Is It Worth Being a Graphic Designer? [How To Decide]

If you are in the middle of trying to decide if it is worth going to classes to become a graphic designer, you will need to keep a few things in mind. One of the most significant decisions you can make is what field of study you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Graphic designing is one of those careers that can bring you the satisfaction you can see daily. But is it genuinely worth being a Graphic Designer?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics, the need for Graphic designers will increase by 3% before 2030. This means it is well worth being a graphic designer because up to 23,900 new jobs will be posted within the decade.

The main driving force behind career decisions is money and the future of the industry you are looking into. Graphic designing is a solid choice when looking into both of the main reasons. However, even if they are not your main decision factors, the career path is still worth getting into if you have the chance. Keep reading to find out why.

Being a Graphic Designer Is Worth It for Many Reasons

Technology is the future, and anyone who wants a successful career from this day forward needs to get a job that follows along those lines. Becoming a graphic designer is an excellent choice because the future of advertising and marketing is online, leaning more towards mobile applications but still online. Let’s go over why being a graphic designer is worth the effort.

  • Industries – As a graphic designer, the sky is the limit, and you will never be tied down to one specific industry. Every industry requires a good designer. Some are more than others, but the jobs are available if you search long enough.
  • Environments – You will have the choice of any type of environment that you prefer. You can work in a large office full of people or stay home and send your designs through online platforms.
  • Self-Employed – You can choose to work as your own boss, which is the dream many of you have. Honestly, there is nothing like being your own boss. Choosing your own jobs and turning down the ones you would rather not touch. You can even use tools like for professional templates.
  • Specialties – You can choose to specialize in one aspect of graphic design. The design is up to you, but you need to remember that you will make more money and have more job opportunities if you are more versatile and open to various jobs.
  • Exciting – The job is never dull or boring. You will always have exciting and new work to keep you interested. This is one of those jobs that allows you to express your artistic creation while mixing it into the design requirements of your clients.
  • Self Requirements – If you, your family, or friends ever need something designed, nothing stops you from doing it yourself. It will save them time and money and allow you to create something for your portfolio of work that you can show off to prospective clients.
  • Proof Of Abilities – Unlike many other career paths, everything you do will be proof of your specific talents. Your work may be used for another person’s pain, but it is directly in front of anyone who wants to see it.
  • Communication – Even if you choose to work from home or an office for one, you will never have the time to be alone. You will need to have an open communication platform with all of your clients.
  • Salary – People’s most important part of the decision is the salary. You need to be able to make enough money to make it worth the time. The average salary for a baseline graphic designer currently sits at $55,000 to $83,250.

Is The Outlook for The Future Good For Graphic Designers?

You are probably wondering what the actual outlook for graphic design looks like. There is no point in getting into a career that has no future. It is a fun and exciting career that has the potential to bring in some serious cash, but does it have a future?

Graphic design will be changing soon, but it will never completely go away. The world is shifting away from everything completed on paper by hand. Instead, online platforms are the future, making it even easier to become a professional at the industry’s top.

If you have been following any of the current trends, you will know that most companies are shifting to selling, advertising, and operating online. This makes it easier for people like you to break into the industry because many programs are available that will help you create excellent work in half the time it would have taken you to do it by hand. You will need to keep an eye on a few things if you want a successful career in the field.

  • Competition – The competition for jobs will become more fierce as time passes. It is easy for people to work online from various work platforms. They can do the work for a low cost, which can hamper true professionals.
  • Bad Reputations – Because of websites like, cheap work can be hired worldwide. Unfortunately, many of the people who work from these platforms are not high quality, and many steal ideas from others. This gives all graphic designers a bad reputation, so you will have to overcome this problem.

You will need to work hard to get your name to prospective clients, and a reputation must be built on quality, honesty, and ethics. It may take a little work to get there, but since the future is wide open for great graphic designers, it is well worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

Graphic designing is a career path that will never be lost in history as long as you are willing to adapt to the consumers. New technology will continue to come out onto the market, which will guide the direction that all companies follow. Keeping up with the trends is simple if you are consistently involved in jobs.

Times will continue to change, and graphic designers will be pushed to their limits to create new, original work. Those who can stay ahead of the rest of the pack will excel to new heights.