What DPI Does Placeit Use? [The Definitive Answer]

When designing your projects on Placeit, configuring the dimensions and resolution of your images is important. You want your logos and other images to stand out, display clearly, and function as well as they can with the overall design. What DPI does Placeit use?

Placeit uses a default resolution of 72 DPI. Placeit has a free image resizer feature that allows you to resize your images up to 7500 x 7500 pixels if needed. In general, 72 DPI is sufficient for most projects.

Read on to learn more about the DPI used in Placeit as well as factors to consider when sizing images for your designs. Placeit’s useful software offers valuable attributes to help you create your best work.

What DPI Does Placeit Use?

Images downloaded through Placeit are set at 72 dpi. This is sufficient for your online graphics, but it can pose problems if you want your designs printed on something extra large.

When you download an image from Placeit, the resolution will automatically display at 72 dpi. 72 dpi is typically standard for online projects, but chances are that most designers prefer to have the freedom to change their dimensions and resolutions as needed.

Image preferences come into play when a designer monitors their DPI or PPI. DPI measures digital images, while PPI is set for print images. They are theoretically the same thing; DPI stands for “dots per inch,” while PPI stands for “pixels per inch.”

So, the higher your DPI, the more dots, or pixels, are present in one square inch of your image. Placeit’s default 72 dpi is useful for online customization as the resolution displays clearly for online purposes such as social media posts, website advertisements, and more.

Can You Change The DPI In Placeit?

You can resize your images in Placeit, which inversely increases or decreases the DPI setting. So, yes, you can alter your image from 72 dpi. Whether you simply want to resize your image to better fit your design or need to make it larger for a print design, doing so through Placeit is simple.

Resolution for digital versus print design purposes is a big factor in creating your projects.

Better for online designs
Sharper images
More dots per inch
Typically smaller image dimensions for things like social media posts, emails, etc.
Better for print designs
Fewer dots per inch
Typically larger image dimensions for things like billboards, bus wraps, etc.

Keep in mind that when you enlarge the dimensions of an image, the DPI decreases, and vice versa. Essentially, the same number of pixels must fit the size of the image. 72 dpi is good for online publication but is low resolution for printing most paper designs.

How To Resize Images On Placeit

With Placeit, you can also alter the number of pixels themselves. By resizing an image, you can choose what you want the resolution to be by inputting your preferred pixel amounts. Placeit supports images as high as 7500 x 7500 px.

If you want to resize your image to adhere to your design, make your print designs look clearer, or any other reason, it is simple. Placeit offers instructions on how to resize images on Placeit with the following operating systems:

  • Mac
  • Windows

The process is slightly different for the two operating systems.

Resize On Mac

Locate your image from Finder and use Preview to open it. Select image dimensions and input the dimensions you prefer for the resolution of your image. Then, save the image. When you use the image in Placeit, it will be good to go.

Resize On Windows

Right-click the image in your folder and click “Edit”. Locate “Resize”, alter your dimensions, and check the box for “Maintain aspect ratio”. Then, save the image. It will process your changes and appear as preferred on Placeit.

Does Resolution Matter In Digital Media?

Resolution matters in digital media – but perhaps not as much as it does in print designs. When creating print designs, your image may look excellent on your screen when it is set at 72 dpi, but if you are printing for a billboard, large poster, or even a standard magazine, 72 dpi can dramatically alter the appearance of your image.

Because there are so many dots per inch, an enlarged version of the image will look extremely blurry. The case is similar for digital designs in that too small of a DPI setting will distort the image when published electronically.

Using Placeit To Create Your Designs

Placeit has answers to countless questions just like the one discussed above. If you are new to Placeit, consider taking the time to explore the thousands of free mockups, templates, logos, designs, and more that it has to offer.


Placeit uses a DPI setting of 72 dpi. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your downloaded images, you can alter the image’s dimensions and improve their resolutions with just a few easy clicks, all on Placeit’s website.