What Mouse DPI Should You Use for Graphic Design?

Being good at graphic design requires a lot of precision and practice. Still, the very tools you use to create your graphic art can make that precision far easier to achieve. None of these tools are more fundamental than the mouse you use. So, if you’re looking for a mouse to use in graphic design what DPI should it have? 

A mouse for graphic design should have at least 800 DPI. However, many graphic designers use mice with an even higher DPI, reaching up to 3000 DPI.

If you’re trying to step up your graphic design game with a newer, more sensitive mouse, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below we will talk about what kinds of mice graphic designers tend to use as well as what DPI you should watch for. We will even get into whether or not mice are compatible with the most widely used graphic design software. Let’s dive right in!

Why Does Your Mouse DPI Matter for Graphic Design? 

The DPI of your mouse matters because it determines how sensitive and fast your mouse is. When you’re doing precise design work, every bit of sensitivity matters. 

What is a Good Mouse DPI for Graphic Design?

In our introduction, we told you that your graphic design mouse should have a minimum DPI of 800. Still, the minimum number doesn’t really tell you what’s good, it just tells you what’s acceptable. That, of course, leaves the question, what is a good DPI for a graphic design mouse?

The truth is, for most work a DPI of 800 is not only acceptable but also good. That’s because most of the precision work you do will be on your graphic tablet. If you find you need more precision, however, a 2000 DPI mouse or better will have you covered.

The best mouse options for graphic design include:

The only thing to watch out for with mice that have a high DPI is that they can sometimes have input lag and slow down. The mice listed above are all well constructed and excellent DPI capabilities for graphic design.

Can You Use a Mouse for Adobe Illustrator?

Before you go out and buy a high-speed mouse, you’ll first need to ensure that it is compatible with your editing software. Since Adobe Illustrator is, perhaps, the most popular design software, let’s ask the question, can you use a mouse for Illustrator? 

A mouse can be used with Adobe Illustrator. It’s probably better to use a graphic tablet for the more precise work you do like drawing, however a mouse is great for navigating menus and performing routine tasks. 

Do Professional Graphic Designers Use a Mouse?

It’s understandable if you wonder whether graphic designers really use mice at all. You may be thinking, don’t they have special tablets they can draw directly on instead? So do professional graphic designers really use mice or is it something for amateurs? 

While graphic designers have many other tools at their disposal, they still use mice quite often. That’s because mice have a lot of specific uses that make them preferable to other options when engaging in certain tasks. 

Mice may not be as good as some of the other tools graphic designers use for things like drawing, however, they are excellent for navigating menus, dragging and dropping things, and working with points on a graph. If we tried to list all of their uses it would probably fill up this entire article and several more. 

What Other Tools Can Graphic Designers Use? 

Along with a high-speed mouse, you may also want a number of other tools as well if you’re going into graphic design.

Below we’ve listed the three main tools you will need along with your mouse if you’re getting into graphic design: 

  • Graphic tablet: While a mouse is great for navigating menus and creating certain types of images, it isn’t the best for actually drawing things out. That is where a graphic tablet comes in. A graphic tablet allows you to draw on a pad the way you would on paper, except the image appears on your screen, ready to go.  
  • Extra monitor: Many graphic design artists have found that an extra monitor gives them a lot more space to multitask when they’re doing a project with a lot of parts or two projects at once. 
  • Additional graphic design software: Finally, to really put their extra monitor, high-speed mouse, and graphic tablet to use, graphic designers need software. While Adobe has the go-to software for graphic design, many designers feel that having extra software like Procreate or the more user-friendly Placeit, ensures all their bases are covered. 

With each of the tools listed above and your 800+ DPI mouse, you will have all the basics you need to start creating incredible graphic art.

So Really, What Mouse DPI Should You Use for Graphic Design?

Whether you’re just practicing your graphic design skills at home or simply putting them to use in a professional setting, you’ll want a mouse with the sensitivity and speed to keep up with your creativity. One of the primary specs you should always watch out for when picking a mouse for graphic design is the DPI it has. 

Remember, a mouse for graphic design should have a DPI no lower than 800. If you can get a mouse with an even higher DPI, like 2000, that would be even better, as you’ll have more control over where the mouse goes and how quickly it gets there. So, now the only question left is what DPI mouse are you going to get for your next project?