgeous designs, but they aren’t as complex or detailed as ones formed by professional graphic designers. If you use Canva for a professional project, you may be missing out on significant detail options for your project.

The simplicity of Canva works for items like:

  • Basic flyers
  • Social media designs
  • Postcards and mailers

These work well for Canva.

Simplicity is not a bad thing. However, it can be less than ideal if you want to look professional. If you want to accomplish a simple task, use Canva. If you need to do something more complex, consider other options to make your design.

Canva Designs Are Recognizable

Canva has been around for a while, so the designs are more recognizable than they once were. Patterns that were unique in previous years have now been used over and over by many different graphic designers.

A recognizable design may cause a reader to:

  • Question your level of professionalism
  • Dismiss your design
  • Turn to a different person for their needs

Stay away from designs that often appear on the internet.

Canva is a quality site, but there are only so many options. With millions of people in the world, it becomes common for these styles to overlap with each other. Take care to pick a professional, less popular style for your needs.

Canva Works for Basic Needs

Canva works well for basic needs.

If you have a message you need to get out there right away, Canva comes in handy. If you have a vision and want to use Canva to test the waters with the design, it’s an excellent program. However, this factor changes when you get into more complicated designs and needs.

Canva isn’t the solution for everything. If your job involves design, it is critical to show you know what you’re doing when projects become more personal with clients. Be strategic with your use of Canva. A wrong move will come off as unprofessional to a potential client.

Canva Provides an Outline

Canva is an excellent jumping-off point if you feel stuck and aren’t sure where to head with your design. Rather than using it as the entire design, it can work as a basic layout that you can add to and change for a more professional image.

You may take a Canva outline and accentuate it with items like:

  • Additional fonts
  • Photoshopped images
  • Personalized company touches

There are many ways to personalize designs in your free time.

Canva might not be professional enough to use by itself all the time, but you can spruce it up. All it takes is a little computer magic.

Canva Can Be Too Much

It’s okay to use a small amount of Canva designs in your work. However, using Canva in every aspect of your project or website can quickly become too much. It’s vital to limit your use of Canva to maintain a professional image in the professional world.

If you use Canva for everything, people will notice. Ensure you avoid excess as much as possible to appear professional in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

Canva is a useful tool, but it’s critical to be careful as a professional. If you use it too much, it can appear as if you don’t know what you’re doing. Canva can provide an excellent outline for bigger projects and works to accomplish simple needs. It’s critical to remember that Canva designs are recognizable, so you should be careful putting them to work.

We hope this information was helpful! When using Canva as a professional, it comes in handy to know your limits. Use it just enough to make your designs better, but not so much that it’s clear your designs came from the internet. It’s all a balancing act.