Make an Online T-shirt Mockup in Seconds Using

Make an Online T-shirt Mockup Design in Seconds Using

Designing and creating may be your thing but executing and presenting feels like a hassle. Using Placeit and figuring out all the different tools they offer might be the best thing you discover today for your growing business.

How do you make an online t shirt mockup design using in seconds? Placeit prides themselves on saving you money and time. Upload your ready-made logo to their site and use one of thousands of templates to bring your product to life. If you do not have a logo in mind yet, use their tools to create one.

We present a how to guide on using the mockup generator for your t-shirt design. Along the way we discovered all the benefits that come with using a platform like

How Does Placeit Work?

If you have a current logo or design, then it can take seconds to create a mockup from Placeit. This site offers several options and tools for creating your own logo or design if you currently do not have one.

You do not have to download any software to use Placeit. Simply design and download straight from their browser. The downloaded graphic will be in PNG format.

In case you are not familiar with some of these terms, here is a short list of new definitions:

  • Mockup- A way of showing people your design in a real-world manner. This is generally used for instruction or advertising.
  • Template- A digital document or image that already has information and designs on it. They can be edited and moved around to fit the needs of the designer.
  • Integration- Regarding Placeit, it defines a way for platforms to sync together when it comes to ecommerce orders.
  • Print on Demand- This term refers to the fact items are printed as they are ordered. This process eliminates the need to stock items.

User Friendly

Placeit can be used by designers of every level. The steps are clear and understandable making it easy for beginners to use.

They offer a help page which answers some of the most asked questions. This same section provides links to several tutorial videos on using Placeit in a variety of ways.

Thousands of Templates

Everyone needs their own unique marketing plan when it comes to selling and branding products. Placeit offers thousands of different templates covering a variety of styles and products.

Filtering templates helps you narrow down what you need for your target market. Some ways you can filter your templates include:

  • Gender of models
  • Age of models
  • Race of models
  • Location of models
  • Location of products
  • Brand of products
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Size of products

Edit ready Templates

Placeit adds more flexibility with editing. Once you have chosen a template you can edit everything you see:

  • Logo size
  • Color shades
  • Text size
  • Font
  • Add or erase text lines
  • Change the style of graphic
  • Rearrange spacing

This site provides a way to totally customize logos and designs. Your options are almost endless with this tool.

Reasonably Priced

Placeit offers a couple different pricing options. You can play with some of the templates for free, but you cannot download the graphics until you pay.

  • Subscription- With a monthly or yearly subscription you can use all templates included on the site. The monthly price is $14.95. The annual membership is $99.95 a year, which breaks down to be cheaper than the month to month. Subscribers can cancel at any time. Plus, they are currently offering 15% off any plan.
  • Pay per item- If you want to use Placeit without a commitment, they do offer this per item option. Prices for mockups are around $8 a piece. Custom designs are around $3 per item.

Own Your Creation

With your subscription you get licensing rights to whatever you create and use. This means you can place the downloads on your commerce sites for sales or advertising. It is now your property.

If you cancel your subscription, at any time, your creations still belong to you. You are able to use them for sales and future ad campaigns. Creators do not lose this property when they no longer hold the subscription.

Not a Printer

Placeit offers several ways for you to design and create with logos and available templates. They, however, do not offer a program to print these items for you.

If you want to have your logo printed on a physical t-shirt you need a third-party resource. Print on Demand companies can be great options. These companies usually handle orders and shipping too.


Videos are a great tool to use for marketing items. Placeit provides tools to help you create videos or slideshows. These will download in MP4 format and cost around $10 per video, or unlimited downloads with a subscription plan.

Creating a T-shirt Mockup

As we have noted earlier, it can take seconds to create a mockup when you have a premade logo. We will take you through the process step by step.

1. Create an account

Creating an account is free. Cost comes up once you are ready to download a finished graphic. Creating an account will let you play around with some different mockups before you are ready to purchase.

To sign up you need an email address. You will also need to create a good password and it is ready to go.

2. Choose the Mockup Icon

The Mockup Icon is found at the top of the page. Clicking on it takes you to a separate landing page. Hovering over it shows the available links.

3. Choose the T-shirt Icon

Underneath the Mockup line you will see several links to choose from. Placeit offers several different styles of mockups. Choose the t-shirt icon to begin this process.

4. Click into the search bar to pick the preferred shirt style

Once you are on the T-shirt landing page you click the search bar to choose a specific style of shirt. Placeit offers five styles for mockups:

  • A shirt with no collar and a rounded neckline. You can find these in baggy or fitted forms.
  • This shirt will have a V-shaped neckline instead of round. They come in fitted or loose designs.
  • This term comes from how the shirt material is woven. These shirts are made by interweaving two colors of yarn together. This gives the shirt color an almost flecked appearance. They are shown with different necklines.
  • This is a process where dyes are transferred to shirts using heat. The process makes the colors come out very vibrant. Designs or patterns can reach beyond the traditional limits of a t-shirt graphic.
  • This is a shirt with a high hem. The length of the shirt may show off the belly or abdomen.

5. Change the color of t-shirt or keep white

When you first see the templates all the shirts are shown in white. If you already have a color in mind, this is your chance to change colors. Once the new color is chosen the screen will reload showing the new shade.

6. There is a filter bar to help narrow down results

To the left of the templates screen there is a long filter bar. There are several choices or tags to choose from to narrow down the search. Here are a few examples:

They offer several more giving the designer a way to reach an ideal demographic.

7. Choose a template

You should now be ready to choose a template, or two, to work with. Use the filter bar to help you narrow down results because Placeit offers over a thousand different templates. It could get overwhelming or tiring scrolling through them all.

8. Upload your design

Now you should have the template loaded and ready to go. This is where you upload the current design you are going to use. You can work on several different designs at a time until you are ready to purchase and download.

Placeit offers a free image cropper. You upload the desired image or design then select a preset. These presets help resize your design and show how it will look.

This is a good way to see if you need a better upload or if the current one will work. You can upload both JPG and PNG formats.

9. Edit the template

Once you have your design or logo loaded to the mockup it is time to edit. There are several ways to customize.

You can add text boxes and customize them. There is an option to add additional graphics to the overall mockup template. If you decide to change the shirt colors, you can do this here too.

10. Download completed design

When all edits are complete its time to hit the download button. At this point a payment option is needed. When everything is set, and purchase is complete you can upload this to wherever you choose to use it.

Creating a Design Using Placeit.Net

Placeit is a place where you can create designs as well as upload them. They offer thousands of readymade templates you can use to create fun designs for your t-shirt collection.

Just like mockups, you own these creations and can use them any way you need. They can be used for marketing or sales. Here are the steps to create a custom design:

  1. Click on Design
  2. Choose T-shirt Designs
  3. Scroll through or
  4. Filter options and tags or
  5. Click in search bar
  6. Choose the desired template
  7. Edit template

The process of creating a design is similar to creating a custom mockup.

Print on Demand Companies (POD)

We mentioned before that Placeit is not a printer. You can design and mockup but there is no way on this site to get physical items.

If you need physical items made, then you need to seek out a Print on Demand Company (POD). A POD is a company that prints your designs on physical items like:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Bags
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards

6 of the Top Print on Demand Companies

When looking for the ideal POD company they should offer you an option for all the items you hope to create and sell. The ideal place helps you make good money after expenses.

You should also consider if you want to create your own ecommerce site for selling merchandise. There are places where you can sell directly from their online store.

1. Redbubble

Redbubble takes the stress of printing and shipping away from the designer. These are a few things to expect from Redbubble:

  • Sell on Redbubble- This site is more of a platform for designers to sell their items. They handle the orders for you and ship out. They use third party printers.
  • No integration options- Redbubble is not set up for integration to other ecommerce sites. They are set up for designers to sell directly from the Redbubble site.
  • Set profit- As a seller on Redbubble you can set your profit margin. The designer can base their price on what it costs to sell on Redbubble and adds what they would like to profit. This formula creates the asking price.
  • Location based shipping- Shipping is based on where the purchaser lives. Once an order is placed on Redbubble that order is sent to the third-party printer closest to them.

2. Printful

Printful is known for their quality of products. If you choose to go with Printful they offer these options:

  • In house printing- This means they do all their own printing. Since they are in control of everything customer service is better. They do not have to track down third party resources to help with an order.
  • Several integration options- They offer integration to other ecommerce sites. This makes it easier for your shirt orders to flow to Printful easier. Some examples are:
    • Shopify
    • Amazon
    • Etsy
    • Ebay
  • Quality vs. cost- There are times when a style or product is more expensive than a competitor. Since Printful does their own printing, the quality tends to be better.
  • Several locations- When an order is received it will be sent through to the location closer to the receiver.

3. Printify

Printify is considered a top competitor to other Print on demand companies. Here are some of the offerings they provide:

  • Middleman of orders- Printify does not do in house printing or shipping. They provide third party options.
  • You choose printer- Since Printify does not print or ship the products you choose which provider. Depending on which printer you go with will affect shipping time.
  • Cost effective- The cost of products and styles are cost affective which helps with your profit margin.
  • Integrations- They offer compatible integrations making it easier for you to control order flow. Popular examples are:
    • Wix
    • Etsy
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce

4. TeeSpring

TeeSpring is associated with a good quality product. They help the designer by handling manufacturing and shipping of the product. Here is some more information about them and a full step-by-step tutorial on YouTube:

  • Boosted Network- This is TeeSpring’s way of integration. They help designers with product listings and optimizations. This program puts your products in front of several different marketplaces.
  • No monthly fee- TeeSpring is free to use. The user only pays the cost of the product like a t-shirt. You are in charge of setting prices for profit margin.
  • Offers both Screen printed and Direct to Garment- This benefit is the reason TeeSpring is known for their quality products.
  • Location based shipping- Once an order is placed it is sent to the printer closest to the customer.
  • Pricing- Some of the products may seem higher than other companies. Because of the way they print to products, quality tends to be better.

5. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt made the list mainly because it is aimed at beginner level designers. It offers easy to use tools among a few other benefits:

  • Two ways to make money- You can upload your design and customers can choose items to place it on. Another option is to open a Spreadshirt shop where you can list products with your design on them.
  • Free membership- There is no fee to use Spreadshirt. You will just include the cost of the product in your asking price.
  • Inhouse fulfilment- They print and ship the products themselves. This is generally good when you have issues or questions for customer service.
  • Friendly interface- The design interface and store set up is understandable and straightforward. It could take minutes to set up.

6. Zazzle

Zazzle is unique because of the three ways you can make money using it. They offer several products to choose from for both artists and customers. Benefits of Zazzle include:

  • Making money- You can make money by uploading a design to their products and listing them on their site. You can become an affiliate and receive royalties for customer conversions. There is an option where you can list products you manufacture and ship.
  • Traffic- Zazzle is known for driving a lot of traffic to their site which can lead to more sales.
  • Tutorials- There are times where this site is a little complicated because so much is offered. They offer several tutorials to help designers use the site more efficiently.
  • Manufacturing- If you choose to upload a design to items listed on Zazzle, they handle manufacturing and shipping for you. If you list items, you make yourself then you are responsible for shipping those to customers.
  • Free membership- There is no cost to use Zazzle as your marketplace and printer just the cost of the item. You are in charge of setting a royalty fee which affects the overall price of your item.

10 Items You Can Mockup Using Placeit

There are several things you can mockup up on Placeit besides T-shirts. This is good to keep in mind if you are looking for:

  • Promotional Items
  • Supplemental Merchandise
  • Branded Packaging
  • Webpage Design

Marketing your products is key to building a good brand. Take advantage of everything Placeit has to offer in one location.

1. Logo

Sometimes you come to the slate with little to no ideas. Placeit offers easy to use resources and templates to help you create a custom logo for your business or team.

Placeit offers thousands of smart templates that you can customize for your particular brand. You can edit everything on these templates including:

  • Color shades
  • Font
  • Text size
  • Graphic
  • Placement of graphics and text

Once completed, after payment, the graphic is yours to use as you wish and ready for immediate download.

2. iPhone

It seems like everyone carries a phone these days. There are around 100 million iPhone users in the USA alone. This mockup is great for seeing how pages from your site look on screen. You can load images or a URL from your webpage.

Placeit can show you mockups for iPhone models:

  • 6 and 6 Plus
  • 7 and 7 Plus
  • 8 and 8 Plus
  • XR
  • XS and XS Max
  • 11/11 Pro and Pro Max

Depending on what you need this mockup for, it can take minutes to create. Once finished, your customized mockup can be downloaded and ready for presentation.

3. Android Devices

Where there are iPhone users there are also Android users. Make sure you are including as much of your ideal demographic as possible through marketing.

Placeit appears to have several Android themed mockups, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Both Android device next to an iPhone

Around 120 million people use android devices.

4. Facebook Advertisements

A lot of people scroll Facebook daily. By using Facebook ad templates, you can target an ideal audience to sell your merchandise.

Placeit offers several templates that are FB friendly and take seconds to tweak and download for your personal use. By using the variety of images, you are able to fine tune your ideal demographic.

5. Business cards

Looking through the business card mockups we see a variety of uses from Placeit. First you can play around with customizing a new business card to hand out to customers.

Another way to use this mockup strategy is web design. By uploading your logo to these templates, you create images that can be immediately used as landing pages or graphics for email blasts.

6. Packaging

Packaging can be important for branding. It can say a lot about the item inside and the company who produced it. Consider using this tool if you are shipping items yourself.

You will see while using the package mockup tool, these images could be used for advertising as well. You could get creative by posting images on bottles or tubes then using them as an ad.

7. Brochures

Using Placeit’s brochure templates gives a unique way to include graphics. One option for retailers is to create printable designs they can then use with a third-party resource.

These mockups could also be used in presenting new designs to investors or team members. New graphics are a great way to update websites.

8. Mugs

When in business keep in mind any extras you might need. Whether it is marketing or gift giving having good-looking mug mockups make good business sense.

Placeit provides an avenue for consumers to see the mug in real life settings. They can see how it looks on a coffee table or next to someone’s workspace working in several demographics.

9. Flyers

There are several uses for a flyer. Placeit gives the retailer one more option when it comes to marketing their brands and products.

If you need some physical flyers for an event or mailing, then simply use what you have already created on Placeit. Then you can take the download to a local printer or your favorite Print on Demand company.

These flyer mockups help with web design. Browse through the templates and aim for one that connects to your ideal audience. You can download and use online by sharing across your social media outlets.

10. Bags

Placeit offers bag mockups in four different styles:

  • Tote
  • Bookbag
  • Cinch-up
  • Duffle

Mockups show these bags in several variations. Think of how many ways you toss your bag onto a table or hang it from a restaurant chair.

This resource can help you see how your design looks from across a room. It can help you decide how large you should design it or how well your brand blends with this type of product.

Bags are a good way to show branding on your website or social media ad. Create a mockup to give your online store a fresh look.