PowerPoint Stock Images Not Showing Up? [How to Fix It]

When PowerPoint stock images are not showing up, it can typically be resolved with an easy fix. You may only be in need of a simple update. In the sections below you’ll learn how to quickly get the images to show up again.

The full extent of PowerPoint images are only available to Microsoft 365 users. For non-subscribers, only a select number of images will be there. Otherwise, the issue may be the result of a graphics filter error.

Scroll down to learn how to fix these problems and much more. You might also be interested to find out that there are online libraries of non-copyrighted stock images that are much cheaper and significantly more extensive than just Microsoft 365.

Why Are PowerPoint Stock Images Not Showing Up?

No need to fret, this a common occurrence that can often be resolved with a few quick steps. Are you not able to view the images in the library? Are they showing up as red x’s on your slides? Below are answers to both conundrums.

Make Sure You’re Signed In

If you are just a Microsoft web user, then you will not have access to the full stock image library. The simple fix here would be to ensure that you are signed in (if you have an account). 

Otherwise, you might consider purchasing a Microsoft 365 account to gain access to the full library of stock images and much more. For current pricing and subscription plans, click here.

The Microsoft 365 account is a great option for regular users of the entire Office Suite. Although the price may be a little steep if all you are looking for is a library of images to use in your presentations.

Why Is There An X Instead Of An Image?

Maybe you notice an X appearing where there should be an image on a PowerPoint slide. There are several potential reasons why this may be occurring.

  • Updates may be needed: make sure that you have installed the latest updates. Go to Home>Account (lower left corner)>Towards the right you should see Office Updates

The other common culprit is that you need a graphics filter to play a motion clip or display a photo. If this is the case, a dialog box should appear that will prompt you to take a few quick steps to resolve the issue.

It’s possible that the existing graphics import filter is either missing, corrupted or incompatible with the program.

What Can Go Wrong: Importing Images And Graphics

Copying or cutting and pasting images from emails and other presentations can lead to trouble. The file size might be quite large in some cases.

Instead you are encouraged to first save the image or graphic to your computer’s hard drive. Then insert the image by navigating to the insert tab and from there opening a link to your computer’s file explorer app.

This is especially critical when importing graphics and media from external sources, as will be discussed in the section below.

Ditch The Stock Images, Go With Something Better

An alternative is to ditch the stock images altogether. At the moment, Microsoft offers several thousands of stock images for use in PowerPoint. Other online libraries may offer a library of stock photos that is at least ten times as large. 

Continue below to learn more about how these providers can help you spice up your online presentation.

How To Find Images For Your PowerPoint Presentation 

One of the biggest problems you’ve likely run into is that most images you want to use are copyrighted. Either that or the online search engine is not giving you the results you want.

One good alternative is to use an online database of images, such as Placeit.net. All told,  Placeit has more than 85,000 media assets to offer, all of which are public domain. The site has hundreds of unique slideshow templates available.

These can also be easily edited and cropped to fit your presentation. Since they are not copyrighted, they are easy to customize to fit your taste.

You’ll have the most access to these resources if you go with the monthly subscription plan. This is especially useful if you find yourself often having to throw together important business presentations. If you are still undecided, the site does offer a free account option.

Final Thoughts

There are a few possible reasons why your PowerPoint stock images are not showing up. Many of the images you seek might be hidden behind a subscription wall. Perhaps you are in need of an update. Or maybe the graphics filter is corrupted.

You can easily enhance your PowerPoint presentations with a subscription to an online library of stock images, such as PlaceIt. This website has over 85,000 images and graphics available.