Should You Buy a Twitch Overlay? [The Definitive Answer]

Should You Buy a Twitch Overlay?

Every Twitch streamer is unique but developing a global streaming business requires the right branding. You must stand out among the crowd of other streamers, creators, and brands. To that end, a great stream design can catapult you to the top of your genre. One way to do that is with to-notch Twitch overlays.

You should buy a professional Twitch overlay if you stream regularly on the platform. Overlays provide simple branding that makes you look professional. If you plan to stream regularly, having a professional overlay will give you the best chance of growing your fan base. The right overlay will reflect your personality without inhibiting the enjoyment of your stream.

Buying a professional Twitch overlay doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are a bunch of free and cheap Twitch overlay templates.

Your streaming genre has a big influence on the type of overlays you should use on your stream. By reading further, you will learn what the overlay types are and how you can use them.

Reasons to Use a Twitch Overlay while Streaming

It does not take much to become a global streamer these days. You just need a live streaming platform such as Twitch and some recording software. Most platforms even provide the basic tools for free. However, if you want to expand your brand into something unique and professional, you must customize your stream design.

The right customization or branding will help you stand out in a crowded genre. Therefore, you want your branding to reflect your personality and the type of content you stream as much as possible. For instance, you should not use the customization for a gaming stream with an ASMR one. Luckily, you can do that with stream overlays.

What Is a Twitch Stream Overlay?

Stream overlays are graphics, information, and other content that displays on top of the raw live video feed. Visible to all viewers, these overlays can present text, webcams, images, custom QR codes, or any other interactive element. They give you a way to add more entertainment, styling, and content to your broadcast.

Twitch streamers often use overlays to show viewer donations, recent subscriptions, or new followers. You can even have multiple overlays on screen, giving you full customization over how they appear. However, you need a third-party streaming application such as OBS to use them.

Why Use a Twitch Stream Overlay?

Branding is the main reason to use stream overlays. You can use your overlays to make your stream truly yours with unique and personalized content. For instance, webcams are the most commonly used overlay. Live webcam overlays let your viewers see you and your reactions to viewer comments and the content your broadcast.

Other common reasons include:

  • Showing social media shares and profiles
  • Viewer interactions
  • Display donations and raids
  • Make your branding visible even before someone presses play

Common Twitch Overlay Types and Categories

While most people use stream overlays for similar reasons, not every type of overlay system works with every stream. As such, you must understand the needs of your stream and brand before choosing the overlays you will use.

Common Twitch Overlay Content Categories

A few commonly used overlays:

  • Standard images
  • Webcam Frame
  • Follower and subscriber alerts
  • Donations
  • Twitch stream extensions – exclusive content provided by Twitch

Twitch Stream Types

Stream overlays come in combinations of the following 6 types, though you may find them under other names.

  • Minimalist – simple overlays that provide interaction without cluttering the screen, perfect for first-person shooters and action games
  • Cute – highly-stylized overlays for showing off your personality, great for casual streams and hangouts
  • Retro – adds elements of the past and nostalgia to your streams, great for retro gaming
  • Premium – pre-made professional-looking high-end overlays that must be bought and licensed from a provider. Suitable got gamers, casual streamers, and businesses, they come as templates compatible with most stream providers and applications
  • Free – no-cost, pre-made stock overlays, some require no licensing, fairly basic but will work for most broadcasts, may need customizing before use
  • Custom – professional-quality overlays made specifically for you and your brand, recommended for high-end professional streamers, but are usually the most expensive options

Do I Need a Full Streaming Overlay Package?

Professional and custom Twitch overlays often come as packages of different overlays. However, not every streamer will need a full package. Most beginners only need a webcam and maybe donation alerts for instance. Meanwhile, professional, and well-known streamers should conder a complete overlay package or two. You may also consider how much will fit in your budget.

Where to Find Professional and Custom Twitch Overlays?

If you decide that your brand and streams would benefit from using overlays, you must either find or create them. Luckily, there are a few stock graphics providers that offer quality professional and custom-made stream overlays. You just need to find the right one for your stream.

Luckily, you have a few good options when looking for overlay providers:

  • Search engines – All reputable search engines will give you a list of “professional custom overlay service” providers with the best and most reputable on the first page of the results.
  • Social media – Most reputable providers have profiles on all the popular social media platforms. Just search for design-related groups and accounts.
  • Marketplaces – You will also find a few reputable overlay providers on different online marketplaces. (My personal recommendation is


Twitch streamers can enhance their streams by adding Twitch overlays to their broadcasts. These pieces of text and graphics hover over your live video feed, providing your viewers a unique way to interact with your brand. In doing so, these overlays make your brand stand out from the crowd, drawing in more viewers than you otherwise have on your own.