Twitch Saying “Image Format Not Supported”? Here’s Why

When you are setting up your Twitch profile, you will likely upload images to personalize certain aspects of your streaming channel. In the process of uploading an image, you might come across a pop-up saying “Image format not supported”. Why is Twitch saying “Image format not supported”?

If Twitch says “Image format not supported”, it is because the file you are uploading is not supported by Twitch. For profile pictures and emotes, Twitch requires certain file types and sizes. You must convert your image to the correct file type, and then upload it again.

Read on to learn more about why Twitch is saying “Image format not supported” as well as ways to convert your image to a certain file. You will also learn a better way to enhance your Twitch profile customization.

Why Is Twitch Saying “Image Format Not Supported”?

If Twitch says “Image format not supported” while you are customizing your Twitch profile, it is because the image you have chosen to upload has been saved as a file type that is not compatible with Twitch. Whether you are uploading an image for your profile picture or an emote, Twitch requires a specific file type.

Images for Twitch profile pictures can be uploaded as JPEG, PNG, or GIF files and cannot be larger than 10MB. Images for Twitch emotes must be PNG files and must be between 112 x 112px and 4,096 x 4,096px. 

If you attempt to upload an image larger than the listed sizes or as a different file type from those above, Twitch will notify you with a pop-up saying “Image format not supported”. If you are not familiar with uploading images for Twitch emotes, note that although your PNG file can be as big as 4,096 x 4,096px, once you upload it, you must choose between the sizes of 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px, and 112 x 112px.

New Twitch streamers may not even realize that their images are saved as a file type not compatible with Twitch. Luckily, it is a quick fix. If you see “Image format not supported” on your screen, it is nothing to worry about. Read below to see the easiest way to convert your image into a file type suitable for Twitch profiles and emotes.

How To Convert Your Image Into Another File

When Twitch says “Image format not supported”, click out of the pop-up and clear the image from the upload process. You will not be able to change the file type in Twitch. However, the process to do so outside of Twitch is simple. For different computers, there are different conversion methods.

If you are using a Mac, your computer already contains Preview, which allows you to convert images easily. Locate the saved image on your computer and right-click it. Extend the “Open With” option and select “Preview (default)”. Once the image is opened in Preview, click “File”, “Export”, and under format, select either PNG for emotes or PNG, JPEG, or GIF for profile pictures.

If you have a Windows or other PC, the process is just as easy. You should be able to download a free image viewing program with no problem. After doing so, open the image in the program, click “File”, then choose “Save As”. Under the formats section, choose the respective file type and save the image.

You can also convert your image online. In an online file conversion site, you should first have the option to choose the file type you wish to convert your image into. Once you select the file type (PNG, JPEG, or GIF), click “Select Image” and open the image you wish to convert. You might have to agree to the website’s terms next, but in any case, select “Convert Image”. 

Image Converted: Now What?

Now that you have converted your image into a PNG file for emotes or either a PNG, JPEG, or GIF file for profile pictures, simply go back to your Twitch profile customization page. Repeat the process of selecting your newly converted image to upload, and you should have no problem.

If Twitch continues to send a pop-up saying “Image format not supported”, there might be an underlying problem with the image itself or a temporary malfunction with Twitch TV. The easiest way to figure out the problem is by contacting Twitch customer service to see if they can sort the problem out for you.

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If Twitch is saying “Image format not supported”, it is because the file type you have saved your image as is not compatible with Twitch services. Converting your image into a compatible file type is simple, whether you are using your computer’s built-in program or an online resource.