Is Placeit Worth It? Everything You Need To Know

Is Placeit Worth It?

If you are looking for a platform to use that gives you freedom of creativity with graphic design in relation to any field, you might be unsure of which program to work with. Having to download new software and learn the ins and outs of your virtual forum can be a nuisance. Placeit allows you to simply open your browser for complete creative control. So, is Placeit worth it?

Placeit is an excellent online mockup, video, and design template generator. Without having to pay for and install complicated software, Placeit offers an easily navigable interface to help you build your graphic design goals.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about whether Placeit is worth it. From consistently positive reviews to proof of Placeit’s intricate abilities, you can decide if Placeit is worth spending your valuable time with.

Is Placeit Worth It?

Placeit is a legitimate online template generator that helps you create logos, videos, and graphic design pages. If you have little to no experience with graphic design, Placeit is a great place to start. Even experienced designers can benefit from the vast options offered by Placeit.

With thousands of free templates to choose from, Placeit is best for those looking to create unique designs, mockups, videos, and logos with ease, all while having access to professional visuals to boost your company’s digital marketing strategy.

From pre-made templates to the ability to drag and drop your designs onto merchandise, Placeit contains the assets you need to build your company. However, perhaps you have been recommended various graphic design software by friends or colleagues. You might be curious as to why Placeit would be a better option than interfaces you know are valuable. 

What Features Does Placeit Have?

Below are the main features Placeit has to offer. From basic templates to inputting your designs onto marketing products to designing a page for your business, streaming profile, or anything else, Placeit can be accessed through your browser with the click of a button. Continue reading to learn how Placeit could be well worth it.


Placeit offers over 38,000 mockups from which you can build your designs. With various templates of different texts and pictures, you can choose exactly how you want your webpage, shirts, videos, etc. to look. With free mockups available plus seasonal inclusions for holidays, you can make your designs stand out among your marketing competitors.

With Placeit’s mockups, you have the opportunity to delve into your creative mind and design templates for specific smartphones and laptops, blueprints for masks, hats, and shirts, print for books, cards, and magazines, and so much more. Whether you want to sell merchandise, advertise your designs on a billboard, or enhance your website, Placeit allows you to do so.


The designs offered by Placeit span even further, as you can implement them into merchandise, create your Twitch template, customize social media features, create an album cover, and more. While there are free designs and others to choose from, Placeit also has blank canvases on which you can create your designs from scratch.

With over 30,000 design templates, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing shirts, Instagram stories, and anything else you are looking to push your own creative touch onto. Even with the thousands of options available, perhaps you cannot find what you are looking for. Well, you can contact Placeit services to request new content and features that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Whether you are looking to add something new to your company or need to build a new logo for a recent business venture, Placeit’s logo feature is perhaps its most easily navigable interface. With just a few clicks, you can pick out your logo in seconds. Of course, you may want to spend more time choosing your logo, in which case, you can create your own or edit existing templates.

Placeit’s Logo Maker contains over 8,000 logos to choose from that can be edited and personalized. Plus, new logos are constantly being generated by graphic design professionals looking to share their talents with Placeit users. Although their logos are created by world-class designers, you do not need any design experience to learn how to have your own logo in no time.


Placeit’s Video Maker helps you put your graphic design ideas into motion. Whether you want a slideshow, Instagram story, or product demo, Placeit has hundreds of video templates and 1300 audio tracks to make your videos as professional as possible. Rather than dealing with amateur software used by grade school students, Placeit offers a professional and creative forum with which videos can be made just as easily as if you were using basic design software.

One of Placeit’s best features regarding its video editing attributes includes its Intro Maker, which allows you to introduce your new company’s unique logo through premade templates. No matter what type of video you are looking to create, Placeit makes your efforts stress-free and successful.


With video game streamers gaining such massive traction in recent years, Placeit has developed features that appeal to such a unique category. You can customize your channels, such as YouTube and Twitch, to create your own brand. With the opportunity to make your channel templates and gaming logos your own, you can use your unique designs to bring attention to your channel for subscribers.

From animated logos to “starting soon” screens to merchandise, you can customize your entire gaming experience while offering your subscribers something to look forward to. For Twitch, you can create banners, overlays, and panels. With YouTube features, you can customize intros and outros, banners, thumbnails, and more.

Do You Have To Pay For Placeit?

While what you have learned so far could be proof enough that Placeit is the design interface for you, you might still not be convinced. One major question that could affect your decision is whether you have to pay for Placeit. For access to Placeit’s unlimited features, there is a price.

After trying out Placeit’s free trial, you might choose to invest more time and money into the useful software. You have two subscription options that you can cancel at any time. A monthly subscription costs $14.95 per month, while annual subscriptions are $89.69. If you plan on using Placeit for the long run, you can cut your price in half with an annual subscription.

Pro Tip: Placeit also offers an additional 15% off any plan with this coupon.


When it comes to graphic design, Placeit is worth it for both amateurs and professionals. If you need templates to create designs and logos quickly or want to start from scratch and make your graphic designs completely your own, Placeit is worth consideration.