Placeit Vs. Mediamodifier: The Ultimate Comparison

Placeit vs. Mediamodifier: The Ultimate Comparison

Mockup software can be challenging to use, so finding the best platform is essential. You want to bring the products to life for those clients, customers, and others involved. A lively and engaging product is vital for the life of a product through its development. Without great mockup software alongside a wireframe and prototype, it isn’t easy to bring the early product details to life.



25,000+ Mockups
– Drag and Drop
– Photo and Video Mockups
Templates for Design
– Logo Maker
Image Cropping/Resizing
Add Text
Mobile Editor
Discounts Available

$8-$15/ month


2,000+ Mockups
Drag and Drop
Templates for Design
Image Cropping
PSD Source Filing
Add Text
Mobile Editor
$9-$20/ month

When a designer has excellent mockup software, they bring designs to life. Placeit and Mediamodifier offer many of the most excellent benefits for mockup software on the market. Read on for the ultimate comparison of all of their features and which one we rate as the best.

Placeit vs. Mediamodifier

As projects get underway, most teams want a visual of the stages that they are working on towards completion. Mockup tools such as Placeit and Mediamodifier allow teams to see the workflow, navigation, colors, and overall design of a project before reaching the hi-fi stages of design. Mockup software should be intuitive and efficient so that you can make changes quickly.

Placeit and Mediamodifier are some of the best two options for mockup software on the market today. There are some significant differences between these two. This article will highlight the significant difference between the two-mockup software in the sections below.

The Features

The chart above gives an overview of some of the features where Placeit and Mediamodifier compare and differ. However, it is critical to identify each of these features with more detail to determine which is best for your mockup needs.


The mockups can be as simple as a bitmap and as advanced as visuals or models in high fidelity colors and with prominent and easy navigation. Both Placeit and Mediamodifier offer mockup templates. However, Placeit has the better of the two categories by a landslide with over 25,000+ mockups versus Mediamodifier’s only 2,000+.

Having more mockups for your software is a huge benefit. You want more mockup templates, especially if you have more clients. No matter how simple or advanced your mockups need to be having, various templates will help you get the job done with much more ease.

Why having more mockups is better:

  • More choices of templates
  • Better for multiple clients; no risk of overlap
  • Work between mockups in layers
  • Give you peace of mind with design control
  • Meet the thematic design demands of clients more easily

Verdict: Placeit wins this category because it has ten times more templates for mockups, making it a more viable option for someone with multiple clients and projects.

Drag and Drop

Utilization and user-friendly design are essential for mockup software that is easy to use. Working efficiently with mockup software requires excellent tools. Both Placeit and Mediamodifier have drag and drop functionality.

Saving time is a critical factor for successful mockups. You want software that is easy to edit because of the many drafts that may go into it. Saving time is a crucial factor for successful mockups.

Verdict: Tie between Placeit and Mediamodifier

Templates for Design

Both Placeit and Mediamodifier offer templates for the design. The quantity of templates goes to Placeit. However, the quality and adaptability of the templates belong to Mediamodifier. Having more choices is a much better option for a diverse clientele.

The design templates for both Placeit and Mediamodifier are editable and very intuitive. However, when it comes to mockup design, more options to start with can be better for novices. Mediamodifier will be just fine for professional mockup users who can manipulate the available templates more efficiently.

Verdict: Placeit has a much larger library of design templates, which is more desirable in a mockup software.


Saving your work should be something you do quite often. However, we have all been in a position where you lose work. If you forget to save your work on your laptop, you lose productivity, time, and money. Forgetting to save is a real possibility when shuffling projects and multiple edits for your design team. The last thing you need is lost work because it didn’t save.  Auto-save is a lifesaver and is well worth the investment.

Reasons to choose the software with auto-save:

  • Limit risk of losing work
  • Many browser based softwares already use it
  • Save time
  • Limit mistakes
  • Revisions are easier

For the versatility and convenience of peace of mind, Placeit has a small win over Mediamodifier here with its auto-save feature.

Verdict: Placeit is the only one of these two mockup software that has an auto-save feature.


With a lower price point, Placeit is an affordable mockup software that can compete with many of the features of its more expensive counterparts.

Along with Placeit’s lower monthly cost, it also boasts the bigger library of mockups and design templates.

When comparing bang-for-buck, and overall value, it is clear who the winner is here.

Verdict: Placeit is the clear winner due to lower monthly cost, and larger library of both mockups and design templates. Plus Placeit offers 15% off (see coupon here).

PSD Source Filing

If you need to fill out and edit the sources of PSD files, Mediamodifier is the mockup software you need. PSD source filing makes edits easier than ever and organizes your layers of work.

Layering work is an essential part of the revision process. You can edit the layers of a project more quickly if you use mockup software with PSD source filing.

For professionals working on a team and developing prototypes, revisions are a constant threat to the workflow. It would be best if you had software that is easy to make revisions and tweaks in. The designs in Mediamodifier offer easily transmittable and transfer of layers through the integration of PSD source filing. Placeit does not offer this option.

Verdict: Mediamodifier is the only mockup software out of the two that offers PSD source filing, making work on layers of a more manageable project.

When to use Placeit

Placeit is a robust system for creating mockups, designs, and logos. Placeit is also a bargain price with the lower of the two costs monthly. You get an excellent system for fewer dollars per month for the subscription.

However, what Placeit has in cost savings per month and robust templates, it lacks in more advanced customization features, specifically PSD Source file downloads.

Placeit is a great mockup software for novice designers who want an affordable, value packed, mockup software.

Benefits of Placeit

Here is a list of the benefits for when using Placeit is best:

  • Excellent for beginners
  • Many choices of templates
  • Easy to learn tools
  • Novice designer will not be very upset by a lack of PSD Source files
  • Caters to beginners and a need for simplicity
  • Create a streamlined design for a bargain rate compared with other mockup software
  • Ability to create photo mockups, video mockups, designs, and logos

The Things That Placeit Helps you Accomplish

The simple to use design and time-saving features of this mockup software are incredible, considering it costs less per month to use.

Placeit offers mobile editing so that you can do your work on the run. There is no need to have a laptop with this software. All editing can be done on an internet browser and downloaded onto your computer (or even your phone).

The most incredible thing about this mockup software is the sheer number of templates it offers. With well over 25,000 mockups, this mockup software leads the field for creative design and transferring efficiently to use tools to many different design topics.

This mockup software has so many templates and is incredibly user-friendly that can be used by beginner and expert mockup designers alike. It is one of the most important choices for mockup software on the market. It delivers on some great features giving you the ability to create excellent projects.

Design Intuitive Mockups for Prototype

The intuitive design features with this mockup software make it very easy to start and finish the prototype projects. You also have access to the most extensive template library for mockup design on the Web with Placeit software. Placeit’s software is browser-accessible and allows you creativity alongside a wealth of templates.

Because the mockups are easy to use, this software is excellent for projects that need to go through revision before reaching the prototype phase. You get full manipulation of layers and source filing and duplicate and use these layers on multiple projects, which saves you time and energy.

Features such as templates with easy to edit and duplicate layers are golden opportunities to streamline your projects and make revisions. Placeit is one of the best mockup software because it helps your team streamline the project from idea all the way to prototype in less time and with fewer revisions.

Create on the Go

Placeit is intuitive and allows mockup designers to create and edit from any internet browser. The ability to edit from any internet browser is excellent. Still, Placeit reinforces the ability to create the go with several features that elevate it above Mediamodifier.

First of all, Placeit allows users the ability to auto-save. We all know that creating on the go can get messy and disorganized sometimes. It is nice knowing that Placeit has got your back no matter if you run out of battery or have to change seats in a cafe and close your laptop suddenly.

Second, Placeit has great mobile functionality. The mobile editor is just as good, if not better, than Mediamodifiers. Coupled with the auto-save function, Placeit is much better for mobile mockup creation and editing.

Finally, Placeit has so many templates that you won’t need to recycle nearly as many old ideas and projects as Mediamodifier. Instead, you can virtually start a project with a fresh never used before template and let your creativity run wild. The wealth of templates that Placeit offers is ideal for creating on the go when project demands might come in on a moment’s notice.

Create Logos with Limitless Creativity

The many templates that Placeit has are all customizable to your brand and campaign’s colors and themes. Choose one of the many design templates and get started editing.

Mockup templates for logos include:

  • Multiple intuitive editing tools
  • Editable fonts and texts
  • Design stunning backgrounds from templates or photographs
  • Limitless color palette for overall project themes
  • Frame the images with borders and eye catching designs

These fully integrated logos work seamlessly with the mockup software and templates. You can add your custom logos anywhere for a realistic design mockup. These logos and designs are ideal for photographs with your logos, advertisements, and even realistic-looking video effects.

Bring your Mockups to Life With Video Editing

Mockup software should be intuitive and easy to use while creating a streamlined workflow that you can go back and edit. Since your mockup is alongside prototype creation and editing, you need to edit too. Editing can get bogged down for mockups when it comes to videos. However, Placeit’s templates are easy to integrate into videos and makes video editing simple.

Your mockups will be realistic in video environments. All templates on the Placeit software and logo creator can be uploaded and used in a streamlined fashion with video editing.

This feature allows you to design freedom so that you can take your mockups to a whole new medium that you may never have tried before. The video editing software in Placeit is so intuitive that the learning curve is fundamental. You will be creating professional quality mockups for videos in no time.

Edit Images and Photos Precisely

The crop tool in Placeit allows cutting and cropping work in the internet browser. The crop tool within an internet browser is handy for those looking to layer on multiple cropped images to create an entire scene.

Editing with cropping the photos is great for:

  • An easy to use cropping tool
  • Cropped portions of photographs and backgrounds
  • Superimposed logos on images
  • Cutting and pasting creative an engaging advertisement texts and images for advertisements

Editing images precisely means that you are saving time and effort. You will be editing precisely not just from your laptop but from your mobile device, as well. With that kind of versatility, Placeit is ideal for virtually every step of the mockup process. You can complete any project with the fantastic tools and intuitive design and editing options of this power mockup software.

When to use Mediamodifier

Mediamodifier seems like a lesser product on the surface since you get far fewer templates to use. It costs more per month to run the subscription. However, suppose you look closer at some of the fundamental tools it offers. In that case, Mediamodifier is a more comfortable mockup software to use with a team, and offers more advanced editing features.

Many professionals use Mediamodifier because it has more specified use for advertisement mockups. Even though Mediamodifier has been a traditional medium for advertising mockups, it also has some great creative design features in areas of the book cover, photographs, and more.

The incredible power of Mediamodifier should be used by those looking for extensive design software. All of its features are available on a web browser, so you don’t have to spend a single dollar extra on design software.

The Things That Mediamodifier Helps you Accomplish

Even though Mediamodifier is ideal for professional teams with multiple projects, it is helpful to overview the things that Mediamodifier helps you accomplish. Creating excellent designs and stunning mockups for prototypes and revision is now easier than ever. Mediamodifier’s tools and features allow for easy to use and intuitive mockup software that you use directly on an internet browser.

Design and Create Engaging Social Media Posts

With Mediamodifier designing and previewing the design for your posts on social media sites like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook is very simple. By integrating banners and other excellent design features from over 2000 templates, Mediamodifier gives you ad mockups and post previews in just seconds.

Social media ads cost a lot of money. Having software that helps you visualize the end product and revise it as needed gives you an upper hand on the competition. You will also have a chance to reach more customers with easily transferable ad designs for your ad campaign’s various demographics.

Design and Create Book Covers to Sell Your eBooks

Everyone knows that a great cover can help sell a book. With Mediamodifier, designing the text, layout, and imagery of a 2D book cover is easy. Designing a book cover takes little time with the templates that Mediamodifier offers. The design phase is also easy to translate into the final draft for your book cover and other media applications, like advertising for your book.

The best part about the 2D mockups is that Mediamodifier allows you the option of transplanting your mockup into more realistic 3D mockups. These 3D mockups are realistic and, once transposed onto real-life environments or book templates, bring your engagement to a whole new level. 

Branding and Logo Mockups That Standout

A majority of advertising mockup is either for social media posting or branding and logos. Mediamodifer offers templates for advertising mockups in real-life environments. Mockup templates included in the browser software are numerous. They include everything from t-shirt and business card mockups to bottle-caps and billboard mockups.

Branding and logos are made easier with Mediamodifier. Intuitive tools such as the drag and drop feature and auto-saving aid in your peace of mind and efficiency while in the project’s layers. The ability to duplicate, edit, and remove layers with the source filing PSD is also a feature that brings more efficiency to your projects.

Products and advertising merge with the easy to use and design templates. Make your products stand out with intuitive design features and many customizable design templates.

Your branding and logo mockups will stand out because they are easily adaptable to the templates and tools. Add your creative flair with ease and impress your clients with beautiful logos and overviews for their brand.

Social Media Integration

Only Mediamodifier offer direct integration with your social media accounts. Saving mockups and then posting directly to your social media accounts from the same browser window means that you save time by uploading projects directly from the software to your linked social media accounts.

Although there are some security concerns with this feature, this tool can streamline your workflow. With easy to use mockup revision to final draft posting on social media, working in one internet browser for all parts of your mockup design process provides excellent efficiency.

Let Your Artistry Come Out

Mediamodifier gives you a little more control and freedom around your mockup artwork and design. There are several features in Mediamodifier that are genuinely awesome but relatively difficult to learn. However, once you master these artistry tools, you will have much better control of your mockup’s final product and even customize it in ways that other software won’t let you.

Removing the background through cropping is an excellent tool to have. The images in the foreground are then the focus of your editing. However, giving the front image a color pop by eliminating only the color from the background is one of the tools that Mediamodifier has, which allows more creative freedom.

The best artistic feature of Mediamodifier is in its suite of effects and customize options. This menu of online image effects and manipulation tools give you the power to enhance and change layers or individual parts of your mockups. The tools are fun and easy to learn how to use and produce some convincing and engaging results.

Final Verdict

Overall, between these two excellent mockup software, Placeit is the best for its versatility, ease of use, money, and time-saving tools. Of the two mockup software we compared, Placeit and Mediamodifier, only Placeit offers so much versatility while editing and organizing your mockup even if you are on the go or need to make several revisions.

Although Placeit may be a little bit less pricey than Mediamodifier, it still offers a bigger library of templates. Getting access to thousands of template downloads, virtual integration of logos, and mockups into videos are all excellent features. Not to mention the tremendous mobile tools like auto-save all make Placeit a must-have mockup software that is easy to use and intuitive for professionals and beginners alike.

If you’re looking for the best value, Placeit is the clear winner. If you need PSD Source file downloads, Mediamodifier is the software for you.