Is Placeit Worth It? [Let’s Find Out]

Is Placeit Worth It?

It’s nearly impossible to successfully sell a product without using proper marketing techniques. Fortunately, there are lots of online services that aim to help. Placeit is one of these services.

But, is Placeit worth it? Yes, Placeit is definitely worth it. Placeit offers the overall largest design template library at a competitive membership cost, and includes commercial usage rights on all designs unlike most other graphic design websites.

However, the platform is geared toward newer designers and may not satisfy the needs of more advanced designers.

Whether or not Placeit is good for you depends on your individual needs. Learning more about the business model can help you make that decision.

What is Placeit?

Several small businesses and online stores have great ideas for products or services to offer. However, when it comes to sales, there’s a lot more work involved than an idea. A big part of getting a product sold is marketing, which encompasses web design, video production, product design, and more.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to get to business. That’s where sites like Placeit come in. Placeit helps you create product mockups, custom designs, logos, and branded items that will help differentiate your business or brand.

Placeit offers over 90,000+ templates that can be downloaded and edited at Placeit (and they add roughly 600 new templates per week).


Placeit offers unique design templates for a variety of uses. Some of the options they have are:

  • Album covers
  • T-shirt designs
  • Posters
  • Twitter headers
  • Podcast covers

You can also download free design templates. Placeit offers templates for construction companies, wellness centers, delivery apps, and more.


A mockup is a prototype that will be used for functions such as demonstrations or promotions. Placeit offers free mockups that are instantly downloadable. These include youtube banners, sweatshirt and t-shirt templates, and mug templates.

Placeit also offers a variety of paid mockups and designs, which include:

  • Activewear
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter posts
  • Hats and beanies
  • Phone cases


Having a recognizable logo can help a business stand out and make it more memorable amongst clients. Placeit helps with logo designs, offering services for different business types. These include:

  • Law firms
  • Bakeries
  • Doctors
  • Fitness
  • Landscaping

There are also free logo templates and generators available.


The online gaming industry can be very profitable if gamers know to market to their audience and attract newcomers. Having a unique design or logo for their gaming channel can help do that. There are both paid and free options, and services include:

  • Twitch panels
  • Twitch banners
  • Video intros
  • Youtube banners
  • Youtube end cards


Lots of brands choose to spread information through introduction videos rather than written text. These are eye-catching and more exciting and can be equally informative if done right. Placeit offers free templates, as well as paid options that can be used for:

  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook covers
  • Promo videos
  • Slideshows
  • Youtube videos

How Much Does Placeit Cost?

All of this sounds great, right? But the real question is, how much does Placeit cost?

Placeit offers 3 paid plans:

  • Single Item Download: From $2.99 per download
  • Monthly Unlimited: $14.95 per month
  • Annual Unlimited: $89.69 per year

Placeit offers 1 free plan as well:

  • Free Forever: Access to limited “free” library

If you subscribe to a paid plan, you have unlimited access to all of the 90,000+ design and logo templates, as well as an unlimited amount of downloads. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Pro Tip: Placeit offers a 15% off coupon code on all Placeit paid plans.

If you’re not interested in using multiple templates or if you have a solid idea of what you want to do, you can purchase a single design. This option is also a good idea if you want to test out more of Placeit’s services before making a larger investment. Pro Tip: Certain items cost more to download individually than to subscribe to a month full of unlimited subscription plan.

There are also several free options available. Placeit offers a “freebies” category that will allow users to download designs for free from their limited free template library.

Placeit vs. Hiring a Logo Designer

Compared to the cost of a professional logo designer, Placeit’s rate is relatively inexpensive. According to this chart, hiring a professional could cost anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars. Many charge for prototypes that you may not even use.

Of course, a professional will be able to add unique elements to your design that an online program cannot. However, Placeit still offers quality designs and a much wider range for the portion of the cost of a professional.

Placeit Pros and Cons

Like any service, Placeit comes with its own pros and cons. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing this service can help determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.

Placeit Pros

Here are some of the most widely praised things about Placeit:

  • Unlimited downloading
  • Large range of mockups and designs
  • Large range of video templates
  • New templates added daily
  • Assistance with design, art, and technical aspects
  • Simple customization
  • Includes apparel

Placeit Cons

No service can please anyone, and Placeit does have its fair share of criticism. Here are some of the most common complaints:

  • No advanced customization (gif support, high-level cropping)
  • No ability to download PSD source file
  • High costs without membership

Placeit Reviews

You can view the positive and negative reviews online. Here are some comments that detail what people liked and disliked.

Placeit Likes

Here are some of the most highly praised amenities offered by Placeit:

“Placeit allows you to place images easily on hard goods like t-shirts and other products. They use high-quality photos and videos with models to help give your products a more personal connection.”

“The videos you can make are amazing, along with the mockups and social media posts. It’s easy to use as well. The variety of designs is another strong.”

“I do not have to be a designer to create mockups and can easily show app screenshots in a phone for presentations to make them come to life and much more realistic.”

Placeit Dislikes

Here are some of the aspects that consumers would like to change about Placeit:

“Unless merch is a large part of your business, it is pricey for a membership.”

“I would like to see additional edit tools to add a little more flexibility in the text fields. I would like to see a place where folks can offer up suggestions for new features and templates of their own.”

Who Should Use Placeit?

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should use a specific marketing platform, there is no straight answer. What works for some people may not work for others. However, those that enjoy a service typically share some similarities. Placeit is worth it for people who:

  • Are new to designing
  • Want a large variety of templates
  • Want apparel and videos
  • Want to practice learning about designing
  • Are willing to pay a membership fee

Placeit is great for someone with limited experience in design and marketing, or for someone who wants to experiment with a wide variety of products. It is geared toward people who are new to the world of designing, offering an easy-to-use format where they can learn more about branding.

For more experienced designers, the Placeit tools may be a bit elementary. For someone interested in just a couple of templates, the single-use fees at Placeit may not be worth it. They can vary from $10 – $40. In many single-use cases however, the cost of a 15% off monthly membership may be the more affordable option.


If you’re looking for an online service that can help with branding, Placeit may be the option for you. More advanced designers or designers interested in just one or two items may be frustrated with its novice system or single-use price. However, newer designers enjoy the easy-to-use format and large range of amenities available with membership.