Can You Use for Commercial Use?

Is Placeit Free for Commercial Use?

For apparel businesses, accessories shops, content creators, and any graphic design-oriented manufacturers, it might be hard to find branding websites allowing free commercial use. Designing websites like Placeit can provide products that you can freely customize to your liking, but can you sell the end products through your business?

Can you use Placeit for commercial use? Yes, you can use Placeit for commercial use. Placeit has both free and paid templates, and they both include a commercial license.

Read on to find out more on Placeit’s commercial license specifications, freebies the Placeit website provides for businesses in the making, and what benefits you get if you want to purchase a paid Placeit subscription.

Commercial Licenses for Placeit

Placeit’s unique commercial license system is called the “Unlimited License.” The Unlimited License provides access to all the graphic branding on the website, including mockups, designs, logos, video templates, and gaming templates. This license is valid for any business type, whether it’s a small online business or a large high-traffic business.

These terms and conditions apply to both the paid Placeit subscription and free usage, as there are plenty of free-to-use templates throughout the site allowed for commercial use, like selling and displaying the created products.

The terms of the license say that you may:

  • Customize the content given using the customizable features in the Placeit content editors
  • Combine customized pieces made using Placeit to create a new and unique piece
  • Use a personalized item created using Placeit as a stylized trademark for your brand
  • Produce commissions for clients using any Placeit templates
  • Display your created merchandise from Placeit on your brand’s website or in your brand’s store
  • Sell your customized merchandise from Placeit on your brand’s website or in your brand’s store

The conditions of the license say that you may not:

  • Sell content made personalized by customers rather than the seller for a made-to-order type business using Placeit’s customizable features
  • Redistribute content that is similar in concept of Placeit’s customizable services
  • Resell or exploit a paid unlimited license to another party for free unlimited access to Placeit’s customizable services

Placeit Freebies

Throughout the Placeit website, there are many free templates that businesses may use for commercial purposes. These templates include mockups, designs, logos, video templates, and gaming templates so, whatever type of business you’re running, you have a way to improve your marketing.


Freebie mockups are provided by Placeit, covering varying businesses such as:

  • Apparel
  • Hats
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Home decor
  • Phone cases
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Drinking bottles

Using the website’s customizable features, you can personalize different mockups to fit your standards for your business.

For mockups, you can change the color of the item you intend to sell and the photo’s background to be more aesthetically pleasing based on your design’s content and color. You can upload your branding to the item or upload a design you separately personalized using Placeit’s freebie designs.


Free designs created by Placeit for different product content are customizable, so your piece will fit your style as well as your business type. There are many categories for designs, including designs for:

  • Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Headers
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Album covers
  • Book covers
  • Social media background covers
  • Phone backgrounds
  • Streaming overlays

When customizing Placeit’s freebie designs, you can change the main graphic using keywords in the search bar to what you would like on the piece and the color of the banner and background. You can also change the color and font-style of the words you want to be displayed on the design, edit the placement of everything in the design, and add your logo for branding.


Freebie logos provided by Placeit can be used for several different types of business, such as:

  • Clothing brands
  • Beauty brands
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Coffee shops
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Organic food stores
  • Fitness instructors
  • Sports teams

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a logo, then Placeit is a great place to start.

For logos, you can customize them by choosing a graphic based on your business category, adjusting the layout or placement of the content, changing the text to your brand’s name and its color and font-style. You can also personalize the colors of the content like the background, staple colors, and accents to be more aesthetically pleasing for higher sales rates.

Video Templates

Free video templates provided by Placeit can be personalized to fit your business type. If you are a clothing brand, you can make a promo video using a video template that shows off your products in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing way. If you’re a social media influencer, there are templates for Instagram stories and intros. There are also templates for slideshows.

For video templates, you can customize your video’s speed so your video can be fast or slow. You can change the audio playing in the video by using different audio files, and Placeit has tons of royalty-free music to choose from. You can also select or upload images to include in the video, change the colors for the transitions and background, and change font style and colors.

Gaming Templates

Free gaming templates provided by Placeit can help boost your gaming video channel or streaming channel and give you a brand. The different gaming templates you can use for free include gaming logos, gaming intros, gaming overlays, gaming banners, and streaming screens and panels.


Though Placeit provides marketing tools and templates for you to create designs for shirts, hoodies, bags, and other accessories to sell, they do not have a print-on-demand service. However, on their Placeit blog, they have provided insight to find reliable print-on-demand companies so you can get a kickstart for your business.

Factors like locations of different printing companies, depending on where you are, affect shipping wait times for your printed items to arrive, so it’s best to find a local or close-distanced company. Also, their service’s quality is crucial- nobody will want to buy a product made poorly with low-quality materials. Always check reviews for guaranteed quality services.

Paid Placeit Subscription

There are many free Placeit mockups, designs, logos, video templates, and gaming templates free for commercial use. Still, Placeit uploads roughly 600 new templates every week, so there are plenty of choices for better quality paid templates as well. You can have access to all templates, free and not, by purchasing the paid Placeit subscription.

The benefits you receive from purchasing a monthly or annual paid Placeit subscription include:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of professionally made templates and marketing tools available for commercial use that can increase your sales rates
  • Save more, get more. The price per month of the Placeit subscription is $14.95, but the annual subscription is only $89.69. That’s 50% savings for year-round unlimited access.
  • Even after your subscription has been canceled or expired, you will still have access to the templates you downloaded while it was still active in your downloads archive.

Placeit Coupons

Placeit partnered with us at All Free Mockups to offer a 15% off coupon on any paid plan.

If you don’t want to buy a Placeit paid subscription plan, then you can purchase individual templates provided by the website. There are coupons available that you can use to get discounts off of logos, designs, mockups, videos, and even deals on sitewide services during sales.

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Placeit has tons of free and easy-access content for new businesses wanting to look put-together or existing companies looking to do some rebranding. Both the free and paid content is all available for commercial use, so you won’t have to worry about copyright claims when selling content made with the website.