The Ultimate List of The Best Online Design Makers

The Ultimate List of The Best Online Design Makers

Creating designs for your company can be a highly exciting but also very overwhelming process. To make design work easier, you can find an online maker that handles the hard work for you or simply assists along the way. To save you money on this process, you can find several online design makers that are free or very low cost.

If you are interested in finding a quality design maker online, here’s the top 16 available today:

  1. Placeit
  2. Design Wizard
  3. BeFunky
  4. Crello
  5. Gravit Designer
  6. Canva
  7. Infogram
  8. Pixlr
  9. TinkerCad
  10. Vectr
  11. Snappa
  12. Vecteezy
  13. SVG-Edit
  14. GIMP
  15. Krita
  16. InkScape

These 16 online design makers made the list for their superior library of templates, competitive pricing, and overall ease of use. Let’s get started with my personal favorite online design maker, PlaceIt.

1. Placeit


This is the most impressive design softwares that you can find online today. It was founded in 2013 and has one of the largest library mockups available with advanced features. No matter which sector you are creating designs for, there are templates available for you to utilize.

Some benefits of using Placeit for your design needs are:

  • The Library Quantity & Quality – When it comes to finding mockups, designs, and logos, this is the source you need to utilize for quick help. You can find a category for almost anything on this website and even have images for older devices. You can find templates and mockups for almost any device that you could need for your needs.
  • Features – Beyond having the largest library, Placeit also boasts the most features. You’ll be able to create photo mockups, video mockups, a huge variety of design templates, logo maker, animated logo maker, image resizer, and more!
  • Value Options – For only $15 a month (or only $12.70 per month with this Placeit coupon code) you can get unlimited access to everything that this designer has to offer, or you can opt for cheaper subscription prices. With this you can get access to over 60,000+ templates, with roughly 600 new templates being added weekly!
  • Purchase Options – If you do not want to subscribe to the program, you can purchase templates individually. Further, Placeit offers a limited library of “freebie” templates that you can download free of cost.

2. Design Wizard

Design Wizard

This is a highly accessible design software that you can utilize for thousands of highly aesthetic templates. These templates work well for both social media and print graphics. This is a top choice available online today for those who are hoping to create graphics that can be used in a variety of ways.

A major reason why many love Design Wizard is because their visual library is continuously being updated and is full of amazing options. Every template is licensed and there is something for every video, graphic, or illustration that you could imagine. Some of the other benefits of Design Wizard are:

  • Pricing Options – You can choose from a wide variety of pricing options depending on what you need. They even have a free option up to their expert option which is only $16.95 a month. Truly, no matter your budget, there is something for you.
  • Template Options – You will find over 15,000 templates available on the software that you can choose from. They also have over 1,000,000 premium image options that you can browse and utilize. These templates can be used for both print graphics and social media options.

3. BeFunky


Another amazing option for creating quality free graphic designs is BeFunky. This is an easy option for both very new beginners and experienced graphic designers alike. The software features three main creative tools that you can easily use but it is quality enough to use on a huge range of projects.

Some other reasons that many love BeFunky for their design needs are:

  • No Experience Needed – When it comes to BeFunky, you do not need to be highly experienced or even have a background in design to utilize the software correctly. They have a variety of templates that are already designed, or you can start your own from scratch. No matter your ability level, there is something available for you.
  • Make a Wide Range of Prints – You can create graphics for practically any project that you would like to take on. Creators using BeFunky have created quality banners, flyers, posters, brochures, and much more.
  • Images and Templates – There are over 1,000,000 free stock images that you can choose from for your graphics. They also have a huge range of quick, easy to use templates that you can utilize. There is even a mobile option that you can utilize from any device.
  • Price – As mentioned, much of BeFunky can be used for completely free! However, you can also upgrade to a BeFunky Plus account as needed. This costs money but does allow you to have additional templates and images.

4. Crello


This is truly one of the best options if you want a huge array of files that you can use. This amazing graphic maker allows you access to hundreds of fonts and over 12,000 templates. When you begin using Crello, you will have over 65 million files at your fingertips.

If you have struggled with graphic design, Crello makes the process more streamlined and easier to use for your projects. These templates are all created by experts and can be used as you need them. Each of the templates are highly aesthetically pleasing and can be used to make everything from social media posts, printed materials, animated graphics, and so much more.

If you are interested in using Crello, some of the other benefits that come with this software are:

  • It is Budget Friendly – When it comes to saving money, Crello is a great option because it can be used for free. However, if you want to enhance your features and get commercial use with no watermarks, Crello Pro is a great choice. This upgrade only costs $8.30 a month and can enhance your functionality.
  • Easy to Use – If you are new to creating designs, Crello is an easy option for individuals of all experience levels. With this software, you can create graphics that are professional quality with ease. The software also comes with a range of help resources, how to guides, and tutorials.

5. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer

Another amazing free option, Gravit Designer offers you their free toolkit for absolutely no costs. This is a full featured design app that works for a huge array of design jobs. Whether you want to create an illustration, animation, icon design, logo, social media image, or a variety of other projects, this is a great program for you.

Some other amazing benefits of Gravit Designer are:

  • Variety of Tools – You can utilize a huge range of tools when you use Gravit Designer for your graphic design options. The tools available may not be ideal for beginners, but they can truly increase your graphics.
  • The Pricing – The traditional Gravit Designer software is completely free and is absolutely great for quality designs. However, if you would like a few more features, you can upgrade to their Gravit Cloud services. This allows you to see your work from anywhere and can be a worthwhile upgrade for those who use the program often.
  • Free Trial – If you want to try out the Pro version of this software, you can automatically get a free trial when you download the software. By adding Gravit Designer, you will get the Pro version for a period of time for free. When this period of time ends, you will simply get the free option or you can pay to get the pro option with more features.

6. Canva


Canva is a great choice for those who want something aesthetically pleasing at the simple click of a finger. This software will provide you with an excellent experience, no matter the type of designs you are hoping to achieve. By downloading the software, you will choose why you are using it and it will curate design options that fit your exact needs.

Often, you may see the software advertised as a photo editor but there is actually a wide range of design options available to fit a variety of needs. The software has a color palette generator, collage creator, infographic makers, and has hundreds of free design elements.

Some top benefits of using Canva to create designs are:

  • Free Designs – By downloading Canva, you are instantly getting over 100 free design elements and fonts that you can use as you need. They have several templates to choose from and they are completely customizable to fit your needs. For additional templates, you can upgrade to premium for more.
  • Easy to Use – You can use this software on a variety of devices from practically anywhere. Almost all of the tools are mobile friendly and available on most app stores.

7. Infogram


This is a great option if you are hoping to create infographics for your website or social media pages. This software does not offer as many graphic design options but is great if you are hoping to add infographics to your webpages or social media pages. Most importantly, this is a free software program, which means you can get these designs for nothing out of pocket.

Some other benefits of creating infographics with Infogram are:

  • Easy to Use – When it comes to creating graphs, charts, maps, or other infographics, this can be a bit of a difficult process. However, the Infogram software makes it simple by allowing you to enter your data in an Excel-style spreadsheet. This can be easily edited and updated in real time.
  • Pricing – As mentioned, Infogram is completely free and you can use your created graphs anywhere. You can publish your design to the Infogram website and embed links into your online sites or media pages. If your company needs a variety of graphs, this is a great choice.

8. Pixlr


This is a great free option that you can utilize for creating great graphics similar to Adobe Photoshop, but for much, much less. This is one of the best free online photo editing options that you can choose from. If you do not want to spend a ton of money on graphic design, this is a great option and is not complicated for beginners to design.

Some amazing benefits of Pixlr for graphic design options are:

  • Quick to Use – Creating and editing images with the software is a breeze and takes only minutes. If you are more fluent with your mobile device, you can utilize the software via iPhone or Android apps along with the internet option. Truly this is a great option if you are hoping to edit on the go quickly and easily.
  • Pricing Options Available – The basic Pixlr software can be utilized for completely free! Of course, if you would like to get a few more advanced design options such as free fonts, graphics, and stock images, they do have a Pixlr Pro option. With even more versatility, you will only pay $5 a month!

9. TinkerCad


If you are hoping to create 3D graphics easily, this is an amazing software program that you can utilize. Through this software, you can effortlessly take your 2D images and turn them into a 3D creation that you will love. You will be able to get started as soon as you access the program with no downloads or installation required.

Many love TinkerCad because it is absolutely free! It has a huge range of design options that you can choose from. The benefits of this program are endless, but some favorites are:

  • It’s Easy – There is truly no need to have proper training or experience to utilize this program. You can easily begin creating your 3D graphics with only a few clicks. If you want quality designs with little hassle, this is a great choice.
  • Extra Resources – There are a huge range of creators that utilize TinkerCad and can share their ideas. This is great for added inspiration for your own designs. In addition, there are several educational resources that you can utilize to help make your 3D designs even better!

10. Vectr


This is another free option for creating graphic designs easily and flawlessly. These graphics are very simple to make but turn out amazingly elegant. Your designs will be simple but streamlined to fit the needs of your business.

The software itself is very basic but fits the needs of practically any graphic you would like to create. You can jump into using the program and create projects in real time from practically anywhere. If you start a project on your desktop, you can sync it with your iPad or other device for later use.

In addition to these great benefits, you can also count on Vectr to offer you:

  • A Seamless Experience – Since you are able to utilize the program from practically any device through their syncing options, it creates a seamless experience that you can trust. You can even allow others to access your documents for help from your employees or peers. Everyone can contribute and watch as the document changes over time.
  • Quality Designs – These designs are very easy to utilize and create a simple experience. The templates are intuitive and easy to use, making it great for beginners. You can truly create quality designs with little to no practice or experience.

11. Snappa


This is the absolute best graphic design software options for beginners. If you want to create quality designs easily and at a professional level, this is a great choice. The software breaks down the design process into very easy steps that someone with practically no experience can utilize.

There are thousands of templates available that you can choose from to create the designs that you need for your business. They have over 500,000 beautiful stock photos that you can use in just seconds and can fit a wide array of design needs. Aside from this ease of use, you can also count on these benefits from Snappa:

  • Pre-Schedule Graphic Posts – If you want to create your graphics ahead of time, you can easily connect your Buffer account to Snappa. This allows you to pre-schedule your posts and add effects, text, resizing, and more. This process is quick and easy, allowing you to schedule graphics as needed.
  • Scalable Pricing – The basic Snappa comes for completely free and allows you to access their many templates, graphics, and get five downloads per month. If you need a bit more than this, you can also pay for their Pro or Team options. These are still very affordable at only $10 or $20 a month.

12. Vecteezy


If you are interested in getting free design software, Vecteezy is a great choice as it works well for both beginners and professionals alike. This in-browser editor allows you to create custom vectors by using one of the existing templates or by creating a design from scratch. This is a great way to get what you need very easily and for free!

Some of the other benefits that you can experience from the Vecteezy software are:

  • Easy to Use – The software is very simple to use and can be utilized from practically anyone. You do not need experience to create designs on the software. You simply need to create an account to save your work and restart again as needed.

13. SVG-Edit


If you are interested in creating scalable vector graphics, there are very few options still available that you can utilize. However, this SVG-Edit software is a great way to quickly output or edit an SVG file. You can only find these capabilities in this software and Adobe Illustrator.

This is a classic style of design but can work well if you are needing to utilize SVG files. Some other benefits of the program are:

  • Offer Code Editor – If you have an SVG file that you would like to work on, this software allows you to download and modify the code. This is a great code editor and allows you to make customizable changes as needed. Of course, if you are not able to code, this may not be a good option.
  • Easy to Download – The SVG-Edit software is built on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which means you can create or edit your documents but also download and modify codes from these sources.

14. GIMP


Another great free software program for graphic design, GIMP is a popular app that many compare to Photoshop. If you are interested in using Photoshop but do not want to pay for this program, GIMP is a great option for you. This program can run easily on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The GIMP program stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is very similar to Adobe. If you are used to Adobe and want to migrate to this new program, it is an easy process. The full GIMP site allows you to utilize a variety of tools, cloning, selection, enhancement, color correction, and other editing options.

Some other benefits of using GIMP for your graphic design or editing needs are:

  • Highly Compatible – The software is able to work with a huge range of files, which means you do not have to worry about working with certain file formats. You can easily edit your images or designs from practically any format.
  • Easy to Use – Those who are familiar with Adobe or other similar photoshop options can begin to easily use this software. It is very comparable to other more costly options and is laid out very similarly. You can easily learn to edit using the GIMP program.

15. Krita


Another great free software program that you can utilize easily and create beautiful images with. This program has been in development since 1999 and works beautifully for graphic design needs. You can use this program on practically every platform that you would traditionally use.

The program was designed with the VFX industry in mind. Krita works beautifully for concept artists, illustrators, matte, and texture artists. It is truly a way to create a unique aesthetic graphic that you will be able to utilize for your brand.

Some other benefits that come with the Krita program are:

  • Has a Variety of Tools – You can easily edit your photos through the many tools available on Krita. Some of the notable tools that you can use on the software program are quick color picking, texturing, patterning, stabilizers for shaky lines, and a wrap-around mode.

16. Inkspace


Our final free software program is Inkspace which can work on all of your favorite platforms and has very good SVG integration. The editor has been shown to be very good at integrating SVG and allows users to support many advanced features. The options available in Inkspace allow for you to perfect your graphic designs using things like cloning, markers, alpha blending, and much more.

Some of the other benefits of Inkspace are:

  • Variety of Services – Due to the fact that Inkspace has full support for different color modes, you are able to use the program for a variety of reasons. Your graphic designs can be used in both print and online options. This means your graphics can be streamlined across a variety of platforms.
  • Ease of Use – Inkspace is very easy for everyone to use, even beginners to graphic design and editing. If you are interested in creating your own graphics, this is a great way to begin learning about the process. Even those with little knowledge can create professional images.

Honorable Mentions

While the amazing programs listed above are some of the absolute best on the market today, there are some other options that you can utilize. If you have more specific needs some options you may want to look into are:

  • Photo Pos Pro – Great for photo editing and very similar to more expensive Photoshop options.
  • Paint.NET – Similar to the classic Paint software that was created by Microsoft but much more advanced.
  • Sumo Paint – A great image editor that can be used on mobile devices.
  • SketchUp Free – A great program for getting a start in the 3D world.
  • Google Charts – A great option for creating charts for your company. A perfect infographic generator.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are on the hunt for your perfect design maker, the first thing you want to consider when browsing our list is what you are hoping to create.

Different software works for different purposes, such as photo editing, logo makers, 3D images, etc. which means you will want to find a software that fits your exact needs. You also want to ensure that the software meets your creation needs, some software allows for easy printing while others are strictly online based.

Of course, a major part of ensuring that your graphic design needs are met is finding the option that fits your budget. Luckily, many of our options are free with professional options available. No matter what you need, there is a graphic maker you can easily use.

Create Quality Graphics Online

If you want to create graphics, infographics, 3D images, logos, or other images easily, our list of amazing online graphic makers have something that fits your needs. You can find something for every company on this list whether you are new to the graphic design world or have been doing design for years, these software options should work for you.

Not to mention, if your budget is a little tight, there are plenty of free options or low cost options that you can choose from!