This Is How to Create a Twitch Offline Banner in Placeit

A twitch offline banner can help bolster your viewers confidence that you are a reliable source of content. It can also imbue your project with a greater degree of professionalism. Fortunately, Placeit provides you with just the tools you need to make a banner that will keep your twitch viewers coming back for more. But how exactly do you create a twitch offline banner, anyway?

You only need a basic knowledge of Placeit and the tools it provides to create an effective Twitch Offline Banner. A working knowledge of templates, fonts, graphics, and the copyright law surrounding digital images is necessary for consistent results.

If you’d like to get started making your own unique Twitch offline banner without all the hassle of overly complicated programs, you’re just the person this is for. We’ve made it easy for you by laying out step by step instructions that will fill you in on how to make any basic twitch offline banner you want. From there, it’s up to you and your creativity to see your original vision come to life!

How to Use Templates in Placeit

Placeit offers hundreds of individual Twitch offline banner templates you can choose from, to kick start your offline Twitch banner.The templates combine compelling color schemes and preset fonts to jump start your project.

Even though these are great for getting you started, different templates are better or worse depending on what you’re trying to do. That’s why we’ve listed a few questions below that will help you determine exactly which template is best for you.

Do You Have the Right Template for a Twitch Offline Banner?

With Placeit, you can do more than just create a Twitch Offline Banner. You can also make Twitch Panels and standard banners, as well as a slew of designs for other purposes and services.

With so many options, you’ll firstly want to make sure that you’ve picked a template specifically for Twitch Offline Banners. The size of Twitch Panels and standard banners are sometimes different from that which an offline banner calls for.

To find the templates you need, to use the search bar on the left side of the screen and look up the term “Twitch Offline Banner.” This will provide you with a selection more curated towards your specific needs. Of course, when it comes time to make some Twitch panels, you can do the same with that term and any other.

What is Your Target Audience?

A lot of your design choices should revolve around what kind of audience you’re trying to captivate. Twitch isn’t just a video game streaming site anymore. There are popular streamers that discuss everything from Super Mario Brothers to human psychology and current events.

Depending on what audience you’re trying to attract, different color schemes and styles are preferable. For example, if you’re aiming at an older demographic, a template with bright, cartoonish colors might not be the right pick.

What Grabs Your Eyes First?

If something has an effect on you, chances are it will have an effect on others as well. If there is a template that immediately grabs your eye, you should consider using it.

Keep in mind, however, that the reason why it grabs your eye is just as important a detail like the fact that it grabs your eye in the first place. If it grabs your eye because it’s bright and flashy, but you’re already using a logo (hopefully designed in Placeit) with cooler colors, it might not be the best choice.  

How to Use Basic Design Features in Placeit

Over the course of this “How To,” we’ll discuss some very specific functions of Placeit design. However, before we do that, there are a few fundamentals we should get out of the way first. Below you’ll find the most basic design features on Placeit that don’t necessarily belong to one particular category. Learning these before you do anything else can save you a lot of time and energy.

How to Reset Your Template

When you first start working from a Placeit template, all of the images and text they have provided should be in places that are visually appealing. If, in the process of trying to be creative, you find that you liked the original layout more, you can reset everything to how it was on the template.

How to Resize or Crop The Border of Your Design

If you place a border or an image in your design and it’s too big, you can crop or resize it. To do this, you just need to double click on the image file on the right side of your screen.

This should open up the border or image into a window of its own with nothing but your image and checkmarks, which represent the rest of your design. At the bottom of the window, you’ll find the “Crop” and “Resize” buttons.

Once you’ve properly resized your image, you just click on the gray x at the top of the window and close out the crop and resize menu. Just make sure you click the x on the window in Placeit and not the x of your browser, as you’ll close out everything if you do that.

How to Toggle Layers in Your Twitch Offline Banner on Placeit

Sometimes you want to hide some of your text or images so that you can adjust what is behind it. Fortunately, it’s easy peazy.

To hide a layer of text or graphics, simply look next to the text box or the image box (text left side of the screen, image right) for an icon of an eye. Click on the eye, and that should hide the layer for you.

To restore the text or graphic back to your overall design, simply click the eye icon again.

Adding a Logo or Graphic to Your Placeit Offline Twitch Banner

As we stated before, Placeit allows you to make even more things than Twitch Offline Banners. You can use it to create streaming (or any business really) logos that will make your brand more recognizable to consumers.

To place your logo in your Twitch Offline Banner, follow these four easy steps. Please note that you can skip the first two steps if your logo is already uploaded to Placeit.

  1. If your logo isn’t already in Placeit, click the “Upload Logo” button. On the left side of your screen, toward the bottom, you should see a small blue rectangle with the words “Upload Logo” on it.
  2. Select the logo you want to upload from your files.
  3. Click on the button that says “Add Another Graphic.” This should be another blue rectangular button, only this one is on the right side of the screen, between the icon and background color dropdown menus. 
  4. Select your logo and place it where you think it will look best. That’s it. Your logo should be all set. However, please note that it’s a good idea to add this after you have your background.

The awesome thing is that you can use this same process to add any images to your Twitch Offline Banner. That means that if you want an image separate from your logo to appear on the banner, you just need to click that “Add Another Graphic Button.”

How to Effectively Use Placeit Fonts

While the font you use in your Offline Twitch Banner might not sound like it’s the biggest deal, it can actually make a world of difference. Having the font you use match the rest of your design will give your work a more professional feel. Therefore, you should keep each of the following rules of thumb when you think about what lettering will make your banner pop.

Please note that most of this advice applies to other types of projects you might make as well, such as Twitch Panels or your main banner.

Picking the Right Font For Your Placeit Project

One of the ways that Placeit saves you money, is by making good use of open source google fonts. Fortunately, the templates that Placeit provides, have been carefully crafted to match a default font to the style you’re using.

Though the default font of your template will usually do just fine, sometimes you want to express a little creativity and further distinguish your work from other projects. If you do want further customizability, follow these easy steps to add, change and adjust the size of your font:

  • Click on the “Add Text” button. You should see this button on the right side of the screen. It will appear as a blue rectangle with the words “Add Text” written in the middle of it.
  • Write out what you want the words to say in the text box. A small rectangular box with the word text above it should pop up right above the “Add Text” button. Please note there will also be a dropdown menu that appears right between the text box you can write in and the “Add Text” button.
  • Select any font you want from the dropdown menu between the text box and the “Add Text” button. The default font it gives you is usually dictated by the template you’ve chosen.
  • To change the color of your font, select the small dropdown menu right next to the font dropdown menu. You can’t miss this one; it’s a small square drop down box with a black square in it. For reference it looks almost exactly like the color dropdown menu in Microsoft Word.
  • To adjust the size of your text, click on it in the image and use the manual resize tool. Essentially, on the actual text of your design, a box should pop up around it with points on all of the corners and sides for resizing. To keep all of your proportions the same, you should resize it with any of the four corner points, as the ones on the sides will elongate your text horizontally or vertically, depending on which side you chose.

Please note that you can turn off any unwanted text you’ve created any time by simply unchecking the box next to the font dropdown menu for that particular text. So if you were going in one direction at the beginning of your project but transitioned to another as your vision became clearer, it’s no hassle at all to get rid of what you don’t need and keep what you do.

Find the Right Place for Your Text

To move your text around, simply click on it and move it to where you’d like it to go. If you want to move a certain image or text to the front of the design, just right click it and select to move it to the front.

Just a little tip: Even if you don’t use the placement that your template gave to your font, pay attention to where it is. Templates are designed specifically to be visually pleasing. They put text where they believe it will be most appealing to the average person. Keeping in mind where the professionals place things can help make you into an expert yourself. 

How to Download Your Design

Once your image is completed, you’ll want to download it so that you can put it on your Twitch page. That’s why Placeit makes downloading your unique designs quick, easy and painless.

Follow these two simple steps, and congratulations. Now you’ve got the perfect offline banner to upload to your Twitch account today:

  • Select the download button. You’ll find this in the top right of the screen, just beneath the tool bar. It should be a purple rectangular button that says the word “Download” on it, in white lettering.  
  • Wait while it processes your design. When you click the download button, a small window will pop up that says “processing your design.” This allows Placeit to take all fonts, backgrounds, and graphics you used to create your banner, and make them into a singular image.
  • Check for an email from Placeit that contains your design. When your design has been processed, the finalized image will be sent to your email for easy access later.
  • Save the design from your email on your computer. Now your banner is ready to go on your Twitch page and anywhere else you’d like to use it!

What About Using Copyrighted Material in Your Design?

If an image is copyrighted, you need to get permission to use it. If you do not, you could end up having a copyright strike against your Twitch Account. Too many of these, and they will suspend you.

Important: One of the main benefits of using to create your Twitch Banner is that everything you find on is commercially usable, and copyright free. See the usage rights for confirmation.

How Do You Create a Twitch Offline Banner in Placeit?

To create a Twitch offline banner on Placeit, you’ll need both a clear vision of what audience you want to appeal to, as well as a grasp of the fundamental tools the service provides. These fundamentals include; the use of templates, graphics, fonts, and what copyright laws to pay attention to. 

Learning the tools is easy if you follow the steps we’ve laid out, however finding the right look for your audience can be a more difficult task. Just trust your instincts and think about what kinds of color schemes, fonts, and graphics that tend to draw your attention. Especially, look for the kind you’d like to see on a similar twitch channel to yours. Basically, go with your gut, use Placeit, and your Twitch offline banner will look great!

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