Printful Mockup Generator Not Working? [Here’s What to Do]

Running an online store is more common as more people turn their passions into profits. With many options available and costs being a concern, most entrepreneurs turn their attention to online tools such as printful’s mockup generator. However, what to do when the mockup generator is not working is no mystery.

Printful has two basic requirements for the mockup generator to work, a connected store and at least one sales transaction every sixty days. Otherwise, printful will not allow the mockup files to be downloaded.

Several options exist when it comes to using a mockup file generator, some are ranked above the rest in terms of quality and options. is the number one contender for using an online mockup generator. Printful even seems to recommend using a separate online mockup generator to provide their users the best possible experience.

Printful Requires a Minimum of One Sale Within Sixty Days

Even if a person satisfies the store connection conditions, a person must make a minimum of one sale every sixty days to download mockup files from Printful. Printful ‘s policy is designed to prevent a whole bunch of unnecessary web traffic by providing an otherwise essentially free mockup generator.

 Since they allow for downloading their files, it only makes sense that printful wants them to be used on their platform. In addition, this policy ensures that Printful does not give away mockup files to be used by competitors to print their products.

Alternative Mock-up Generator Programs to Consider:

  • (editors choice)
  • Creative Fabrica
  • Figma
  • Smart mock-ups
  • Vexels
  • Media Modifier
  • Artboard Studio

An alternative to Printful’s mockup generator is to use a program designed specifically to generate mockups for individual creators. Such a program, either paid or free, would not have a contingency of making a sale on any print-on-demand platform to use the mockup generator and download the needed files.

These alternative programs allow access to the mockup generator and have many more templates to help pick the perfect mockup to showcase the design. Every company has different methods and even access to unique mockup templates that complement any fashion brand or company. These alternative mockup generators even allow for the design of a company logo, such as on

How Can I Add my Own Mockups to Printful?

The fastest way to create mockups from printful is to use printful’s program mockup generator. To use this generator, one must upload the design (with or without a transparent background). The preloaded mockup files that printful provides will work seamlessly on printful’s product catalog. The mockup generator works for each product and is easy to use.

Printful has a neat tool that informs a user if the file size looks too small for printing and may cause errors in printing the file to a product. Printful’s in-house mockup generator also assists with different lifestyle mockups; however, it is limited in options compared to platforms designed to create mockup files for sellers.

Use Even Printful Agrees that It Helps Out

Printful is aware of its mockup generator’s limitations; however, those limitations are only in comparison to companies focusing solely on creating mockups for products. In addition, Printful is an in-house production warehouse, whereas other sites may outsource their printing to smaller print shops to fulfill the printful direct prints orders placed through them. provides a full-scale catalog of templates for almost any occasion, from holidays to financial industries. Therefore, printful even recommends using as an alternative to their own design and mockup generator. The main difference is that provides many more options and focuses on software design, while printful focuses on delivering the best product.

Use an Alternative Service and Printful’s Mockup Generator in Combination

An alternative design service such as can help create individual mockup templates unique to that specific business. Placing the designs on a transparent background or even finding matching color coordination using a color wheel makes the design process much smoother.

When alternative sourcing products, the color schemes and codes would remain the same, and therefore the mockups would be easier to use on multiple platforms.

An Alternative Mockup Generation Software is the Only Way

Using or another alternative mockup generator would be the most recommended step to avoid the shortcomings of using printful’s mockup generators. It becomes more about the number of options one has access to than the actual use of the mockup generator. If a store is connected and there has been a sale in the last sixty days, the printful mockup generator works.